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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Wednesday, June 28, 2023

    Covert Cucking; She doesn't tell Me


    We are married for close to 20 years. After 10 years she started fucking a man she met at work. It just happened. I don't know why. I remember I discovered it when she came home late from a business meeting they had both attended. When I undressed her she was totally wet. Her panties were soaked and she was ready to fuck me almost immediately.

    I didn't say a word nor did she; no wild tear filled confessions; I just was so hot to have her that I didn't care. In fact I was completely taken over by lust for her as she passively allowed me this moment of discovery.

    But I did't let on that I knew and I fucked her hard that night, as hard and relentless as I ever. And she fucked me back in a delirious state of lust. I was captivated so much that I fucked her about every two hours the whole weekend as she just kept bringing her lustful self to my attention. Still not a word was mentioned of her indiscretions and her boldly tantalizing cheating silence. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, June 25, 2023

    Her Hot Past and a Big Cock


    I enjoy when my wife talks to me about her previous experiences while we're fucking. I suspected she had an active past before she met me, but until I got her to open up, I had no idea! She tells the stories to me while she's blows me or fucks me, and she tells them with many details.

    I lay back, listen, and feel her work me. It's almost like I was there with her when they happened. Since we've used her stories to boost our enjoyment during sex, we've stepped it up a bit by adding some light swinging. I've got some great first-hand experiences that I'll share later. But first, I want to share what she's told me about her first big cock.

    Here's one of her many tales:

    Her first big man was when she was eighteen, and just after her birthday. He was in his late 20s. She'd volunteer in a local hospital. He was an orderly. While they worked together they flirted and what not, until one night they really got into it and disappeared into a linen closet in some quiet part of the hospital. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, June 21, 2023

    I Drive my Wife to Visit her Bull


    My beautiful 44 year old wife has a bull and just had another meeting with him. As usual, I took my small part in the meeting by providing transportation. As in the past, the text messages between them became more frequent.

    At around noon one day recently, my wife said he wanted to hook up.

    I told my wife that was fine and for her to get ready. Her pussy had not been shaved in a couple of weeks so I gave her a shave before she showered. When she came out of the shower I suggested that she just wear a dress with no bra or panties. She agreed but put on some panties anyway.

    While I was driving her to the Bull (it takes about 20 minutes to drive to his development) we spoke about her upcoming visit. She was really excited, as was I. About half way there she removed her panties. I felt her pussy and it was extremely wet. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, June 18, 2023

    First Time I Cheated on my Husband


    My husband asked me to share my first experience cheating on him. Let me say right off, though, that I use the term "cheating" loosely. While it is true that my husband and I now have an arrangement whereas I can fuck who I want (and he can't!), It hasn't always been that way.

    So when I say "cheating" I mean without his knowledge. And the first time was incredible!

    I have to say that I resisted for a looooong time. My resistance finally melted, though, and I cheated on Craig for about a year before I finally arranged for him to watch (tied and gagged in a closet! - but more on THAT another time!)

    The thing that finally made me decide to take the plunge was a guy four years younger than me at the time. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, June 14, 2023

    She let all my Friends feel her Breasts


    Julie and I had been together for some time, we were in love and found ourselves married at a very young age, we didn't "have" to get married, but we wanted to. During our engagement she was very conservative.

    However the further along the time we spent together, she began to feel that at her young age she was missing out on things other young women were experiencing.

    Julie was proud of her firm breasts and wore low-cut or wrap around blouses that would show them. She would flirt with my friends and workers at the local convenience store when we had no money but needed smokes.

    One Friday night my friend Joel came over with some weed, Julie had on this oversized wrap around blouse that her breast could not maintain. She always encouraged me to play with her breasts when one of my friends stopped by. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, June 11, 2023

    I had Sex with my Boss


    I'm not sure I should tell this but my friend and my husband encouraged me to reveal all my sins, so here we go.

    A few years back I was working for company that was quite large and any one of you would recognize it if I said the name. While there I had a rather low paying position. I knew I was much more qualified than the women who were my supervisors and it hurt a lot. I had also been one of those women who detested wives who ran around on their husbands and I had seen plenty of it there.

    Then one day a man transferred from another office and I couldn't keep my eyes off him. I would get wet when he came in and when he talked to me I would soak my panties. He never made a pass at me or any of the other married woman but he was making the rounds on the single girls and the talk in the office was he was something else in bed. I felt guilty about the lust I had for him.

    About that time I learned my husband was very turned on by bedroom talk of me with other men. My desire for this new man gave me the courage to cross the line and I ended up in bed with "The Dream Guy". ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, June 7, 2023

    My Wife Finally said Yes! (Long)


    Like many married guys I've longed to see my wife fucked by another guy, ever since the early days of our relationship I had longed to see it but at that early stage thought it was wrong. We were both 21, and we quickly fell in love.

    J had already booked to go on holiday the following February to Sweden with her step sister to meet some lads that they had met earlier in the year and it was at this early stage of our relationship that I found myself getting turned on by the thought of her being unfaithful while she was away.

    I had very mixed emotions, not just being turned on but also guilt that I shouldn't be having these thoughts, even though I tried to push them to the back of my mind that sexy image of her being fucked kept pushing its way back into the forefront of my mind and while she was away I masturbated in the shower imagining her being fucked, shooting a good load of cum. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, June 4, 2023

    An Unplanned Cuckolding with a Friend


    My coworker friend Tommy & I would always talk sex at work when we got bored. (his idea) A fantasy of his was anal, which he said that he never had done before.

    I had told him that my wife (D) & I would sometimes do anal & that she would ask for it when in the mood. He would visit the tittie bars with his brother in law, but other than that, just fantasized a lot. I had told him that my wife & I fantasized about having another guy join us.

    I would tell my wife some of the things that we talked about at work. D is a beauiful woman as you can see. One day, Tommy came by the house for a few drinks & my wife got to meet him. We later drove him to his train station to get to where he had his car parked.

    It was a 50 min drive. I asked D to sit in the back with Tommy while I drive to the station. She was flirting with him during the ride. He told me at work the next day how hot she was getting him, but was to nervous being how they just met. ... READ THE REST HERE


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