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We have already shared our first cuckold experience with my hot wife in a previous post, you can read here.

Quick update, We have been great, so in love after 12 years! Good karma and good things happening, and the best part is that we are connecting on a level that had become our standard. Marriage is amazing, but it can be difficult, right? Luckily we are still very much in love, and reaching new heights. It’s like we are in high school, we chase each other around, take the quickee opportunities and talk dirty in person and via sext. Ohh la laaa. Something we also discovered is her pussy is so amazing but also delicate, it requires love and attention! Go figure! First and for most my wife is a consummate Lady. She is not a “whore” or “slut” like I see so many describe. She is stupidly and naturally beautiful, cool as they come, intelligent, nurturing and feisty as the day is long. He loves her with all his heart and she knows this through the unrelenting loyalty, respect, continuous/selfless actions, and unconditionally love. She e exercises in several ways, she stays tight as she was when she was 20 with regular keugals.

Being the lady she is she before sex she always wanted to be clean, which to me was secondary as I always find her so attractive. However she allowed me to take her on. Night after an intense workout before she had showered. I found out that her sweat and scent makes her even more sexy! A day without a shower, a big workout in her lulu Lemon pants, tiny panties showing the outline of her folds. She is time, tan and has perfect tits that fit her athletic build so well. She is simply stunning, boys and girls alike find her irresistible. Now, if he’s a very good boy she will not shower and allow him to peel back the layers until her bare naked body, with a shimmer of sweat she is ready to be taken.

She oozes sex, her tanned muscles, tight body and an ass that will make you trip, stutter and look twice.. laying down, She lifts up her hips so he can take off her expensive panties covering her soft folds over her delicate pussy. Her scent is strong, but in this crazy good way that makes her even more sexxy. Her scent mixed with sweat and pussy juices is like a bees nectar. He is so greedy with her pussy, diving in tongue first, he quickly laps her outer pussy repeatedly. Her pussy folds are so pretty, like a beautiful flower opening up. He peels back her pussy and looks in close, thin strains of pussy juices across her pussy stretch even thinner as her lips part. Like a web of essence holding her treasure inside.

He works her clit and rubs his face in her pretty pussy, her rubbing herself on his face with the force that tells her silently she is his one and only. His one true love. Her face is writhing, she is biting her lips and he sucks her pussy. He is rock hard, as always getting to stroke his cock while keeping the pace on her of course. She reaches down to grip his cock, he tenses up, blood rushing to the tip as a touch of pre come hits her hand.

Tonight she has a surprise.....? She is suddenly coy in her demeanor as she’s asks him “do you taste anything baby”? His reply is muffled, but he could tell her pussy had an extra amount of moxy tonight. She tells him softly, that “the really cute guy I told you about, the one at the gym?” “Oh yea” I said, “you mean the young looking, bearded stud”? “Mmmmm, yup that’s the one.” She let me know he has been checking her out has not been abashed, despite her cool as a cucumber exterior and huge diamond wedding ring. He smiles at her; she smiles back.

She explained that he was in the gym late lifting weights while she was in her class, and that she could feel him staring even more than usual tonight. She couldn’t be sure but he seemed to be waiting for her to finish. As they cooled down and headed to the locker rooms he followed, catching up to her before the bathrooms split into boys and girls. He said sheepishly “hey, I’ve just been wanting to tell you how hot you are, I know that’s stupid and that you are so much more than that, I’m sure you you get it all the time and I’m just another douche telling you something you already know. I know you’re married, but I felt compelled and just wanted to tell you I think you’re very sexy.”

Always cool she thanked him, they laughed and she admitted she had noticed him around as well, and that he should hide his bulge better lol. She just had this effect, it’s crazy and it literally happens to me ALL the time. When I’m close, when we talk or hint at sex or something sexy. She could see his cock growing in his nylon basketball Workout shorts, and with no words spoken he moved close, took her in his big arms and gave her a deep, passionate kiss. He kissed her deeply, like he may never get to do it again. He knew she was married, but took a que and went for broke. She didn’t push back, in fact she met his passion by pushing him back on the wall slightly. He was stunned but pleased, she bit her lip and held her hand out motioning him to follow her into the ladies locker room.

She led him to the showering area where they continued to kiss passionately and rub their sweaty, sexy bodies on one another. The water was warm, it was late so also empty aside from them. She felt his cock grow as large as she large as she could imagine, the hardness of a 20 year olds cock in her hand. The blood rushed into the head, just as it had when she grabbed mine, it was something she did very well. Call it a gift. She didn’t have a lot of sex or boyfriends early on, and so I have a theory she would use her hands and avoid a lot of frivolous sex. She squeezed not hard enough to hurt but with finesse to make you go from hard to rock hard in 2 seconds.

She loves hard cocks, and started rubbing his big penis, now a full 8 inches and thick as her wrist. As they kissed she rubbed his cock, she told him to undress. In 2 seconds he was naked, scoooping her up and tearing at her clothes, her tits now e posed he practically ripped her pants off, leaving only her panties.

The same panties that now sat just to the side of her on our bed, ones I could now see his cum glistening in. This happened, she was not joking and it was making me insanely turned on. She had had hot sex, then for me put her cute panties right back on and as she drove home she could feel his loading leaking out onto her toned thighs. She did her best to keep it deep and inside then, but now letting the cum of another man flow freely, now mixing with my saliva and her own hot juices. As she explained what happened in the shower my eyes rolled back, this is just what I had secretly fantasized about. She had been particular, picking the right time, place and guy. She wants a manly man, a nice caring guy but also a bit rugged. Large men, sweet, kind and intellectual. Bearded, and daring but not cocky.

I had to stop jerking my own cock to prevent from cumming, I could now feel how warm and slightly stretched her pussy was. It was so erotic. She said next he “took her pants off then turned her around, running his big hands on her inner thighs and ass. He rubbed her swollen pissy through her pretty panties, and pressed his big, young cock against her perfect, tight pussy. Rubbing the head of his cock and In one move he slid her panties aside and bent her over ever so slightly. His cock found it’s way into her natural and blissful pussy. She took him in practically one stroke. She moaned, tilting her head back and telling him to fuck her harder, that she liked it and wanted his cock “so baaaaad” she purred.

Always the center of attention, she cooked and moaned as he fucked her hard, screaming “oh my god, oh YES fuck my little pussy with your big cock. “Cum in my pussy deep”, so deep her husband would have to lap her clean. His balls tighten as he thrust deep into her pussy, jetting stream after stream of hot, young cum into her beautiful pussy. He pumped every drop he had deep into her just like she asked, he took a slight misstep back as he caught himself, laughing slightly and telling her he knew she would be an amazing fuck. She pulled her panties back on, gave him a kiss on his beaded face and told him she would let him know if there was to be a next time. She was cool, and in control, always leaving them wanting more. Always in control, she pulled up her pants, grabbed her things and drove the ten minutes home, a deep orgasm building inside her.

Swinging was always just something fun, nothing the other took seriously. First they played with girls, a few couples but nothing too much. He started to tell her about deep urges to hear about and/or watch her have sex with other men. At first she wasn’t quite sure what to think, but she was always so turned on watching him fuck other girls, so sure, it could be reciprocated. Right?

She was always concerned I would get jealous or have a regret, but I assured her I trusted her and there was just no denying seeing her fucked hard. Or hearing about it, step by step as she told me of her lustful adventures. She is attractive and gets a lot of attention, but picky also. She was done taking them for the team she said.

She sat up on the bed and pushed me back, catching my breath from being lovingly smothered. She looked at him and said “you like that baby”? You like hearing about the younger, hotter, and bigger dicked stud fucked me?” You’re wife, the mother of your children, taking a cock inch by inch? I nodded and agreed with everything she was saying, in deed I was more turned on than ever. I sat on my knees, my wife’s naked and used body tanned in the soft lighting. She nodded and said “ I thought so, you’re a kinky little fuck who wants to see his wife get fucked.” Well you have your wish baby”, she laughed slightly. She picked up her panties, held them up playfully with one finger and asked me if I wanted to see them? With that she put them in is mouth, stuffing her sweet cunty panties and smiling.

She removed her panties and told her it was time to fuck her, that she wanted to cum hard on him. She got on her knees and stuck her juicy ass out, her pussy open for him. He guided his own cock deep into her already stretched pussy, with each pump she moaned just a little more. She was asking him if he liked it? Did he want to watch her be intimate with another man? Or did he like to hear? He moaned “both/all of it”, as he rocked into her pussy stroke by stroke. She knew by now he did, I mean this wasn’t the “first” time but it was the first time she had taken such a chance? She went for it, for him yes but because she wanted to. She told me that she could feel sexual urge from both bodies and just went with it. She let him kiss her, she kissed him back. She led him down to the shower, knowing what was going to happen....she was a hot wife, a very very hot wife.

She told him he was going to watch her, lock eyes as she was fucked, hold her hands and body as she was undressed and seduced. He wanted all of it, so much he couldn’t stand it! She asked him to play with her ass while he fucked her hard. This always made her cum, she didn’t love anal but tolerated it, usually because of a kind deed or agreement she made with him. She is always doing this, making sexy agreements. Sometimes they pay out, sometimes they don’t buy they are always fun and playful. She teases him, never earrings bra to hide her perfect and cups and perfect nipples. He swears she puts out a pheromone and he follows her around, playfully groping, grabbing, kissing and smelling her.

He pleaded with me “yea, play with my little ass”, “play with me, fuck me baby”, oh yeaa and momma is going to give you a good show next time. I’m going to sit you down like a good boy. I’m going to let him...maybe them? Them? I said. She said she will have them Undress her slowly while she watches her favorite lesbian porn, usually with girl on girl strap on’s where she imagined herself the taker. She would lock eyes with me as they took her top off, led her to the bed and grabbed at her sexy body. She would motion for me to come over, only to stop him by grabbing his balls, making sure they were tight. she wanted them hard and close to his body, she wanted him on the verge......

She would stroke them, they would be in her mouth, her pussy and play with tight little ass at her behest. She would lock eyes with her man as he watched on, watching her writhe and contort. This was the turn on, watching her let go of inhibitions and go with it. She admittedly liked younger men now, so much so she called them “mommas boys.” She said they always had a hard cock and didn’t ask too many questions lol.

I would watch my wife take 2 loads she said,one cock after the other as she cleaned them. After they came she would motion to him and point effortlessly to hear used, red, and swollen pussy. She wanted me to taste her pussy, to rub her pussy with his mouth, tasting all That was inside. In exchange and if he did a good job he got to fuck her after, always cumming in her so, so hard. Her pussy, stretched and wet for him, just like he said he wanted. He loved and hated it at the same time, but deep down knew nothing else came close. She knew it too.....

Thanks to all! Love hearing from you all!love to hear what you would do, or just in general what you think of the story. We love one other so much and just love sharing our stories with you.

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