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I've been part of the hotwife/cuckold scene for a couple years now. I had two regular couples in Houston, but one has moved away and the other one has decided to leave the scene for personal reasons. Sadly, this has left me without a couple and since none of my friends are into the lifestyle (as far as I know) I turned to adult dating and swinger sites to find couples who would like to have a fairly experienced bull enter their relationship.

I posted in a couple different categories and got quite a few responses. A lot of it was chaff, but after sifting through the messages I found a couple that seemed real and sincere. They didn't have many pics of themselves, but they gave me their email, we messaged, and took it from there. We chatted for a few days leading up into my trip to Austin, talked about things we liked, didn't like, our kinks, and out limits. We provided each other recent STD tests and talked about what specifically we were okay with.

They wanted me to meet up with the wife in a hotel room that she had gotten her husband to pay for, fuck her senseless, cum inside her, and then send her home to her husband with some pictures and videos. I have honestly never been more excited about travelling for business before.

On Saturday evening, after I had finished writing a meeting report, I left to meet up with them. The husband wanted the three of us to meet in public before I took his wife back to a hotel room, so we met up at a bar in downtown Austin. I had seen pictures of her, but she was stunning (see pics).

She had on a tight black dress and some of the sexiest fuck-me heels I'd ever seen, flawless makeup and tousled hair. It was pretty clear that they had wanted her to look amazing. We sat down at a booth, ordered some drinks, and within five minutes she was sitting in my lap and talking softly in my ear about how bad she needed me to fuck her.

I asked her if she could even wait for a room, or if we should just get in my car and find a quiet spot. She laughed and asked her husband if he would please book a room. The look on his face was pure adoration. I think we spent 10 minutes total in the bar before she and I left her husband there at the booth to get in my car.

We drove about 5 minutes away to where her husband had booked us a room. I waited outside while she went in and grabbed the key and we headed upstairs. I don't know how we made it to the room without me ripping off her dress. She teased me the entire way up to the room. I would have taken pictures of the way she was dressed to post here but the door wasn't even shut before she started unbuckling my belt and I had her pinned up against the wall.

She sucked my cock like only a hotwife knows how. She talked dirty about how jealous her husband would be if he could see what she was doing. We were naked in seconds, hands running up and down each other's bodies. She was incredible. I fucked her in every position I could think of, and on every piece of shitty hotel furniture in the room. Nothing was off limits with her. It was two hours of the hottest, dirtiest sex I have had.

Finally, both of us exhausted, I went and grabbed my phone to take a couple short videos for her husband. She sucked me until I was close and then got on her back so I could cum inside her. They gave me permission to post these pics for all of you to enjoy that she sent me initially as they were already in their dating profile.

I'll definitely be going back, and hopefully I'll have more for the future.





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