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Like many married guys I've longed to see my wife fucked by another guy, ever since the early days of our relationship I had longed to see it but at that early stage thought it was wrong. We were both 21, and we quickly fell in love.

J had already booked to go on holiday the following February to Sweden with her step sister to meet some lads that they had met earlier in the year and it was at this early stage of our relationship that I found myself getting turned on by the thought of her being unfaithful while she was away.

I had very mixed emotions, not just being turned on but also guilt that I shouldn't be having these thoughts, even though I tried to push them to the back of my mind that sexy image of her being fucked kept pushing its way back into the forefront of my mind and while she was away I masturbated in the shower imagining her being fucked, shooting a good load of cum.

This wank probably left me with the guiltiest feelings I've ever felt. I didn't say anything to her as I felt like a right pervert! It wasn't until about 4years later that one night I plucked up the courage to confess my thoughts. It didn't go down too well and my hopes of her agreeing to my fantasy went out the window.

Over the years I kept up my fantasy and of course went down the road of seeing her fucked by another guy which still stands today as my ultimate goal, she knows this but still refuses to bring it to reality but does fantasize with me when she's had plenty of drink.

At one time we were very close to my brother and his first wife and on a couple of drunken nights we came close to swapping partners, we were very drunk the last time and us lads gave the girls a massage, all of us ending up naked, and eventually swapping over partners. My brother and sis-in-law were well up for it and I knew J wasn't too keen so we played it very cool. My brother eventually got Julie to roll over and he had a play with her lovely hangers but she rolled back over telling him they were out of bounds, but not before she'd let him have a good feel.

He carried on working his magic on her back and bum with his wife giving silent instructions to him of what to try eventually managing to part her legs, and after a lot of gentle massage he slowly positioned himself and large hard on very close to her obviously wet pussy, which he managed to rub up and down her fleshy slit and penetrate her with his sticky bell-end. Unfortunately she wasn't having any of it and that was the end of that! Very frustrating for me as many of you guys can imagine, especially as my brother and his wife had had many three sums. Eventually though they split up!!!

Then back a few years ago we were out drinking and bumped into an old friend of her brothers, I had chatted to him a few times in the pub and got on well with him. We all had loads to drink and I got the distinct feeling that they were flirting!

This was a turn on but also got me a bit peeved as she wasn't doing it to turn me on but doing with him very slyly instead. We ended up back at our house and they carried on drinking but after a hard week at work I was starting to lag a little, trying hard not to drop off.

I was in the living room on the sofa and nodded off for a few minutes, J and Simon were in the kitchen at the far end of the house and she was supposed to be making me a coffee, I wondered what she was up to and made my way to see where my drink was. As I entered the kitchen it was pretty obvious that they had been kissing as they were very close and both looked very embarrassed, Simon especially. J made an excuse that she was reaching for a cup from the sink, I didn't say anything but knew I had virtually caught them.

The night wore on and I was getting more and more tired, I tried to get them out the kitcken into the living room but they were talking so stayed where they were, I couldn't last so went and collapsed on the sofa. I woke some time later and found them both coming down the stairs, with Julie carrying a couple of blankets saying that as it was late Simon was going to sleep on the sofa, I immediately confronted her and accused them of fucking!!! This went down like a lead balloon and we had a rowe and I was made to feel like a right fool, so with my tale between my legs of I went to bed.

I woke in the early hours to find myself alone in bed I had been stirring for a while imaging I could hear noises, I noticed J wasn't in bed but imagined that she'd fallen asleep on the sofa as she often does after a few drinks, but my curiosity got the better of me, I got up put on some clothes and stood the top of the stairs and was certain I could her noises coming from the living room.

God knows how but I slowly and silently crept down stairs trying not to make the old floorboards creek under my weight. Through the mottled glass I could see that one of the 3seater sofas was empty. I presumed that Simon had not stayed after all but left, maybe because I'd caused a bit of a scene. The living room door was about an inch or so open and through that small gap I could see the other sofa, and there I found the source of the noise. J was lying on her back her top pulled up and her tits on show, her jeans were only on one of her legs which were parted by the shape of Simon.

He had his jeans around his ankles and was enjoying pushing his hard cock into J's hot wet vagina! I was mortified, angry, turned on jealous. I wasn't sure what to do but just stood there rooted to the spot watching for what seemed like an age as I saw my fantasy being acted out in front of me.

The only thing was it was being done behind my back and without my consent, I lost control and stormed in shouting, asking what the fuck was going on, (LOL I know its pretty obvious) as if in slow motion Simon looked over his shoulder as he tried to get from between my wife's legs. The look of terror in her face was hilarious in a way as she realised she'd been caught doing the thing she said she would never do.

As Simon rolled off her I caught a glimpse of her open vagina where moments ago there had been another man's cock, in this view also I saw the cock that had just been penetrating my wife, it wasn't big but couldn't really gauge the size in that fleeting glimpse and I wasn't sure if he'd instantly started to loose his erection, but the thing that that stood out most was the fact that he wasn't wearing a condom!

J's not on any form of contraception and I don't use condoms, and always pull out well before I come, but we're married and if she gets pregnant again by me then it's a different story to her getting caught by him.

That night ended in a blazing rowe and the next day she moved out for a while as we tried to sort things out. (The reason she gave for her being unfaithful was that she suspected me of having an affair. Shit caught out. Her suspicions were true!!!!!)

Later on after we had got back together she confessed that she saw him five more times over the next couple of weeks spending time in a hotel. When I asked if he'd used condoms after the first time she said no, but added that he had always pulled out and shot on her tummy or in her mouth, but one time he was very late at pulling out but she wasn't too worried as she didn't think his cock penetrated far enough inside her to have left any seed near her cervix. Evan though I'd been hurt it was still a turn on to think of her fucking him and still is to this day.

While we were separated she was staying with my relatives a couple of hundred miles away and over the two months we were apart we both lost a dramatic amount of weight. When we first saw each other we both thought 'hhhhmmm very nice'.

After that she moved in with my parents, One night I was there and I'd fallen asleep on the sofa and she arrived quite drunk from a night out with the girls telling me that they'd been chatted up by a group of lads who had asked then to go back to their hotel room, J and my sister-in-law, my brothers second wife were up for it, but Julie's best mate wasn't and tried her best to put her off going with him, saying she'd regret it, but my sis-in-law was very game.

In the end they didn't go back but J told me in her drunken state that she wished she had as the guy was very attractive and had really tried his hardest to get her back to his room, sweet talking her and rubbing his hard cock against her and pulled a condom from his pocket saying he'd evan wear one of these for her.

J wasn't innocent in all of this though, she had, had a feel of his cock and said it felt quite big! Outside the club he took her to a dark alley where he groped her tits and got his hand inside her jeans and fingered her, which made up her mind she wanted this handsome guy inside her, but her persistent friend came along and dragged her off to a waiting Taxi.

I was hugely turned on by listening to this and we started kissing and groping each other, she was definitely in control and her short period of being single, plus the loss of weight had given her great confidence and made her stronger.

She told me that I was lucky to be with her as she wished she had gone with him and not come home as she could be enjoying his big cock right then, I think a lot of her talk was drunken hornyness but I think she definitly would have fucked him. I asked if she'd have used the condom but I didn't give her chance to reply, adding I knew her dislike of them so imagined she'd have let him inside her bare. She only replied with 'You know me so well'. The fact that she was admitting it and was getting so horny about it was a huge turn on and I only hoped she'd stay like it.

A few weeks past and we started drinking in the local again just in case Simon had said anything to people of what had happened and to show that if he had said anything we weren't bothered. It was then we got more friendly with an older gay guy who I'd known from chatting to in there, he and J got on like a house on fire and from then on we would often meet him for a drink.

Its was on a Saturday afternoon we had had a few beers and was going to his for a meal. A male 'friend' of his joined us and we it was quite late that we got to Stu's place. His 'friend' didn't stay long as they were not getting on to well, so it was just the three of us. Julie and Stu were quite flirty and I wondered if I was in for a repeat performance, they went on like this for ages so I lay back and listened not wanting to interfear.

Stu's a hairstylist and was offering J tips and hints about her hair, and offered to cut and style it for her, she replied that she couldn't afford to pay as it wasn't near payday, but he replied that she could pay him in kind!!! They both laughed and carried on with their suggestive banter. It was getting late when J said we had better make a move, Stu said he would drop us off in the morning instead of us getting a taxi, saying we could have his bed and he would sleep on the sofa. Then to my amazement and excitement J said he could share the bed also, then adding the words I will never forget ' But we sleep in the nude'.

No one laughed as it all seemed quite serious, then she added, 'But nothing will happen' and J and I went off to the bedroom where I watched true to her word she stripped off! I followed suit and eagerly climbed in next to her, immediately she rolled up against me putting her legs around mine and slowly and gently began rubbing her pussy on my thigh!! I was in total disbelief at how she was behaving and was wondering how the night would end.

A few minutes later Stu came in and stripped off, not a word was spoken except by J who when seeing he still had his shorts on told him to 'get em off'. As he did I saw his erect cock spring into view, it looked about the same size as me which is 6' long and 5' around. He then got in next to Julie who turned and lay on her back holding out her arm so he could snuggle up closer. As soon as he did they kissed!!

I remember lying there motionless not wanting to move and disturb them still half expecting J to go mad and kick up a fuss. They kissed for ages then I felt the covers move as Stu's hand caressed my wifes tits, he commented on how nice and full they felt, then from there, there was only one way to go, that was down. His hand moved slowly across her soft plump tummy to her fleshy pussy. She gave out a sigh as his fingers came into contact with her wet vagina and I felt her legs open to give him easier access! Fuck this was heaven!

He fingered her for a while then moved about trying to get into a more comfortable position, so I thought, but without asking if it was ok or if he needed a condom he got straight between my wife's legs and pushed his bare cock right into her open and wet vagina and thrust away as hard as he could. My mind was spinning; I couldn't believe we were in this situation, me lying next to J as Stu pumped away. I then gingerly reached across and felt her jiggling right breast and tweaked and pulled her hard teat. I was so excited I had to feel their joining so I moved my hand slowly between their bodies until I was almost there. My hand was pressed between their groins and with every thrust of Stu's hips I inched closer until I could feel their pubes and finally her vaginal lips being parted by Stu's thick bare cock.

I played with her clit which made her moan more, then let a finger lower to Stu's shaft touching it as it pushed into my wife's pussy. I slowly eased my finger in along side his cock which felt so hard and thick, and at the same time I sucked on her bouncing and wobberling tit. I lay back pulling the sheets off them so I could take in the full view of them making love, it was heaven. I could see his bare cock as it went into her pussy, see her fleshy lips being pushed inside her hole then pulled out with every thrust, he pulled her legs up over his shoulders so she was bent in half.

I expected her to complain but she didn't, just enjoyed the onslaught of his deep fucking, I was dying for a piss but didn't want to miss any of the action, but eventually I had to go. In the bathroom I found an empty packet of Viagra jelly, so I knew she was in for a good hard time of fucking. I rejoined the action and decided to take a bit of control and ordered Julie to ride Stu facing his feet, I then parted his legs and got between them and started lapping at her swollen clitoris. This was what she needed to make her come, a nice big hard cock in her pussy and a tongue lapping on her clit. With our combined effort she was soon bucking making loud grunting and moaning noises like I've never heard her make before, and her orgasm pulsed through her body.

She tried to muffle her cries but she was noisier than ive ever heard her and the look on her face was of pleasure, pain and almost shock. My face and Stu's cock was drenched in her love juice, I quickly moved up and tried something I'd always wanted. Pushing her back slightly I manoeuvred myself between both pairs of legs and rubbed my rock hard cock against her wet lips trying to find the smallest of gaps so I could squeeze my cock in along side Stu's. They both asked what I was up to but soon got the idea, and to my amazement I started to penetrate her vagina along side Stu. God it was tight! Stu didn't have much movement but I managed to get up quite a rhythm, Julie was loving it to. Stu was moaning saying how good it felt then in the next breath he was groaning very loudly as he ejaculated inside my wife's pussy. I could feel his cock pulse as his seed was squeezed out of his balls, flooding into Julie's stretched pussy, and waiting cervix. Luckily though she had finished her period six days before so wasn't at risk of getting pregnant.

We carried on fucking into the early hours and he managed to come again but due to the amount of alcohol id consumed I couldn't manage it, then we all fell asleep, but not before me and Julie had 69'd while Stu fucked her from behind. His cock and balls were very close to my nose and mouth and his cock popped out of her pussy a few times, right next to my mouth!!! Very close indeed!!!!

The next morning Julie woke in a foul mood, dressed and stormed out, I followed and we argued all the way home. She accused me of taking advantage of her in her drunken state, saying that it would never happen again, but I defended myself saying she knew what she was doing and to lighten up, adding it was just good sexy fun. Over the next few days she lightened up and chatted to Stu on the phone arranging to meet for a drink that weekend. In the pub we got on fine, he took the bull by the horns saying he'd had a fantastic time and would love to do it again, Julie said maybe but never at our house especially when our child was there. We did end up back at ours pushed the two 3 seater sofa's together and lounged around, but Julie was pretty tired, so nothing happened.

The next weekend we were at our place again after the pub, again the sofas were pushed together but this time they kissed and Stu stripped her naked, I stripped to and jumped on with them, the side lights were on so I had a really good view and could see Stu's cock in all its glory. To my pleasure he was noticeable larger than me a bit thicker plus an inch in length. Then to my excitement and shock Julie told me to leave them as she wanted to be alone with Stu and not have me interfering, so I did what I was told and went to the kitchen.

As I stood there throwing a Carling down my neck I though 'Fuck this I'm not missing out' so slowly crept back to see what was happening. As I went past the open cupboard something caught my eye, my camcorder!!!

I got the the living room door and sneakily peered in. They had wasted no time as Stu was already deep inside her pussy. Their feet were facing me and she was too interested in her lover to notice me hiding by the door as I sneakily caught the action on film. I didn't realy hear much of what they were saying as I was consentrating on not being caught and getting some good action. It wasn't until I watched the film back the next day that I listened to what they were saying in-between their grunting and moaning. Stu mentions how wet she is and she replies that she's been like it all week, just like she said she was in her texts, which I didn't realise they'd been in contact at all.

He moans a lot pulling her legs over his shoulders giving me a great view of him penetrating her, she then says 'Don't come in me' he replies 'I know there's rules' He then says that he never wants to come out, I think he meant not getting his cock out of her pussy because he loved it in there so much, but she replied, 'What if I say you can come in my mouth, will you come out then''

'Yes' was his answer. He carried on fucking harder and deeper really slapping against her then with a loud groan he ejaculates inside her!! She didn't do anything to stop or try some damage limitation by pulling away, just slowly let her legs fall down after.

I joined then but was told to fix them some drinks which I did, before I was allowed to join in the fun, by licking her we sloppy pussy, and for the first time I tasted another mans cum!!! Their relationship, which it turned out to be, carried on for another nine months. I will post more tetails if you want to hear about it.anymore.

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