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This episode involves us and another couple. We hope it still qualifies for the blog.

In time, Brian remarried and moved away, and we didn't play with another couple or guy for the well over a year. It wasn't a conscious decision, but rather just a case of life getting in the way. We still had our online account – a lifetime membership – and every so often we would check it for emails or to see if there might be some one new that we were interested in. Then, one night when Cathy was at a business dinner, I decided to check out the site. When I pulled up our account there was the little bird with the "New Mail" flag. I had always found that little icon a source of excitement and anticipation, and this was no different. I clicked on it and the email was actually over a month old. I still read with anticipation.

It was from Sara and Jay, a married couple in their late fifties that lived very close by. Sara was Asian and really petite – just 5', tiny and small breasted, while Jay was Caucasian, 5' 10'' with an average build. Our profile was a very detailed one, and we had laid out our experience, what we liked and disliked, and what we were looking for. In turn, we had asked that anyone responding be equally direct and forth coming. To my surprise and delight, Sara and Jay were very direct and didn't pull any punches.

They said they had been married for over twenty-five years and while they were both very sexual, they had never been with anyone else the entire time. Then it got interesting…. They said that Jay had a huge cock and that Sara could not take him all. Aside from the obvious issue, they said they felt like neither of them could let go when they got it on. Even though Jay would be careful, Sara had trouble letting go because of what might happen and Jay felt like he was always on guard.

Oral and toys had more or less become their default options. They were now at the point where they both really wanted a partner they could just let go with and "fuck like crazy". They were hoping that we could be that couple. To show their sincerity, they opened their photo galleries on their profile for us to see. They were both very attractive for their late fifties. Jay appeared to be quite large and Sara had almost straight black pubic hair – something I hadn't really seen before. Since I love women that don't shave their pussy, I loved what I was seeing. When Cathy got home, I showed her the email and photos and we agreed to get back to them. After several back and forth emails and a phone conversation with all four of us, we agreed to meet them on a Saturday night at the same hotel where we had met Brian.

Even though we were pretty experienced by this point we were still really nervous. This would be our first couple to couple get together. Jay and Sara were already there when we came in. They actually looked better in person than their photos. We all had a drink and it felt pretty comfortable right away. The conversation sort of replayed what we had said in our emails and phone conversations, but with much more detail. I was pretty amazed how open and frank they both were – for newbies, they sure knew what they wanted and weren't shy about asking for it.

In addition to both wanting to "fuck like wild animals", they each had several other fantasies. Among other things, they both wanted to watch the other with a new partner and, have a threesome in all sorts of combinations. When we shared about our first experience and how the group of three men had taken Cathy and the three gals me, they were just mesmerized. After a long pause, they said almost at the same time that they would love to play with us if we were up for it. I looked at Cathy and got the smile that said OK, so I suggested we go back to our house. It was actually pretty funny when we all got up to go. Jay and I had "tent poles" and both girls got a big laugh out of it. On the way home, Cathy said she really liked them and said she was sopping wet.

I had set the house up just as we did for the first time with Brian – soft lights and a warm spa. We all wasted no time in getting our clothes off and into the spa. We quickly paired off and started to concentrate on our new partners. Sara was the smallest woman I had ever been with and I just enjoyed taking my time kissing and caressing her. From the sounds coming from Jay and Cathy, I was sure it was going well for them too. After about fifteen minutes or so, we all found our way to the bedroom. As it usually does when things are right, everything just seemed to flow without much discussion.

As we all hoped on the bed, both Jay and I were rock hard. He was about the biggest I had ever seen, maybe even a little bigger than Brian, and I knew Cathy would be in heaven. As we started up again, there was an intensity that I hadn't sensed with any of our other partners. It wasn't long before everyone was just moaning and thrusting and as they would later say "fucking like wild animals". It was pretty amazing and it wasn't long before we all came. Afterwards we were all just sprawled out on the bed temporarily exhausted and totally relaxed. They both talked about how great it was to just let go and fuck. With the edge now off it wasn't long before the real fun was about to begin.

After a bit, Cathy started to play with Jay's cock, bringing it instantly back to life. She motioned to Sara and they both started to kiss and tongue Jay's cock in unison. I just sat back and took it all in. Cathy then straddled Jay and slowly sank down on his cock. Sara and I were both just in awe as that big thing slid in and out of Cathy. Sara then got behind them and started to lick Jay's cock as the entire length slid out and back in again. After a few minutes, I couldn't take it anymore. I got behind Sara and slid in from behind. God what a neat experience – fucking Sara as I watched my wife ride Jay's huge cock and Sara licking off the pussy juice each time it came out. I didn't last long at all. Since Jay and Cathy were still going strong, I just sat there and watched while fingering Sara to several more orgasms.

We spent most of the night just trying almost everything two couples can do. Sara rode me while I ate Cathy and then they switched places. Jay and I took Cathy and then Sara. Cathy and Sara both just came continually while Jay and I eventually just strayed hard, but were totally out of bullets. Sometime after three in the morning, we made plans to get together again, said our goodbyes and went to bed exhausted. We continue to get together with them and it just seems to get better each time.

I have a number of stories to tell when I get the time.

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