An Unplanned Cuckolding with a Friend

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My coworker friend Tommy & I would always talk sex at work when we got bored. (his idea) A fantasy of his was anal, which he said that he never had done before.

I had told him that my wife (D) & I would sometimes do anal & that she would ask for it when in the mood. He would visit the tittie bars with his brother in law, but other than that, just fantasized a lot. I had told him that my wife & I fantasized about having another guy join us.

I would tell my wife some of the things that we talked about at work. D is a beauiful woman as you can see. One day, Tommy came by the house for a few drinks & my wife got to meet him. We later drove him to his train station to get to where he had his car parked.

It was a 50 min drive. I asked D to sit in the back with Tommy while I drive to the station. She was flirting with him during the ride. He told me at work the next day how hot she was getting him, but was to nervous being how they just met.

D said on the drive home that she saw how nervous Tommy was, but feeling the effects of the wine, thought that she would have a little fun with him as his nervousness made her feel safe with her flirting. A few weeks later, Tommy called & had a car problem that he wanted me to look at.

He came by earlier in the afternoon this time. When he arrived, he explicitly said, "I hope that you don't think that anything will happen"? I assured him that it wasn't planned or even talked about with D. Tommy & D started chatting over coffee, & I then went outside to look at his car.

After about 20 minutes, I came back inside and found Tommy & D on the sofa kissing. Tommy's pants were down, & so were D's. She had her fingers wrapped around his cock & he was fingering her soaked pussy.

Tommy's cock is the same size as mine, 6in. & as thick. I felt like the husband that arrived unexpectedly to find his wife holding another mans cock. They "jumped" a bit when I came in. I came over to them at the sofa, & D proceeded to open my pants while her other hand held Tommy's cock.

I sat on the sofa with D between us. We started to suck on her nipples & finger her wet clit as she continued to stroke our cocks. Tommy stood at her side as D began to lick his very hard cock, while she stroked mine to hardness with her other hand.

I stood up next to Tommy so that D could alternate between our two cocks. Tommy moved between D's legs, that were up along side her as she sat on the sofa. He rubbed his swollen cock head along her soaked pussy lips.

I could hear the slurping noises from D's soaked pussy. D moaned on my cock in her mouth as Tommy slowly pushed his big cock head into her tight pussy. He slowly sank it into her as D moaned louder. Tommy started to fuck D deeper with each stroke.

The slurping sounds were getting louder as he continued fucking her. D came for the first time. I got onto the floor, & Tommy pulled out of her with a loud "plop" sound. D mounted my hard cock as Tommy pressed his swollen cock into her ass.

D started to rock back & forth on our cocks. The groaning sounds she was making told us how much she was enjoying double penetration. Tommy was moaning louder now as this was his first time ever having his anal fantasy come true.

I could feel Tommy's swollen cock against mine as I was buried deep in D's tight pussy. Tommy started to fuck D harder & deeper with each stroke. I could tell by how his cock felt against mine, that he was going to come in her ass.

D started coming HARD on our cocks & Tommy exploded inside of her. I could feel his cock pumping buckets of come. His come was running out of her & onto my balls. I exploded inside of D's pussy as they both came.

Unfortunately, Tommy doesn't come by any longer. He said that he felt so guilty from what happened, that he told his wife everything. I think that he only said that so that he won't continue to feel guilty. We are still friends & relive what happened during our sex talks at work.

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