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So my hubby, his three friends, and I, all go to the beach for the weekend. We ended up getting a nice room with an ocean view.

We have a big suite that has two master bedrooms with bathrooms in each and a big joining balcony. One bathroom had a big tub in it, and the other had a big glass shower.

So we picked the room with the tub, and the other guys had the other room with the big shower.

We were all having a great time drinking all day at the beach, and went out to the beach bars at night.

So my hubby and I were really drunk, and we wanted to head back early. We really wanted to have the place to our selves to get freaky.

We had the whole suite finally.

As soon as we get in there, we start hooking up. We didn't turn the lights on, and just started heavy making out in the main living area in the dark.

He convinced me to go out on the balcony under the moon light.

I went down and sucked on him while we were on the balcony.

The balcony had a big sliding glass door that connects it to the main living room, and it also has two other sliding doors to connect it to the two different rooms of the suite on either side.

I was getting super horny sucking his dick out there. He started to pull my dress up and rub me down there.

I told him we should break in our new bedroom so I can get more comfortable.

As soon as we get into the room, he throws me on the bed. We're heavy kissing and touching each other all over.

His pants are off, and his cock is pulled out thru his shorts. The little black dress that I had on, was now pulled up around my waist, and my thong was pulled to the side.

My hubby was fingering me, and licking me down there, while I was jacking him off and sucking his dick.

He got up to put music on and light some candles. I took my dress off, so I was just in my thigh-highs, thong, and bra.

I got down on the floor to my knees and sucked his cock like a crazy lady lol.

He took my bra off and let my tits loose.

I was kinda sketched out because our sliding door to the balcony was wide open, but the door to the room was shut.

The only light in the whole suite was the candles we lit. It was really sexy lighting and the music was perfect.

Hubby laid me down on the bed, and started kissing my neck and tits. He was rubbing me all over and making me feel great.

He grabbed his tie off the floor, and wrapped it around my eyes. He knows I love being blindfolded and feeling helpless.

Right away when I can't see I start cumming harder.

I was moaning so loud and getting vocal, but he was only fingering me.

He finally puts his cock in my mouth. I'm moaning with it in my throat as he plays with my pussy.

I was so into it. I couldn't stop getting louder. I'm basically yelling about how much I want him to fuck me.

I knew anyone could hear me with the glass door open but knew our friends were still out so I could finally get loose.

Hubby flips me over onto my knees, and starts to rub my pussy down. He slides his cock into me from behind.

I was so loud at this point. He was choking me as he drove his cock deep into me. It was fucking amazing.

Something about choking, or not being able to breathe, while getting fucked, really deep and hard, it's just amazing...

So I feel hubby tense up, and start to cum. I pulled the tie off my eyes, so I can see him.

He's loving cumming in me. He gets off, and I get up and head to the bathroom. I turn the light on, and start filling the tub with hot water.

I wipe the cum dripping out of me, and turn around to tell hubby to come join me.

He grabs me, turns me around. He pulls my hips down so I'm sitting on his lap. He's playing with my tits and kissing my neck as I rub my ass on his semi hard cock.

He spreads my legs and is rubbing me. I'm wide open facing the glass door as he rubs my pussy and tits. I felt so exposed.

I get up to check on the tub. The bedroom is more lit up when I open the door to the bathroom.

I walked back into the bedroom from the bathroom with the door open letting it light the bedroom up.

It was just enough lighting to see someone on the other side of the glass door.

Holyshit one of our friends just watched us do all that.... I yelled, "Omg is our friend out there?!"

I jumped into the bathroom, grabbed a towel, and wrapped myself up.

I ran out to the balcony, and our friend had ran in the main living room. He's got a huge grin on his face. I yelled at him and asked if he was watching?! He played koy and said, "Watching what?!" He tried joking around with me. I ran into my room and yelled at my hubby for letting him watch.

I asked him if he knew he was there. He of course played dumb, saying he didn't know he was there.

I was so embarrassed he saw us hook up and saw me naked!

I get back into the tub to wash the soap off.

The door opens to the bathroom and I think it's my hubby. I had turned the lights out to the bathroom, so it was dark and relaxing. When the door opens, the light from the bedroom lit up the bathroom.

The light shines on my tits, and I look up to see it's our fucking friend coming in the bathroom!

I grab my tits and yell at him to get out!

I yelled for my hubby!

He was standing right next to our friend, still in his towel, laughing his ass off.

I was so pissed off at them.

I crouched down in the tub to hide myself and told them to shut the door!

As soon as I got out of the tub, I put my towel on and ran out after my hubby. I yelled at him, and slapped him on his back. I was so drunk and mad lol.

He said to calm down and just take the joke. I ran out the room after our friend, and started hitting him on the couch.

Our friend tried to wrestle me, and stop me from hitting him. He ended up bear hugging me and definitely was getting touchy while he stopped me.

The whole time my hubby is egging his friend on and laughing.

When he let go of me, my towel fell open and exposed my tits.

Of course our friends face lit up and he was like hell yeah!

I was so mad I just stomped off and went to the room to change. When I came back out I was so mad at them both still.

Our friend went into his bathroom to shower. I got the idea to pour a pitcher of ice water on him while he was in the shower.

I filled the pitcher and sneaked into the room. I burst into the bathroom to pour the ice water on him in the shower.

I open the door to the shower and toss the ice water on him as he turns around.

He's clearly jacking off because his cock was hard as a rock when he turned around.

I felt kinda bad because he was hard getting ice water thrown on his cock. At the same time I was super shocked because I wasn't expecting a hard cock.

He's a big guy for starters. He's physically bigger than my husband in stature, but his dick was alot bigger...

It was definitely bigger than my hubby's dick. It was so thick. Like thicker than my wrists.

I laughed out of nerves and ran out. I yelled to my hubby that he was jerking off and my hubs just laughed.

I turn around to see our friend running out of the shower with his big dick flopping around. He slapped me on my ass as I jumped on to the couch.

I yelled to him to put his thing away. It was so thick and just flopping around.

Eventually we got all dressed and we're just sitting in the living room again.

I jokingly make fun of the shower. I said something like how was that shower?

He said something about me taking showers instead of baths, and that showers are more fun for everyone.

Our conversation became really flirty.

My hubby gave me the look. The "ok" look. The little wink of approval. I knew he didn't care. I'm sure he let our friend watch... so why not...

(I later found texts between them, and I found out they planned for him to watch.)

I said to them both, "Well maybe I'll take a shower to finish getting clean" while I gave them both a smirk.

I go into the bathroom where the shower is.

I left the door to the bathroom and bedroom open behind me.

I pulled my shirt off over my head. I looked behind me to hold my boobs.

They could both see me from the living room where they were.

I bend over and pulled my shorts down mooning them both.

I looked back at their faces as I was bent over. They both looked like they enjoyed it.

I heard my hubby say to our friend.

"You go first, she'll let you know what's ok", and handed our friend my hubby's phone...

Our friend comes into the bathroom as I'm getting into the shower naked. He pushes the bathroom door shut behind him and pulls his big dick out.

I was kinda nervous because we were actually alone.

It was so turned on.

He leaned against the counter and watched me shower as he pulled on his thick cock.

He was taking some pics of me as I touched my self. I pressed my tits and ass against the glass.

He didn't last long, and there was so much cum!!

I made him swear he wouldn't tell the other guys. He said he promised, and as he did, I opened the door to the shower and bent down.

I grabbed his cock and sucked the cum off his head. I just sucked the first bit of his cock. It was hard to open my jaw that much.

I said that this is top secret and I'll kill him if he tells.....

My hubby came in and joined me in the shower. He fucked me so hard. We were making out and getting so loud....

I told him about the blow job and cum swallow. When he asked, I just said gave him a show like you wanted... plus a little extra.

Now that I know they planned it, I don't feel bad about the bj.... hubby never told me I could do that but to hell with him after what they did.

After we got home, until now, I never thought I'd ever do something like that. I actually got naked for another man on purpose, posed for him while he took pictures, was alone with him naked in the bathroom, touched his cock and licked some cum off of it.

Reality comes crashing down and hubby and I still fuck hard to that to this day. God I'm wet.




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