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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Sunday, July 29, 2018

    GF saw an Ex Lover and he was Big


    So I love this blog and love hearing about everyone's sexy stories, so decided to give back a little and share a true story involving me, my girlfriend, and her fwb.

    Background: I've been dating a gorgeous and sexy girl for the past 5 years and I plan on marrying her soon. She's a total smokeshow - tall and perfect tits. She turns heads constantly and guys drool over her. I'm not an ogre myself, but let's just say this girl is way out of my league.

    Early in our relationship, we had brought up the whole hotwife/cuckold thing a ways before, and we were really hoping to find a guy for a threesome. One day, we were basking in the sun at a local nude beach, sipping lukewarm gin and tonic out of a water bottle (pure class-ha) and I asked if she had been with any guys that she really wanted again, and she sheepishly brought up a guy she had a wild night with a week or two before we basically started dating. Needless to say, my heart started racing, and I had to know every little detail. Apparently she met this guy through class, ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, July 25, 2018

    My Ex Girlfriend Emasculated Me


    I met my now ex-girlfriend (for story telling purposes I'm gonna refer to her as Olive from here on out, though that is of course not her real name) when I was about 22 and she was 18. I don't think I have ever fallen so quickly for anyone before. She was outgoing, beautiful and had the best sense of humor. When we started dating I was not aware that I had this fetish. I had experimented some with gay sex and though I liked that, I've always felt that I could never be in a relationship with a man. With my girlfriend before Olive I had shared some fantasies about her being fucked by a group of strangers, but it was always clear to us that it was just a bit of dirty talk to spice things up. With Olive however this stuff became more real.

    It first surfaced I think when we talked about threesomes and I admitted to being turned on by having another male present. We elaborated on that while drinking wine and getting high and I said that I thought that it would be hot to watch her being fucked by another guy, especially if he was bigger than me. Olive, being the adventurous and lovely person that she is admitted to me that during the first couple of weeks after we met she was fucking ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, July 22, 2018

    Cuckold Surprise and New Taste


    We have already shared our first cuckold experience with my hot wife in a previous post, you can read here.

    Quick update, We have been great, so in love after 12 years! Good karma and good things happening, and the best part is that we are connecting on a level that had become our standard. Marriage is amazing, but it can be difficult, right? Luckily we are still very much in love, and reaching new heights. It’s like we are in high school, we chase each other around, take the quickee opportunities and talk dirty in person and via sext. Ohh la laaa. Something we also discovered is her pussy is so amazing but also delicate, it requires love and attention! Go figure! First and for most my wife is a consummate Lady. She is not a “whore” or “slut” like I see so many describe. She is stupidly and naturally beautiful, cool as they come, intelligent, nurturing and feisty as the day is long. He loves her with all his heart and she knows this through the unrelenting loyalty, respect, continuous/selfless actions, and unconditionally love. She e exercises in several ways, she stays tight as she was when she was 20 with regular keugals. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, July 18, 2018

    I Love the Idea of Cheating on My Boyfriend


    I'm a 22 year old female name Katie. My pictures will give you an idea of what I look like although I won't show my face as I'm not ready for that. I've always been kind of turned on by the idea of cheating (never actually have) or being cheated on (in a controlled environment with clear rules and boundaries) but I've never told any past boyfriends about my kink for fear of being judged.

    I started dating this new guy Kyle in December and we clicked right away. I've told him things I've never told anyone else and he never judged me for my slutty past (like the fact that I slept with a 38 year old and 36 year old when I was dating my second boyfriend at 19).

    Anyway, we never had sex until after we started dating and right away I noticed how um, small he was down there. Like less than 3 inches fully hard. I kind of like laughed a little and he's like, "Well I'm not that small am I?" and I laughed at him and said, "Um yeah ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, July 15, 2018

    Her Cheating Infuriated Me & Turned Me On


    So a big "hi" to all. Anyone that's ever dated me knows that cuckolding would never be something I'm interested in because I've never been the sharing type. This is known. BUT things have changed recently.

    I (29) got stationed in Japan at the end of last year and the plan was for my fiance (22) to move here around April so she could continue working and getting things done in the states. Up until this point we have had a few hiccups in the past 3 years with her texting and seeking attention from other guys. We had gotten in arguments about it and I stopped trusting her for the most part. Even despite this, we had a great relationship. I quickly moved on and forgave her, trying to put it in the past.

    Around February she abruptly broke up with me. No explanation, nothing. This was incredibly strange and I was left broken. Her friend told me that she was interested in a guy she worked with and had been since she started. She also told me that she felt guilty ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, July 11, 2018

    My Girlfriend Slept with Her Housemate


    My girlfriend and I have been together for the last 4 years, we are both twenty and lost our virginities to each other. A couple of months ago we broke up for stupid reasons, we are back together now and as strong as ever. The only thing that has changed in our relationship is the fact that while we were broken up, she slept with someone. That someone happens to be her housemate.

    She lives in a student house with four other people and shares the top floor, a bathroom and a tiny common space with this guy. She has only been living there for a few months. We go to different universities so I sometimes go to stay at her place on the weekends, so I had met this guy a few times before. I can get a little jealous I guess, but nothing out of the ordinary. To be honest, from the start I was a little jealous of her living in this house (3 guys and 1 other girl). Mainly because she basically has a little top floor apartment with this guy, who is objectively more attractive than me. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, July 08, 2018

    My Wife Set me up to be Humiliated


    Recently my Mistress (wife) has been on a kick of making me fluff and please her bulls as her new bull really enjoys dominating me every chance he gets. After our first encounter a few years back she's slowly been falling more and more into needing this as a part of her routine.

    She's been sending me off as I travel to practice so I can better please her main bull after he complained of my poor performance. In so doing, she's been posting ads for making me give BJs and setting up or making me setup blowjobs while on the road for work.

    This week while in Arizona I got several replies, but she chose the one she liked the best. He sent a message from a his account which read, "41 year old bull for several couples in the area. My date tonight canceled and I'm left needing release. I'm 8", white ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, July 01, 2018

    My Wife's Slow and Steady Domination over Me


    I was leading a normal life and having great sex and in my mid thirties when things changed very quickly with my wife and I. Looking back I can see how it came about but when it happened it was a total surprise. Now I realize that when the wife started squeezing my balls and playing rough while she pinned me down and mounted me it was more than just fun. She was dominating me and turning me into a wimp.

    Soon she started playing with my ass and had one finger and then three fingers and then a vibrator in me while she jerked me off. Often during the fun she would bring up the idea of a big black cock but it was such fun and the orgasms were so intense I never caught on even when she told me she wanted to see me take one. She asked me many times if I would fuck another woman and of course I said yes and when she asked if I would be okay with her and another man I said yes.

    So it was a surprise when she set me up with a friend of hers, we were all drinkin ... READ THE REST HERE


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