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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Wednesday, August 28, 2019

    Wife's Sexy Email to Boyfriend


    This is an email I wrote up of an encounter I had with Matthew, one of my many studs, who is very Catholic and therefore not allowed to penetrate me - that was supposed to be sent to my BF but he misbehaved and I never ended up sending it. My boyfriend gets to read about it here on the blog as he has been good. He will realize that this was an adventure not meant for him and his tiny cock. I need so much more to feel satisfied.


    So there I was in my short shorts and v-neck that casually showed off my tits when Matthew arrived home. I have to stand on my tippy toes to hug him. He smiled when he saw me and I saw a flash of what he hoped would happen later that night flash across his eyes. I think he worked hard to control that part of him and we headed out to the pool only to find it closed. So we went to another apartment complex's pool with a mutual friend from high school. The three of us talked and played around in the water, but because the other dude was there Matthew didn't make any moves. Until ...

    When we got back from swimming, the friend was going to meet us at Matthew's apartment once he changed so we knew we only had a brief amount of time. There's only one chair in his room, so I always flop on top of his spacious bed (he's like 6ft, so he needs the ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, August 25, 2019

    Wife Enjoys Male "Enhancers" in our Bedroom


    I'm not sure if this is what you want to hear on this blog but here goes and we'll see.

    I have time and want to speak proudly of my sexual proclivities and maybe arouse some strangers / convert some swingers along the way. So here's some humble bragging kinda, an overview of my probably atypical sex life.

    I've always had an mfm fetish, I'm straight but unabashed when it comes to that lovely sexual energy, feeling, touching, and unique experience. Some good porn for this exists though too many having a 4th party. I'd much rather see something similar to my experience, middle aged woman and only active participants present ha. I should mention I avoid watching porn actively w spouse, not sure there's any good reason, it just doesn't arouse me.

    Bringing your lady on board for mfm could be easy if you're having regular sex and a sense of kink. Helps to ask during foreplay, crack a joke and gauge reaction if you're unsure. I'd recommend being fairly sober so you know it's genuine interest. But I've heard most women feel about it how men dream about fmf. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, August 21, 2019

    Cuckold from Day One - Part 4


    A couple of months into Jerry's six months of chastity punishment, we left on a three-week cruise around Europe that we had planned long before. This would be my first trip out of the country and was an opportunity for me to show off a little. It seemed like I had been strapping my boobs down my whole life to try and minimize and hide them to keep people from getting a peek at them or my cleavage. I decided that I was going to let my hair down while in Europe and dress much more revealingly than I ever had at home. I had also set a goal to get laid a few times on the cruise.

    Jerry was in charge of packing for both of us. I would tell him what I wanted, and he would find it and pack for me. I had Jerry go to Costco to get some condoms and he came back with a Trojan Pleasure Pack with 40 condoms, which he packed in his case. I took him shopping with me to pick out a few revealing bikinis. We also bought several scandalous evening dresses and other outfits that showed off my boobs and body more than covered them up. I had never worn anything like these before. While I did have him pack a couple of bras for the trip, mostly for during travel, I didn't include any other underwear. When Jerry specifically asked if he should put some panties in the luggage, I told him that I didn't plan on wearing any panties during our trip. I also told him not to pack any underwear, as I didn't want him wearing any if I wasn't. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, August 18, 2019

    I was Cucked after we broke Up


    Not long after highschool, and the break up with my long term highschool girlfriend I met a girl in community college.

    She was gorgeous and we hit things off great. We moved very fast, and she was staying at my place most of the time within 2 months.

    At first the sex was awesome, she gave the best blowjobs I've ever had to this day and wanted to fuck every day. Though she rarely ever came from sex, just oral. After the new relationship energy started to wear off the sex died out pretty fast, always wound up with me trying to instigate and her holding back.

    Things outside of sex were great, we had a good relationship, went to the same classes, went on trips during breaks, and had started planning for the long term as much as 19 and 20 year olds do.

    Though the lack of sex started to kill the relationship about a year in. One thing to point out here, at the same time the sex started dropping off, I found out more and more about her past. She had a name tattood on her ass that got me started on the path. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, August 14, 2019

    Sex was not the same after Him


    So this is the true story of how I experienced cuckolding and still love the idea of it today.

    When I was still back in college I had a good friend, Cain, from the football team. Back then my playing stats were 6'3" 205 at weigh in and he was a little smaller at about 6'1" 190. We became friends quickly. We had the same sense of humor and were always very relaxed and open around each other.

    One night we were at my place chatting with girls online. We were both flirting trying to get a couple girls to come over my place. One girl from our school was interested in coming over to smoke and hang out. We told her to bring a friend and she said she would ask a few other girls if they were interested. A while later she showed up alone.

    Everleigh was adorable. And beautiful. She was a bit of a stoner and was ready to smoke and have a beer with us.

    We lit a bowl and shared a few drinks. We were joking and laughing and flirting. Normally in this situation we followed standard guy code: if she seemed more interested in one of us, the other would make an excuse to give some privacy. But this girl we both knew from English class and she seemed flirtatious and cool with both of us. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, August 11, 2019

    I am Clearly a Good Cuck


    So my wife pretty much got seduced haha and that is the most outrageously fucking hot feeling I have had in this whole cuck ride. It was by a guy who was perfectly clear she was engaged and didn't know I was a cuckold. A built guy too. I was definitely cued in every step of the way and was with her beforehand and then in communication still but holy shit do I feel more cucked than ever.

    Just to fill the readers in, it's been about the same story for the last two weeks. Lots of edging, her being completely in control of it and me admitting I love it again. And admitting that she is in control. I had gotten to cum twice by handjobs only and have been in her pussy three times (twice lovingly, once with a whole bunch of talking down to me, all without cumming).

    Last night we went to an event about two hours from home with every intention of me bringing her home myself. It was in an indoor dance-club like setting in a city that's bigger than ours (we are in the metro area as well but right on the edge of it). It was something she really wanted to go to and I agreed in spite of not feeling too into that scene... She isn't either really but said she had always wanted to go. ... READ THE REST HERE

    They will Cuck You!

    Wednesday, August 07, 2019

    Becoming A Cuckold - The Start Of Our Journey Part 3


    This episode involves us and another couple. We hope it still qualifies for the blog.

    In time, Brian remarried and moved away, and we didn't play with another couple or guy for the well over a year. It wasn't a conscious decision, but rather just a case of life getting in the way. We still had our online account a lifetime membership and every so often we would check it for emails or to see if there might be some one new that we were interested in. Then, one night when Cathy was at a business dinner, I decided to check out the site. When I pulled up our account there was the little bird with the "New Mail" flag. I had always found that little icon a source of excitement and anticipation, and this was no different. I clicked on it and the email was actually over a month old. I still read with anticipation.

    It was from Sara and Jay, a married couple in their late fifties that lived very close by. Sara was Asian and really petite just 5', tiny and small breasted, while Jay was Caucasian, 5' 10'' with an average build. Our profile was a very detailed one, and we had laid out our experience, what we liked and disliked, and what we were looking for. In turn, we had asked that anyone responding be equally direct and forth coming. To my surprise and delight, Sara and Jay were very direct and didn't pull any punches. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, August 04, 2019

    Summertime Cuckolding with a Younger Guy


    This story was from two summers ago, but still one of my favorites. The wife and I took a weekend trip to Nashville. We were both very horny and had discussed the possibility of her fucking somebody else if there was a good opportunity.

    She wore an extremely short black dress and a pair of very sexy pink panties. When she sat down you could easily see her underwear with the contrast in color- even when she was doing her best to cross her legs and be somewhat modest- given the revealing outfit.

    We started out by meeting a friend of mine from college for dinner at a really nice rooftop restaurant. My wife looked super hot with her big tits and fine ass. He sat across from me and my wife was to his side. Without even having to try, he easily caught several glimpses of her panties and I was having fun watching him catch glances whenever he could. After dinner and a couple cocktails, we left him to head out to some bars in the area.

    The wife struck up several conversations, but we didn't really find anyone we were interested in taking home. We decided to end up a a bar next door to where I used to live that catered to a younger crowd. The wife said she'd go in by herself and for me to come in a few mins later and not to approach her. ... READ THE REST HERE


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