I Drive my Wife to Visit her Bull

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My beautiful 44 year old wife has a bull and just had another meeting with him. As usual, I took my small part in the meeting by providing transportation. As in the past, the text messages between them became more frequent.

At around noon one day recently, my wife said he wanted to hook up.

I told my wife that was fine and for her to get ready. Her pussy had not been shaved in a couple of weeks so I gave her a shave before she showered. When she came out of the shower I suggested that she just wear a dress with no bra or panties. She agreed but put on some panties anyway.

While I was driving her to the Bull (it takes about 20 minutes to drive to his development) we spoke about her upcoming visit. She was really excited, as was I. About half way there she removed her panties. I felt her pussy and it was extremely wet.

When we finally arrived at his place, I gave her a kiss and she opened the car door. As she got out of the seat her dress was hung up a bit and I briefly saw her bare ass. An ass that was about to be seen and handled by her Bull.

I was incredibly hard and excited as I drove off to a nearby park to wait. I had asked my wife to try and get a photo to text to me if she could. Believe me I was waiting for my phone to buzz.

After about 20 minutes of waiting, my phone did indeed buzz. There was a great photo of the Bull's cock in my wife as he gave it to her doggy style. His cock is 8 inches and a bit on the thin side. However, it was filling her up nice. Apparently the Bull prefers doggy style.

About ten minutes later I received a text from my wife to pick her up. She was waiting in his front yard when I arrived and got in our car. I gave her a big french kiss and had her lift up her dress. I felt her soaking wet stick pussy and collected up as much as I could and licked my hand. It was wonderful. I could not wait to get back home and lick my wife clean.

On the drive home I asked for details. She said he let her in the house and immediately lifted up her dress and threw it on the floor. They walked straight upstairs to his bed and she took out his cock and started sucking. At the same time he was fingering her wet pussy.

Finally he said, "roll over and let me see that ass." My wife complied and he fucked her doggy style for only 3-4 minutes. Then he pulled out, had my wife roll over on her back and jacked off on her tits while she played with his balls. He came in about 45 seconds. Then he diddled my wife with his fingers until she came. Both got dressed and she texted me to come get her.

When we got home my wife pulled off her dress and sat on my face in our bed. I loved that sticky, sticky pussy. I cleaned it all and purposely dug my tongue in her hole where that cock had just been a half hour earlier. It tasted a bit like dick and I loved it.

My wife then rolled over on her stomach and I began to rub her back. I could see slight, small bruises developing apparently where he had grabbed my wife's back. I was somewhat upset but fascinated at the same time.

I put my fingers on those spots and asked her if that was where he grabbed her while they were fucking and she said yes. As I said it it bothered me somewhat. On the other hand, those slight bruises that I then saw for the next week or so added to the whole experience for me.

I asked my wife if she had a good time. As in the past she said she did but she wished he would fuck her longer. I hope they meet up again to try.

I would love to watch them but I do not know if that will ever happen. I will keep everyone apprised.




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