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I'm not sure I should tell this but my friend and my husband encouraged me to reveal all my sins, so here we go.

A few years back I was working for company that was quite large and any one of you would recognize it if I said the name. While there I had a rather low paying position. I knew I was much more qualified than the women who were my supervisors and it hurt a lot. I had also been one of those women who detested wives who ran around on their husbands and I had seen plenty of it there.

Then one day a man transferred from another office and I couldn't keep my eyes off him. I would get wet when he came in and when he talked to me I would soak my panties. He never made a pass at me or any of the other married woman but he was making the rounds on the single girls and the talk in the office was he was something else in bed. I felt guilty about the lust I had for him.

About that time I learned my husband was very turned on by bedroom talk of me with other men. My desire for this new man gave me the courage to cross the line and I ended up in bed with "The Dream Guy".

Well, it was true, he was something else in bed and he turned me into a screamer but I realized he never stayed with one woman long. I knew that before I entered into the relationship, and was prepaired for it when I saw him at a local club with a redhead that also worked in our office.

As things worked out I found that my husband was truely turned on once I finally told him. I wasn't sure how that was gonna go but was relieved when he wanted to hear all the details and came faster than he ever has while listening to me. I was turned on too, remembering it all. It actually brought us closer together.

Then, a year later the boss of our division made a slight pass at me at the Christmas Party. Nothing big but I did smile back and then a few weeks later he ask for me to pick him up at the airport when he flew in. This surprized everyone in our office especially me.

However I did go get him, and on the way to his hotel he said he had a business proposition to offer me if I was interested in advancement with the company. I knew our finances was on the rocks (husband was just fired) and I realized that I would very likely soon need a lot more money than I was making, so I replied "Sure I'm interested."

Thinking he was about to offer me a position in the Denver office, but that was the last thing on his mind.

He simply said "When I come here I want you to stay with me. It won't be often, maybe every couple of months."

"Stay with you?"

"Yes, you will be my personal chauffeur and my personal lady."

"Are you asking me to be your mistress?"

"Only when I am here." he replied and then without any change of expression he added "I will see you are well rewarded."

Gee, here was the most powerful man in our district asking me to be his private whore. I didn't know what to say. I knew I should say no and very plainly NO, but I didn't say anything.

He took that as a positive reply.

When we reached the office he called my supervisor in his office and a few minutes later she left, obviously upset.

He then stepped out and in a voice of total authority, announced I would be the new office supervisor. Just like that. I had not given him anything, not even a yes to his proposal, and suddenly my salary doubled.

That night I had to make up some tale about having to go out of town for the company because of my new position, (which was not unheard of for the supervisory staff), to tell my husband. Of course this just gave him a night to spend imagining what I was really doing, which pleased him.

That night I let my boss fuck me and then I curled up beside him and slept. I was surprized, I did not feel ashamed, I did not feel dirty, I did not feel trashy. I felt good.

The next morning I gave him the best blow job I could, and for the first time swallowed a man's cum. He stayed over another night and that night and he fucked me in the ass. Another first.

Durning the next couple of years I chauffeured him around every couple of months and some times every month.

I recieved three promotions during the period and was making more money than my husband and my old salary put together.

When he left the company the relationship ended and I again told my husband who had a 'feeling' all along. It gave us many wonderful nights in bed and still does.




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