First Time I Cheated on my Husband

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My husband asked me to share my first experience cheating on him. Let me say right off, though, that I use the term "cheating" loosely. While it is true that my husband and I now have an arrangement whereas I can fuck who I want (and he can't!), It hasn't always been that way.

So when I say "cheating" I mean without his knowledge. And the first time was incredible!

I have to say that I resisted for a looooong time. My resistance finally melted, though, and I cheated on Craig for about a year before I finally arranged for him to watch (tied and gagged in a closet! - but more on THAT another time!)

The thing that finally made me decide to take the plunge was a guy four years younger than me at the time.

I was 24. He worked with my husband at a computer consulting firm so I'd met him several times in social gatherings and knew he had a "thing" for me -you know - how guys look at you and you just know?

Well, our computer had crashed and my husband was due home for lunch to drop off a piece of software needed to get the damn thing running again. But guess what? Craig didn't show! Michael did!

He appeared at my door with his puppy dog eyes explaining that Craig had gotten busy with a project and sent him instead. Of course, I invited him in. He was, after all, to install the software. Now here's where a lesson is to be learned: Never leave things open on your computer you wouldn't want, say, your mom to see!

Once Michael sat down at the desk and accessed a few drives and typed in a command or two - bam! Up came my thumbnails of naked guy pics. I blushed and he chuckled a bit - making a comment that I like them big! Which is true - Craig isn't exactly Dirk Diggler in the dick department and I like to look at big dicks!

Anyway, I got a bit bold and said something to the effect of "Hell yeah, I like them big!", though It was probably more like "uh, yeah, ok" cause I wasn't that assertive in those days!

Michael closed the file but I could see him stealing glances at me. And I must say I was wet as hell because he was definitely a hottie! I was surprised when he said under his breath, and I'll always remember this line: "Diane, I would kill or die to go down on you."

Three minutes later, we're in the bedroom, I'm practically tearing my clothes off, and Michael is stammering and shaking and trying to believe it was really happenning. Well, I started tugging at his clothes and he snapped out of the twilight zone and assisted me with his belt. His clothes off, I guided his head down...

The first moment Michael's tongue slid up the groove of my pussy and went to work, my body gave a giant shudder of pure delight, and I knew that cheating was worth it. This strange tongue was making my body melt!

Well, I was cumming in about two minutes flat. Michael then crawled up my body and planted the hungriest kiss on my lips as his dick sank into my pussy. Ecstacy. I'd not had any other cock since college and Michael was so sexy.

He began fucking me with these wild circular thrusts! Animalistic is the only way to describe it! I'll tell you, he was so in lust with me, he came quickly and he could tell I was more than a little disappointed. Not to worry, though, because I was amazed when he climbed back down my body and began eating me again!

Some say screwing another man in your husband's bed is the dumbest thing a woman can do! Imagine getting away with it - but barely! As Michael lapped my pussy, I heard the door downstairs open. I glanced at the clock.

"Shit! Craig's here - out!" I whispered in a panic. Michael grabbed at his clothes and slipped out the balcony door. (good thing the bedroom faces the woods behind the apartment!)

Craig came into the bedroom just then to find me laying on the bed naked and panting. He looked surprised so I quickly said "I couldn't wait until you got home!" He then knelt down and started cleaning me out! hmmmmm. My first "taste" of power!

I'd worried he'd taste the difference. If he did, he's never said. I also worried Craig saw Michael's car. But I later learned (I fucked Michael one more time before Craig was transferred) that he'd parked down the street just in case Craig came home and had planned to try his luck with me!

OK! Thats my first "cheat".

Lady Di




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