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So, I have been with my wife (let's call her Amanda) for close to 5 years now, and throughout the relationship we have been extremely lucky in how adventurous we have been able to be. We have had threesomes of all types, partnered up long term with couples we know, and between the two of us have basically acted out every topic or kink that has come up in earnest. Except hotwife/cuckolding.

To start it off I've been overseas and interstate traveling for close to 6 weeks now, and during this time I've been in very remote areas, on the road and exhausted to the point where even if turned on when I get the chance to talk to Amanda, by the time I get to a bed I'm out cold. I think it was close to three weeks without actually getting myself off, but also knowing Amanda was at home having fun with toys of various sizes (she was quite descriptive) and her Hitashi best friend.

One night I'm finished up with a client and look to have 2-3 days prior to the next international flight with nothing to do but enjoy this time in the town. It's around 9pm, I've eaten and drunk a few too many drinks, and he just read a long message about Amanda trying to setup a meet with a friend back home for a welcoming present.

She was quite descriptive in the message, saying how she wanted to dominate him, and put on this show, riding his cock (which is quite thick and a good few inches longer then my 5, plus she knows I have a size fetish even if she does not). Though this is nothing out of the ordinary for us setting up a threesome.

The rule has always been all-in-it or nobody is.

It's the middle of the night for her and I'm incredibly hot and horny.

I flick open my browser and start looking at hotwife material of these huge guys having fun with what I can only presume are wives.

So picture this, I'm in a beautiful room, thick carpets throughout, really large and with the lights low I'm standing by the window thinking of Amanda and the guy starting without me, and without touching myself I just start pouring cum, I don't mean a few squirts I'm talking just pouring out of me. I have my hand out, not having even touched myself yet, and my hand is full to the brim (it isn't huge) and it's still going, so I have a decision to make, put it in my mouth or get it everywhere on the carpet. So in the mouth it goes, and I'll spit it out and have a laugh later. But I'm oozing more still and as I open my mouth again it's dribbling down my neck and I have a handful of it to go in.

So I just commit and swallow.

Thing is, I'm so turned on, I put the rest in an move it around my mouth to taste it before I swallow again.

I'm insane at this point and am jacking off, cleaning the cum from my neck with my other hand and licking it then orgasm hard with thick globs coming out into my hand, and you guessed it, straight down my throat.

The next day comes and I'm feeling sheepish, but get the nerve to tell Amanda the story, expecting a good laugh at my expense. Boy was I wrong. It was like a lightbulb in her brain went off that confirmed all the discussions we had earlier about the topic of cuckolding.

She has since reached out to setup a scenario where we meet a guy we have been chatting too, the plan being if we get along to head home and have a few drinks, when she feels it grab him and only him and take him to the bedroom and close the door. She will have told him he is to take the lead and treat her like she is to be used, flip her around, call her what he wants, pull her hair or slam her against the door and walls.

I am just to enjoy a few drinks while it goes on.

When it's done he is to flip her on her back, and he cums on her stomach, give her a nod, slap or a sign that he is done using her. Get dressed and just leave.

She hasn't said the rest. But I am expecting that I'll be adding to the mess and cleaning it up.

I am blown away and so excited.

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Every evening laptops get turned on and the consumption of cuckold videos begins. Ravenous wives taken, cuckold husbands watching and stroking ...


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