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My girlfriend and I have been together for the last 4 years, we are both twenty and lost our virginities to each other. A couple of months ago we broke up for stupid reasons, we are back together now and as strong as ever. The only thing that has changed in our relationship is the fact that while we were broken up, she slept with someone. That someone happens to be her housemate.

She lives in a student house with four other people and shares the top floor, a bathroom and a tiny common space with this guy. She has only been living there for a few months. We go to different universities so I sometimes go to stay at her place on the weekends, so I had met this guy a few times before. I can get a little jealous I guess, but nothing out of the ordinary. To be honest, from the start I was a little jealous of her living in this house (3 guys and 1 other girl). Mainly because she basically has a little top floor apartment with this guy, who is objectively more attractive than me.

Since she moved in, I was always joking with her about it, just saying stupid stuff to get a rise from her I guess, just like, 'you can't deny he is hot' etc. Most of the time she would just deny it and change the topic because I was being stupid, but a couple of times she admitted he was 'manly' and that she 'won't complain about sometimes seeing him topless in the mornings'. Basically just teasing.

Fast forward to after our breakup. To be honest she is really not the kind of girl who would seem like she is into casual sex and after getting back together it never even crossed my mind that she might have slept with someone else. It was only when I was planning to go and stay at her place over the weekend that she told me she had slept with him.

At first I was angry, devastated actually. But very quickly after that, I felt jealous but turned on. The fact is my girlfriend had seduced him. I don't know how to explain it at all but basically I was jealous but in a horny way? Still trying to figure out these feelings properly.

That weekend I basically quizzed her on everything, what did she do, who initiated it, where did they do it, how was it. At first she didn't want to tell me about it, but I told her that I felt like she owed me, and she owed me honesty. It was a kind of stressful night, but there was definitely something hot about her telling me everything. I didn't tell her right then but actually, more than jealous or angry I was turned on. There were a couple of moments where I literally felt butterflies when she answered me. It wasn't until right at the end of the conversation where I basically made her describe everything to me in detail that I asked her if she had only slept with him once.

She told me that they had had sex three times on three different occasions and on one other occasion she had given him oral. I have no idea why, but that was probably the hottest thing I have ever heard.

This is more than I have ever written about this subject but essentially, the situation is this... I asked her if she would have continued having casual sex with him if he was single. She said yes. I asked her if the experience made her less curious about sleeping with other guys (she had previously admitted she was a little curious). She said it made her more curious.

Last night I finally admitted to her that I thought the whole situation was really hot and that it was a turn on to be jealous over her, which prompted another conversation about what they had done and she opened up a lot, and was really honest about how much she enjoyed it. In the end she asked me if I wanted her to fuck him again to make me jealous. I said maybe. I asked her if she wanted to fuck him again. She said maybe. I asked her if she wanted to fuck other guys. She said maybe....

That is basically where the conversation ended. I think neither of us really knew where to go with this next but I think we are both curious, or both want it but are maybe afraid to admit it. The more I think about it, the more I want it.

I just.. where do we go? How do I tell her I want to be her boyfriend but have her fuck as many guys as she can handle? Just writing this has me hard.




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