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This all happened a few years ago, back then I didn't even know what cuckolding was. In fact it's only something I've discovered not so long ago.

Like many people here I once brought up to my gf Dana the idea of her having sex with someone else or trying a bigger cock. While she wasn't initially sure what to think she eventually started liking this idea but it went nowhere because we didn't know anyone who could be a bull.

Now at our college, more precisely in my faculty, there was this one attractive girl with whom I had classes with. I got along pretty well with her, worked on some group projects with her and when she met my gf they became really good friends. We'll call her Carla.

One evening my gf was hanging out with Carla in her apartment, they were a bit drunk and they started talking about sex. Now Carla was like this innocent looking girl, she and her bf came from a small village and were raised in a somewhat strict christian community. So you wouldn't expect much from her when it comes to talking about sex. But it turned out her bf was quite popular among the girls in their hometown and he banged a few of them in secret.

And now that they were in a city they occasionally picked girls at random to do mff with. Carla even went on to praise her bf's size.

I'm sure you can see it coming but my gf told me everything which got us horny for weeks just thinking about it. We decided to take a step forward and my gf asked her if she could try her bf. Carla first thought that my gf wanted to cheat on me but when she explained to her that I was turned on by it she giggled and found this strange.

She asked more questions like why him in particular, why does it turn me on, what does she (my gf) think of this etc. This lead to my gf saying I was a bit of a sub in bed and not super well endowed which really surprised Carla for some reason. (and amused her)

But she wasn't against it and when she told her bf he wasn't either so it happened. Carla's bf became our "bull". For about a year and a half he had sex with my gf once or twice per week. I wish it happened more but we were quite busy and as couples we all needed time for ourselves too.

I'm not sure what else I can say about the actual cuckolding. I've read plenty of stories here recently where the bull takes over completely, or the fetish just spirals and becomes uncontrollable but nothing like that really happened. I mean my gf wasn't into humiliation (even though I kinda wanted her to be but you can't force such things) and the guy loved Carla so it all wanted smoothly. It went like we wanted it to go. Just good sex.

The guy made her reach new highs and when she would come home she would throw herself at me. Not a bad problem to have.

The one thing that was kind of unique was that Carla teased me from time to time because of what she knew which fueled my humiliation fetish. Although I never really told her that. One night we were somewhat drunk and even had a conversation about cuckolding for several minutes which lead to me showing her my cock.

Looking back I'm almost 100% sure she liked the idea of cuckolding. She had this devilish smile/look on her.

Anyway I know there's more eventful posts out there but that was my story and I wanted to share it. I thought it was worth typing because it went well and because of the strange relationship I had with Carla.

That was awhile back now and we don't have any bulls but we do have sex talking about Carla's BF every time.

And the only reason I've decided to type this all out today is because I wished my GF a happy birthday recently and we ended up talking quite a bit. She brought up the "arrangement" (that's how she calls it, I'm pretty sure she doesn't know what cuckolding is) we had with that guy and asked me if I'd ever do that again if I had another girlfriend, if ever we broke up.

So that got me thinking and because of that I felt compelled to write this, and send in some pictures of her.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Justin - JUSTINTX101pb@gmail.com



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