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So yay, it happened, my wife fucked another guy for the first time since we have been together (other than me) and it was incredible!

As I sit here with a hard dick and recall what happened, it started with us taking a very long weekend to ourselves at nice, local hotel. We were at the hotel bar which had music and a dance floor and this latin guy somehow got the nerve to ask my wife to dance while I was getting us drinks. I come back to see her and him dirty dancing and then discovered he was staying on a different floor of the same hotel. They walked back to the table and I quickly made myself scarce so they could do their thing. Latin guy asked for his coat back (she was using it to keep warm) and my wife told him, "No I will bring it up to your room in a minute." In that minute she freshened herself up and called me to make sure we were both okay with this moving ahead - safe to say we were!

I need to add that we have talked about this for years but I never though she would make it happen, and so fast!!!

She walked up to his room and explained the situation, she is happily married but has a hall pass and is single for the night if he is up for some fun. They went inside his room and had some red wine to cut the tension and after some small talk laid back on the bed and he kissed her. My wife said she was very giggly at this point knowing what was about to happen.

Things quickly got hot and heavy, and before long my wife's panties were on his hotel room floor and he was taking off his clothes! He got fully naked and she went to her handbag for the condom. She mentioned to me that she could instantly tell he was quite well hung (estimate 8 inches I'm about 5.5ish) and she wasn't 100% sure the condom would be big enough - luckily it was!

She rolled the condom on and he grabbed her legs over his shoulders and slid inside her! She found him taking control like this incredibly hot and knew it would blow my mind too as it's a position we don't do ourselves! They fucked like this (with her dress still on) as his strokes got bigger he started to slide out so my wife wrapped her legs around his back to keep him close and he came (inside the condom) inside her.

He went to the bathroom and came back and said how he didn't do as good as he would have liked and wanted to make sure she had fun...and he had to see her body and took off her dress, for the next hour they fooled around touching each other everywhere. He made her cum twice once while rubbing her clit and whispering in her ear (in his latin accent) to cum for her which made my wife very hot! and a second time while rubbing her G Spot.

My wife finally dragged herself away from his bed even though they both wished they could have round two and called me to reconnect. She took a few pictures that we won't share of her and him - and him naked and she sent me a hot photo that night of her panties on his bedroom floor and a sexy nude selfie when she got back to her room. I begged her to let me share them but she doesn't want anything of this lifestyle to get "out" in public, but these pics are fine, (and so is she!)

When we got home from our weekend getaway the next night, she told me every amazing detail and it was incredible - I hadn't cum for 5 days since she was on her period the first 3 days of our stay plus we have done some experimenting with teasing me/pleasing her lately without me cumming. She grabbed my cock after her story and I started cumming within 5 strokes I was so turned on! She was so turned on she got off twice that night as well!

Things have been great between us since and we are both so glad it happened. It was an amazing experience regardless but the fact that it was with a well hung latin guy from another country makes it even better!Seeing her get wet talking/reminiscing about it is so amazing (almost as hot as hearing the story) we have been very mindful to be extremely open in communication and put each other first which has done wonders for the relationship!

Thanks for reading and I hope it inspires some of you and your wives.

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