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Recently my Mistress (wife) has been on a kick of making me fluff and please her bulls as her new bull really enjoys dominating me every chance he gets. After our first encounter a few years back she's slowly been falling more and more into needing this as a part of her routine.

She's been sending me off as I travel to practice so I can better please her main bull after he complained of my poor performance. In so doing, she's been posting ads for making me give BJs and setting up or making me setup blowjobs while on the road for work.

This week while in Arizona I got several replies, but she chose the one she liked the best. He sent a message from a his account which read, "41 year old bull for several couples in the area. My date tonight canceled and I'm left needing release. I'm 8", white and have about 5 days worth of cum saved up, but don't expect it to be quick". He included an image of his cock and he wasn't lying. He was all of 8", cut and thick. It was around 10pm my time and I had several very early morning meetings. I wasn't happy about it but I did as I was told.

Mistress made me setup a meeting with him and he literally just left now. Afterwards I was told to post my experience here.

Bull knocked on the door and verified who I was by calling me "sissy" (the term he was told to you when he entered). Immediately, as per requested by Mistress, I took him into the shower and stripped him naked. I proceeded to scrub his body with soap and rinsed/dried him off. From there He sat on the couch in my hotel after placing a towel on top of the cushion.

He made me strip naked and crawl to him on all fours referring to him only as "sir". My rules were very explicit from Mistress. I was to lick from his taint to his head, and only could lick his shaft or suck/lick his balls until he was dripping with precum. Once his precum began, I had to lick it off and beg him to allow me to begin.

At this point I had no idea my Mistress had already contacted him and that they had cybersex together a few times. And that she had told him what to do with me. She said she would eventually meet up with him for real sex when she travelled with me next time (she couldn't this time for work reasons).

So, after obtaining his permission, I started slowly. From there I was to follow every order he gave me unless it explicitly went against a rule Mistress has given me. He was VERY specific. I was to keep good suction on his head, and bob up and down only slightly past his massive throbbing head. Every 5 or so bobs, I was to go as deep as I could and slowly come off. When he would tap the top of my head I was to remove his cock from my mouth while immediately moving to jerking him off while quickly switching to sucking his balls. Not too hard, not too soft.

Back and forth and up and down I went. Cock. Balls. Cock. Balls. He was told to let me know when he was going to cum, as Mistress has given me (and him) specific rules for his orgasm. NO Swallowing. At all. She considers this too easy. Swallowing doesn't allow me to know that this man is bigger, better and more fit to please her. Then he began calling me "cuckold" which at the time was confusing because I didn't know he had already been in contact with my wife.

When he began to cum, I followed Mistresse's rules to the letter. I was told to remove it from my mouth and either have him, or me (up to him) release onto my face. The first spurt or two may go into my mouth, but everything after HAS to go on my face as I stare into the bull I was to please. He decided to take his first shot into my mouth (as he prefers the oral cream pie) but after that pulled out and had me rub his balls hard while he shot spurt after spurt onto my face and open mouth.

After he came, with his thick load still on my face, I was made to lick him clean, and suck the remaining jizz out of his softening cock. He had me put his cloths back on him (which was even more humiliating than the blowjob). Pulling his boxer briefs up and rearranging his soft cock was a weird feeling. He made me put his socks/shoes/shirt on. I was still sitting there naked and with his cum drying on my face (i'm not allowed to clean up until the bull leaves). As he walked out he told me to thank my Mistress (not me) for setting this up, and next time we're in town to make sure to let him know.

He said he would message me later with a few tips, but overall I was "ok" and followed directions well. Mistress was pleased with this and since my work travel is increasing, so will this.

I honestly can say I didn't like the experience overall as I'm not bi. I did however enjoy the humiliation and feeling of being made to do something by my dominant mistress that I didn't want to do. For my job well done, she rewarded me when I got home.

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