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My girlfriend gave some handjobs yesterday. She was playing with my cock a little bit before bed tonight and she started talking about it and asking me if I liked seeing it, which I said of course I did. She teased me a little bit and asked if I was mad she didn't let me post about it here like I wanted to initially. Really I wasn't mad at all haha but her hand on my cock made me realize how bad I wanted to. Then all of a sudden, she said, "Do it tonight." I made sure she really meant it and she laughed and said sure, but she probably won't see the post as she gets too nervous and self-conscious. I said that's fair and she just stopped and said take your pick, you can either post it or cum. Haha I had to open my stupid mouth and ask questions instead of just getting off and seeing what happened (like can I cum tonight and post it tomorrow... She said not an option). So, I got blue-balled after fifteen minutes of her stroking me, but that's okay. I am uncaged but I promised her I won't cum and I'll cage up before bed (she is already asleep).

We have been laying pretty low with the cuckolding. We had a pretty kinky day Saturday as there was some stuff that needed to be done at her place (I'm mostly moved in though, so we both agree it is now our place haha) and I did it wearing a cock cage and red crotchless panties while she teased me. It was mostly caulking the bathtub and replacing the tub knobs and then a few other minor things. She had me in panties for all of it. We had made a decision that she is not going to get fucked for a while, and are still standing by that. But we have still been talking dirty and teasing, and this happened too.

Yesterday after I got back from work, Alisha was finally wearing the panties I got her when she was last getting fucked. She playfully showed them off for me, and I said we need to show those to your bull. This was minutes after I got home and she was still feisty and pretty clearly got turned on by that. She pushed me backwards onto the bed and mounted me in her bra and new panties and started rubbing against me (I am wearing a cock cage to work every day at this point, and I don't think that's changing either). She started making out with me and biting my lip and calling me a dirty fucker, then all of a sudden she bounced up and stuck her ass out and said, "Okay, do it." I took a picture and sent it to Ben from my phone along with a message saying these were the panties I got her while he was last fucking her. We went back to fooling around (mostly her dryhumping me still caged and kissing) but after a few minutes my phone vibrated on the bed. We both made eye contact immediately haha and laughed a little bit. I grabbed it to check it and she fell down by me playfully and was like, "Ooo, what's it say? What's it say?" It just said, "Ask her if she wants to get double-teamed again." (It is a different guy and that was also before we dated, but still hot). I showed her the message too.

I got way harder than I already was and asked her what she thought, and she giggled and pulled in close to me from the side (I was laying on my back still). She kissed my neck and said, "I'm not fucking anyone except you babe." (We've both agreed it'll happen again, just taking a bit of downtime). We hadn't really been in contact with him and I explained this to him and he said, "Ah too bad, my buddy is only passing through for tonight and he wanted to know where the sluts are. I told him I know exactly where a slut who's playing gf is." We read it together and I think she got a little embarrassed by it and reassured me for a minute saying like I'm not playing anything baby, I love you etc.

I told her I love her too and I know exactly where she stands on everything and she said okay good and we started kissing again. My phone went off again and she said, "Oh my god, persistent,' but there was humor behind it... He really is not persistent with her, we always have initiated the contact except once and he definitely takes no for answer. But, I admit it was probably my fault for the phrasing... I said she doesn't want to have sex outside our relationship for a little while... I checked my phone and it said, "I see. Is she still sucking cock?" She turned beet red on that haha and started laughing and climbed on top of me again.

She started grinding against my caged cock again and touching herself and I could tell she was thinking about it. After a minute I asked, "What do you think babe? Want to suck some big bull cock?" And she got turned on by that (she seems to get really hot about using the word 'bull,' and I love when she says it... It was always 'fuckbuddy' right away.) At this point I could tell she was really torn, and she even grabbed a pillow and play-smothered me and let out an "ahhh." I told her it's whatever she wants and that she doesn't need to feel pressured. Finally she said, "The most I'm doing is a hand job. I don't know though, I don't know who his friend is." So I asked (probably 10 min later at this point) who his friend is. He indicated his amusement at this and said he was just passing through on a trip he decided to drive instead of fly and that he would be gone the next day. Alisha started formulated a response to me and it was jumbled, so I asked if she wanted to call him. She asked if I minded and I said no and gave her my phone (all bull contact is now going through my phone instead of hers, we are both more comfortable with it).

She called him and it rang for a second before he answered. I could tell the two of them had been laughing about it from the way he answered. Alisha just completely straight-faced said "Hi... Do I know him?... Yes of course I'm with him (I think he probably asked this just to show his friend he was fucking a cuckold girlfriend, because there was some laughter)... How old is he?... Can I call you back?" (She does not know him, and he is 32). She hung up and told me he asked if she wanted to see a picture and she wanted to ask me if it was okay. She was clearly a bit flustered trying to explain she wasn't trying to be shallow and also that she was worried about my feelings in trying to guage physical attraction, so I cut her off and said, "It's okay babe, I understand. I won't get jealous, if you want to see a picture that's fine." So we texted him back about this and got a picture back of both of them clothed. She shrugged at me a little bit. She was clearly caught up on the emotional aspect of it and I told her whatever she wanted was okay, we didn't have to do it at all etc and she asked what I wanted. I told her I always love seeing her be a slut and I'd like it since he wasn't even going to be around by tomorrow. So we agreed.

She called him back and talked for a minute, and her directness was so sexy. She just flat out said it... "I'll give you guys handjobs." And then, "Yes, only a handjob.... Because that's all I want to do and you need to respect that or we aren't going to do this anymore.... Thank you.... We will come pick you up..." And then right before she hung up she said, "I swear to god, if you're lying to me and he lives here we are never doing this with you again." The last part concerned me a bit for some reason and I asked her if she thought he was lying. She said no, he's not liar or anything, its just her worrying (she does definitely worry about the public side quite a bit). We took a few minutes to talk to each other and make sure we were both good with it, and then we decided to go do it.

She picked out a slutty outfit on the fly. She wore a black knee-length miniskirt, fishnet stockings, and a low-cut red top and we were off. She sat next to me in the front seat and we held hands and talked and laughed a lot on the way there. When we pulled up, she went over the center console into the back and called him real quick to tell him we were there. She leaned forward and kissed me and we told each other we loved each other.

I could hear them joking about it as the approached the car, and I heard him say, "No, I get the right hand, she's my slut," which I dont think anyone can really deny by this point. I was still caged from work as well, and was just dying in my cage. Ben got in on the right side to get Alisha's good hand and his friend got in on the left. He was definitely an alpha too... Shorter and stockier, clearly had a lot of muscle although both were in jackets. Ben introduced us as slutty Alisha and slutty Alisha's boyfriend, and his friend amusedly played along. Ben asked us if we wanted to go into the garage again and Alisha said no, we wanted to drive... Not sure how much of that was worrying she'd end up upstairs again haha, but I left it at that.

It was awkward for a minute there. I don't think his friend is too experienced with cuckolding. After an awkward silence of about thirty seconds, Alisha said, "Alright, pull them out," and they both burst out laughing. I tried to adjust the mirror to see, but his friend was right behind me and I couldn't see his cock. I could see Ben's huge cock come out, and Alisha startes stroking it up and down using mostly her fingertips. He put his head back on the seat and moaned, and I could see her arm reaching over into the other seat and starting to move up and down. It was really hot to not be able to see right away and just hearing them both moan for her and hear the motion. I stopped at a sign and peeked back and his hand was on her leg under the skirt rubbing her leg. She saw me peek back and leaned forward and gave me the wettest sloppiest kiss and told me she loves me.

"Hear that?" Ben said. "She loves him," and they both laughed. Really I didn't get the vibe his friend was being cruel or even looking down on us. I got the impression that he was inexperienced with this and was just happy to have a beautiful girl playing with his cock, and his laughing seemed good natured. He even talked to her a bit and asked if she liked doing this in front of her boyfriend and she said she loves it haha. He asked her if she has ever jerked off two guys at once before and she didn't respond, but I heard the pace pick up and both of them moan.

I saw their hands both on her in the rearview mirror. Ben was rubbing her crotch and his friends hands were under her shirt and around her hips and stomach. She was moaning now too, super softly and sexy. She seemed to catch up to the fact that they were touching her and she leaned forward again and asked me, "Is this okay baby?" I said yes, I love seeing them touch your body and she gave me a big hug and said okay just checking. She asked me if I wanted to go back to his garage so I could watch better and I said whatever she wanted. She said we won't go upstairs, I promise, and she kissed me. We weren't very far away, so I turned around a block and started heading back.

I could hear them all over each other on the way back and see Alisha's hand teasing Ben's thick cock, pinching the shaft lightly with her three fingers on one side and the thumb on the other and rubbing up and down. His friend told her how good she is at it. Next he told her she had nice tits and I looked back and his hand was underneath her bra feeling her. Soon Ben was doing the same and now was fingering her (apparently around her panties, her skirt still on) with his other hand, and Alisha was loving all of it.

We pulled back in and I went into the garage and parked. Ben was sprawled back, and I could hear precum as she stroked him. I looked over at his friend, and damn. His cock wasn't as long as Ben's, but super thick, especially a few inches up from the base. Alisha had found a perfect spot right underneath his head where it was starting to thin out again and she had her whole hand around it, bouncing up and down. When she saw me watching, she started going at Ben's hard, with her whole arm moving up and down. She flipped her wrist over and went at it like that for a little, and then went all the way down to the bottom of his shaft and started pulling up, and back down and up again the whole length.

I decided to talk to her. I told her how sexy she is and between moans that got more intense as I talked to her, she asked, "Am I?" I told her how much I love her and she said mmm I love you too baby. I told her I love seeing her be a naughty slut for other guys. She was clearly getting encouraged and was moving her hands up and down. She spit in her right hand and went back and I could hear her spit sliding on his cock. She did the same on her left. By this point both their hands were on her tits, and Ben's friend was grabbing her ass. I leaned back and started making out with her, and I could feel her trembling with pleasure and I could feel the motion of her stroking as I kissed her. She bit my lip and held on, and I could hear Ben's friend starting to breathe harder.

She leaned beside my ear and whispered, "I think I'm going to make him cum baby," and winked at me. He liked this a lot, and she took her right hand off Ben and started jerking his friend with both hands. Ben was grabbing her ass with both hands after she turned and spanked her and his friend breathed harder and harder. Finally he let out a huge moan and came all over her hands while she kept stroking.

She held both her hands out and said, "Fuck, is there a napkin in here?" and everyone laughed. I scrambled to find one and she wiped up and threw the napkin on the front passenger seat. I think Ben's friend felt awkward after cumming and he said he was going inside. We sat for a moment and Alisha made out with me again and asked if I was okay and I said yes. She asked me if she could suck his, "big bull dick" (love it when she says bull haha) and I told her definitely she could if she wanted. She went on her knees in the backseat and started sucking Ben while playing with his balls, and he slipped both hands under her shirt and felt her up. I watched her eyes widen and I think they even widened a little bit as she slurped up and down, deepthroating as far as she could (she can't quite get it all haha but I believe in her to be able to someday. My cock is not a problem for her) Finally, after a few minutes he started panting. He cried out and unloaded in her mouth while she still stroked, she coughed and choked a little bit and drool fell down his shaft. He let out a final moan and fell back against the passenger window. Alisha looked at me and opened her mouth so I could see and then swallowed and giggled.

She sat back panting against one window too, Ben doing the same against the other one, not leaving right away but not touching her. After a minute Alisha said, "Baby... Come back here and cuddle with me," and patted the seat. Ben laughed at this and said he was going inside. She asked if we could sit out here for a bit and he said sure, don't fall asleep though. So he left and I went in the backseat with her and we laid down and cuddled. I touched her body and told her I loved her and what a good slut she is, and she was really amused by it. She started talking about how her arms were tired and we both laughed. After a few minutes she said she still hadn't ran today and she wanted to go do it so we could hang out (it was still pretty early).

So we went home. We both went to the complex's gym and she uncaged me just for that because she thought I'd hurt myself (she's probably right). Then we went back inside and she recaged me. We laid and kissed and cuddled, and there really wasn't any doubt between either of us. She said she was going to leave me caged overnight and I was dying but loved it, but after a while she decided against it and rode me until I came in her. Then we fell asleep watching a movie. I woke up in the middle of the night with her still fast asleep (she wakes up at night a lot, not me usually), just pressed into my arms as far as she could go and I just kissed her forehead and thought I fucking love this girl so much.

Also, I wanted to say this and she woke up while I was typing so I asked if I could. Alisha has started showing some interest in women sexually. I think the cuckolding and watching videos together is largely to blame for this haha. She has always gotten along great with women ever since I've known her, but she recently started commenting on their bodies, we even watched some lesbian porn while we played last week. So I'm not sure if anything will come of this. However, before we were dating Ben was also fucking another girl. As far as we know he still is, but we haven't really asked. Could be some fun coming out of that if she's into it, who knows. Just wanted to add that in there haha.

Me & Alisha




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