I Love the Idea of Cheating on My Boyfriend



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I'm a 22 year old female name Katie. My pictures will give you an idea of what I look like although I won't show my face as I'm not ready for that. I've always been kind of turned on by the idea of cheating (never actually have) or being cheated on (in a controlled environment with clear rules and boundaries) but I've never told any past boyfriends about my kink for fear of being judged.

I started dating this new guy Kyle in December and we clicked right away. I've told him things I've never told anyone else and he never judged me for my slutty past (like the fact that I slept with a 38 year old and 36 year old when I was dating my second boyfriend at 19).

Anyway, we never had sex until after we started dating and right away I noticed how um, small he was down there. Like less than 3 inches fully hard. I kind of like laughed a little and he's like, "Well I'm not that small am I?" and I laughed at him and said, "Um yeah you are". But I stayed with him because truth be told he does make me happy. But I don't feel anything when he's inside me so I made him buy me a dildo and he fucks me with that.

Most times I prefer to make him eat me out because he's sort of good at that. We haven't actually had intercourse in 5-6 weeks. I'm a squirter so its kind of fun cumming on his face lol.

Anyway, here's where my current situation started. I work at a bakery, and this new guy Todd started working there recently. He's tall, athletic, and super hot. Like seriously, Zac Efron level hot. So the important thing to know is that everyone's phone number is on this laminated piece of paper in the break room, so if you need a shift covered etc you can find help. Well Todd asked me one day to take his shift and I did.

one thing led to another and we just started talking and texting. At first it was about work and how much we hate our boss, but one day Todd says, "Can I make a confession?" and I said sure and he said "I think you're really hot." I don't know what got into me but I replied with, "I think you're hot too." And after that it was flirting and I never once mentioned I had a boyfriend.

One day he asked me if I wanted to go on a, "Netflix and cuddle" date and I knew what that was code for but I didn't care. He kept trying for sex all I night so I finally told him I had a boyfriend but he kept persisting. I finally left and he was pissed and asked for nudes from me to make it up to him. I sent him a snapshot of my ass in a pair of panties, and he asked for some topless pics, and I said no. I wanted to cheat so bad but I felt like that would be crossing a line.

A few days later, I was hanging out with Todd at a park and I dropped my keys and I bent down to pick them up and my thong rode up and he said "oooh cute thong, lets fuck" and I said "I'd love to" and grinded my ass against his cock. But that's all that happened because he was late for work. And it's a good thing too, because I don't think I would be able to control myself. I literally made myself cum like six times when I got home.

Anyway me and Kyle were talking and the subject of 3 sums came up and I asked if he would be interested in watching me fuck another girl (I'm straight but I LOVE getting guys off by doing stuff with other girls) and he said that would be so hot. And he said, "Don't worry I won't have sex with her, I'll just watch you two" and I said, "Actually I think it would be hot if you had sex with her" and he instantly got his tiny little penis hard.

Seeing that made me want to laugh because I've gotten pics of Todd's dick and he's huge and also thick. Anyway, Kyle asked if I would ever fuck another guy in front of him. So I asked him if being cucked was his fetish and he said yes so I told him everything that has been going on with me and Todd, the flirting, the pictures, everything. I've only sent 1 actual nude, which was a picture of my tits (see first picture).

Just a simple 2 second quick blurry picture. But I've sent him tons of cleavage shots and pictures of my ass in thongs and panties. Kyle was so turned on, but I wouldn't let him get it in. I asked Kyle if I could just straight up fuck Todd and Kyle said, "no" even though it would be a turn on and it would make him really horny it would be crossing a line. I asked if BJ's were okay and he said, "no". He said make out and thats it.

Which brings me to my current predicament. I really really REALLY want to fuck Todd behind Kyle's back and tell him about it later, and then make fun of Kyle's tiny little dick. I've already made fun of his dick before and he loves it. I haven't fucked Todd, but shortly after I told him about the flirting and the nudes, I did go over to hom and we had a huge make out session in his car and he said he wanted to come in my mouth. I told him I wanted that too but couldn't just yet. I did tell him I was allowed to make out and then i decided to take my top off and continue that way while he groped my tits hard. Kyle never said I had to make out with my top on? Then Todd dropped me off at Kyle's place because we had plans.

Before I could stop him, Kyle came and tongue kissed me, and I felt so guilty yet turned on because Todd's tongue was in my mouth just moments before. Anyway, I know Kyle likes this and I will show this to him once it is on the blog. I know he will want to go further an further, he won't be able to stop himself, his cuck feelings will overtake him eventually and I'll just wait until he begs me to fuck Todd.

Then, there's no stopping me.





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