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I enjoy when my wife talks to me about her previous experiences while we're fucking. I suspected she had an active past before she met me, but until I got her to open up, I had no idea! She tells the stories to me while she's blows me or fucks me, and she tells them with many details.

I lay back, listen, and feel her work me. It's almost like I was there with her when they happened. Since we've used her stories to boost our enjoyment during sex, we've stepped it up a bit by adding some light swinging. I've got some great first-hand experiences that I'll share later. But first, I want to share what she's told me about her first big cock.

Here's one of her many tales:

Her first big man was when she was eighteen, and just after her birthday. He was in his late 20s. She'd volunteer in a local hospital. He was an orderly. While they worked together they flirted and what not, until one night they really got into it and disappeared into a linen closet in some quiet part of the hospital.

She described that she was wearing her volunteer blouse, a demin skirt, and "loafer"-type shoes. They made out while he lifted her skirt and rubbed her pantyhosed covered ass, and unbuttoned her blouse. She didn't let only his hands wonder, as she opened his scrubs and slid her hands around his swollen cock. She wrapped both hands around him, slowly jacking, while they kissed and rubbed.

After a while, she knelt down and blew him. She said he was the first cock ever in her mouth. She didn't really know how to give a BJ, she only copied what she'd seen in the porn movies she watched with her girlfriends. She blew him for awhile, and she could tell he enjoyed it. She didn't finish him with her BJ, becuase he lifted her onto the edge of a counter, got between her legs and began to kiss and rub her puss. He wanted to fuck her badly, but she was afraid. They continued with the heavy petting, and he began rubbing his cock on her thighs. She finished him by jacking him and letting him cum on her thighs and pussy.

She said for months, each night they worked, they'd go to his car on his breaks and she'd treat him to a BJ while he felt her up her skirt and slipped a finger in her soaked pussy. He loved her legs and often asked to cum on her pussy. She tells me that she credits him as training her on her BJs. She would listen to his coaching and moans while she took him in her mouth, and kept on doing them until he came. It wasn't too long that she learned to swallow his load, and finished his BJs off properly. Today, she gives a damn good BJ, specially coupled with these stories of her past.

The wild thing about all this, was the fact that she had a BF (not me) the whole time she was sucking this guy off. She fucked her BF regularly, but never blew him. He never asked her to. She even told me she went out after work with her BF, wearing the panties that the other guy came on earlier. She and the BF got into making out and he ended up tearing a hole in the crotch to fuck her, yet he never noticed (or asked about) the dried cum all over her thighs and crotch.

She said that she ended her "volunteering" at the hospital by letting her man have her completely. That night she said she was wearing the same general outfit as always, and they ended up in the linen closet again.

They started with her sitting on the edge of the counter, with her shoes off, rubbing her feet on his cock while he stroked her legs and ankles. Then she knelt down on the floor and continued with one of her BJs. After she got him real hard and wet from her sucking, she stood up, leaned against the coutner, spread her legs and told him to fuck her.

He slide himself up in her juicy pussy, and pushed it balls deep. Her pussy was so wet and loose from wanting him, that it was an easy fit inside her. She said he was thick and full inside her, unlike her BF's cock. He held it deep inside her for a few minutes before they started to really fuck.

She lifted her legs to wrap them around his waist, and drew him closer to her by wrapping her arms around his neck holding the back of his head. He grabbed her ass and thighs, feeling her legs while he pumped her hard. As they started bucking against the edge of the counter, she said his cock filled her so much she could feel it somehow rub her clit, which sent her into mini-orgasms with each push. That was her first O, with a guy inside of her.

He continued pumping her on the counter until he was just about ready to cum himself. She felt him swell inside her, and that is when he lifted her off the counter and stood holding her up on this cock. This shoved it so deep inside her that she nearly screamed with ecstacy. While she was hanging on his cock with her legs wrapped around his waist, waves of orgasms shuttered through her body.

She could feel him pump his load of cum deep into her. His cock throbbed like a heart beat with each pump. He was sweating and breathing heavy with each pulse with his cock. He stood there in that position for what seemed like forever after they came, only returning to reality when he had to put her back onto the counter and his soft cock slipped out of her dripping pussy.

They kissed for a while, when she slipped off the counter, knelt down, and gave him his last blow job. He responded quickly to her sucking, growing with each stroke of her mouth and hand. She worked him well, rolling her tongue around his shaft while in her mouth, and jacking her wrapped fist around the base of the still wet shaft.

He fucked her mouth until he came a second time. This time she just so happened to have her mouth open licking the head of his cock, when his cum sprayed over her cheek and chin. There wasn't much cum left after his load he pumped into pussy, but she said there was enough for her to smear it around her face with his cock and her tongue as she cooled him down.

She used one of the towels on the shelf to clean up while he dressed, and she said she folded the slightly-cum soaked towel and put it back. They kissed a few times, hugged, and said thier good byes.

It was nearly 15 years until she had another man again. That was with me in a couple of our swinging adventures. She's also told me about other college adventures that I'd like to share later too.





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