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So this is the true story of how I experienced cuckolding and still love the idea of it today.

When I was still back in college I had a good friend, Cain, from the football team. Back then my playing stats were 6'3" 205 at weigh in and he was a little smaller at about 6'1" 190. We became friends quickly. We had the same sense of humor and were always very relaxed and open around each other.

One night we were at my place chatting with girls online. We were both flirting trying to get a couple girls to come over my place. One girl from our school was interested in coming over to smoke and hang out. We told her to bring a friend and she said she would ask a few other girls if they were interested. A while later she showed up alone.

Everleigh was adorable. And beautiful. She was a bit of a stoner and was ready to smoke and have a beer with us.

We lit a bowl and shared a few drinks. We were joking and laughing and flirting. Normally in this situation we followed standard guy code: if she seemed more interested in one of us, the other would make an excuse to give some privacy. But this girl we both knew from English class and she seemed flirtatious and cool with both of us.

As we all started to get drunk the conversation turned more openly sexual and flirtatious. She was on the couch next to me and got up to go to the bathroom for a second. Cain looked at me and asked if I was going to go for her. I said yeah unless he was interested, he just said let's see what happens.

When she came back and sat down, I made a move and went in for a kiss. She kissed me back and I pulled her close. We kissed for a short while then pulled away, aware that Cain was just on the other side of the couch. She giggled a little shyly because he was right there and looked over at him. He cracked a joke, "Don't I get a kiss too?"

She looked a me a little concerned, but I just shrugged and said I didn't mind at all. When she looked back at Cain he kissed her too. While they made out I put my arm around her and when their kiss broke I pulled her back to me. While we made out Cain began massaging her tits. When our kiss stopped he pulled off her shirt. She lifted her arms happily and revealed her adorable tits. Now as one of us made out with her the other sucked on a perfect little nipple. We did this back and forth for a while until I pulled out my dick. I never had any shame about my dick. It is about 6 inches and especially thick. She didn't mind either and took it in her hand right away. She started to jerk me off while making out with Cain. When they stopped, I stood up on the couch and she wrapped her lips around my cock. Cain, being a gentleman more so than me, pulled off her tight jeans and worked his tongue into her pussy. She was now moaning on my cock enjoying his attention on her pussy.

Before long I was close to coming. Not wanting a explode early, I pulled my dick out of her mouth. I began to undress fully and Cain stopped his attentions to do the same. As I was looking down pulling off my underwear, I heard an audible gasp from Everleigh. I looked up and saw what shocked her. Cain's dick was enormous. It was uncircumcised, would measure 9 inches long and thicker than mine. It was rock hard curving up towards his stomach in a shape meant to destroy a G spot. Everleigh's eyes were huge as she stared at it. He stepped towards her and she touched it lightly with her hand, "that is the biggest one I've ever seen..." she whispered.

At first she just held it in one hand staring like she could not believe it was real. Eventually he sat down on the couch and guided her head towards his monster. Now, she had just given me a good blow job and I had no complaints, but she didn't suck his dick, she worshiped it. She alternatively licked it like the best ice cream she had ever eaten or pushed her throat down on it to gag. Once my own shock wore off I grabbed a condom. I had been distracted, but her creamy white ass was in the air on the couch doggy style while she swallowed his beast. I rubbed my dick up and down her slit. She was dripping wet. I pushed my dick inside and she hardly noticed. She kept administering to his dick like it was the only dick left on earth.

I fucked her slow for a while trying not to come too soon even though it might have been the horniest I've ever been. Soon I was a little annoyed that she didn't even seem to notice that I was fucking her doggystyle so I let loose and started pounding her from behind. That got her attention and soon she was moaning with his dick in her mouth and pushing her ass back into my dick. I came HARD, exploding as her mouth never left his dick.

Spent, I pulled my pants back on and grabbed a beer. When I returned, she was on top of his huge cock riding him bareback. They were making out passionately while she slowly rode his cock getting used to its huge size. They fucked slowly at first and then she was able to pick up speed. As he started thrusting faster she began to pant, "oh fuck... oh fuck" with each thrust until he picked up enough speed that she was screaming when his final thrust unloaded into her pussy. I grabbed her a cold beer and after a while sitting in mostly silence I gave her a ride back home.

Both Cain and I would see her again, both alone and together. We got comfortable with group sex pretty quickly and it became pretty standard that if one of us had a girl who was interested and the other didn't that we would share rather than hook up alone with a girl. This happened off and on for two years, but the summer before junior year I met someone.

Dani was gorgeous and cool. We hit it off right away. Her mother was young and her father in the Navy. She had beautiful facial features and firm tits. The pictures are older and don't do her justice. We met at a bar and talked all night until falling asleep together. We fucked the first time that morning and it was incredible. We were compatible in every way. Unfortunately, we went to different schools and were just home together for the summer. We spent every day together that summer, before we went separate ways for school but visited as much as we could. The first few weekends we visited each other we barely left the bedroom, but eventually we had to come out.

Towards the end of the semester I finally brought her to a big football party on campus. It was the end of the season and everybody was raging. We started drinking, playing beer pong, and meeting friends. Cain was there. He came over and introduced himself and immediately was staring at Dani's chest. He was a little mad I had ditched him most of the semester for my new girlfriend. We talked for a while then he went off to flirt with some other girls. Apparently he struck out, because as we got ready to leave he joined us. He asked to go back to my place and chill with us. I was hesitant, but he insisted and said, "it would be like old times."

So we went back to my place and sat down with some beers. Cain was immediately flirtatious and touchy. He put his hand on her knee and was joking as much as he could. I had told Dani about some of our tamer experiences and mentioned jokingly about Cain's size before. She was not inexperienced, but had mostly had serious boyfriends and had not slept with more than 5 people. She was also not some slut we both wanted to hook up with. We had been dating almost 6 months and I was in love. None of that mattered. Flirting with her on the couch Cain not so subtly asked "Has your boyfriend told you about what we used to do?"

"A little" she replied. "What do you think about that?" he asked with a hand on her knee.

She turned to me. I could tell she was horny already. "Well, you're into this aren't you?" She asked me.

"I guess, we've done it before." That was all the permission she needed. She turned back to him and they kissed hungrily. In the past we always switched back and forth with kissing, undressing, and everything as the night progressed. Not tonight. He kept making out with her not giving either of them a chance to breath. When he pulled off her shirt and unclasped her bra he kept her facing towards him so that as he sucked on her tits, all I could do was kiss the back of her neck. Before long the moment of truth came. He stood and pulled down his pants.

"Oh my fucking god, it's huge!" my girlfriend exclaimed. As I had seen many times before, she began to worship his cock, but this time it was the girl I loved. She sucked his dick like she only did on my birthday. I pulled off her jeans, having to almost avoid his balls as I did so since neither moved to help me. I awkwardly fingered her sopping wet pussy while she sucked him off.

After a long blowjob, Cain pulled her up and laid her on the couch giving me no room. He rubbed his huge cock up and down her slit bareback.

"Tell me what you want," he demanded.

She glanced at me briefly before replying, "I want you to fuck me. I want your big dick inside me."

He complied jamming his monster in hard enough to make her moan. Normally, I went first in our threesomes. Cain actually said he liked it because after me he could slide in more easily and fuck harder, because when he hooked up alone he often had to be slow and gentle to avoid hurting girls. He was not worried about that tonight. He was pulling all the way out a slamming into her. He pulled her legs onto his shoulders to get more leverage. I put my rock hard dick in her mouth trying to get a blowjob for myself. She tried to suck at first but he was fucking her so hard eventually my dick was just in her wide open mouth as she screamed and moaned around my dick. So I pulled my dick out and I just began to suck and lick her nipples while he railed her.

Before long, she began to scream, "I'm cumming, I'm fucking coming!" Cain kept going and began to come himself. He thrust deep into her as she shook in orgasm. He left his dick inside of her as a panted out of breath. She pulled me in and kissed me as passionately as she ever had. While she kissed me he pulled out and she let out a disappointed moan. He pulled his clothes on and said thanks, but he was heading out, we should do this again soon.

I brought my girlfriend to the bed a laid her down to make love to her. I buried my dick in her cum-filled pussy, but after a few moments she pushed me away. She said she was too sore to fuck me after that. I pulled my dick out and jerked off once or twice until I exploded all over her tits. Her eyes were closed, and soon after she was asleep.

We're still together many years later but things are not the same as they were after that time with Cain. He was never with her again but she did flirt with him a lot and the sex between us died down. I realized I am a true cuck now. Whether I like it or not.

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