I had to Behave while she was being Slutty

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The first time my fiancee had sex with HIM, when I wasn't there, was pretty amazing. My mom had been visiting for 2 weeks, so we were behaving ourselves, while she was there. My mom was using my car, so she had to pick me up at work before being able to go home, and since my fiancee got off work an hour before me, she was always home alone for a while.

I texted her in the morning and suggested, that she play with him while I kept my mom occupied a little after she picked me up from work. It didn't take too much convincing unsurprisingly, but I made it very clear, that if she was going to play, I still wanted to be included some way.

She agreed that she would get him to take pictures, and send me text messages while they were having fun. It's still 2 hours away before she goes home, and I already have butterflies in my stomach. I spent the afternoon doing stupid busy work, just to keep my mind occupied. It worked, fortunately enough, and the time came.

My phone goes off, and it's a text from her, simply saying "Ready?".

I'm instantly hard, and I feel that pang of jealousy that every cuckold knows. I reply with a simple yes, and not a minute later I get a text from him. It's a picture, I click to open it, and there is my GF, naked, laying on her back, arms covering her chest, and still wearing her socks. 2 minutes later, another text from him, "Her mouth feels amazing". Followed by a picture, kind of dark, with him kneeling beside her head, hand on the back of her head, and his hard dick in her mouth.

I'm rendered useless at work now, just sitting at my desk, uncomfortably hard, staring at my phone waiting for it to go off. Next text comes through, it's a picture of her pussy, spread open by her, with his hand on her thigh. A quick text comes in, "she's soaking wet and ready for me to fuck her".

Followed by the next picture, he's between her legs, and she's got his dick in her hand, her engagement ring in plain sight. The next text comes in, "Tell me to fuck your girl". I can barely think, I text back "Do it", and I'm immediately faced by another picture, his bare dick, half inside her, followed immediately by another picture, of him completely inside her.

I cum.... I fucking cum, without touching myself, in my boxers while sitting at my desk... I'm besides myself, I'm trying to find out how to make it to the washroom, when another picture comes in, it's a full body shot, and he's still inside her. I can't believe how this is making me feel.

Another 5 minutes go by, I'm still frozen at my desk, when my phone goes off, and it's a picture of him kneeling by her head again, dick on her shoulder, and her chest absolutely covered in cum. I was getting hard again, and it made the mess in my boxers very noticeable, so I just got up and hurried into the washroom. Luckily I didn't run into anyone, and cleaned myself up.

While in the washroom I get a text from her thanking me, and saying she needed a good fucking, and that she hopes I will let them do that again while I am at work, as she loved knowing I had to behave while she was being slutty.

Hope you guys on the blog enjoyed this one, and yes, she took advantage of playing alone a few more times. Enjoy her pictures too.

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