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I'm not sure if this is what you want to hear on this blog but here goes and we'll see.

I have time and want to speak proudly of my sexual proclivities and maybe arouse some strangers / convert some swingers along the way. So here's some humble bragging kinda, an overview of my probably atypical sex life.

I've always had an mfm fetish, I'm straight but unabashed when it comes to that lovely sexual energy, feeling, touching, and unique experience. Some good porn for this exists though too many having a 4th party. I'd much rather see something similar to my experience, middle aged woman and only active participants present ha. I should mention I avoid watching porn actively w spouse, not sure there's any good reason, it just doesn't arouse me.

Bringing your lady on board for mfm could be easy if you're having regular sex and a sense of kink. Helps to ask during foreplay, crack a joke and gauge reaction if you're unsure. I'd recommend being fairly sober so you know it's genuine interest. But I've heard most women feel about it how men dream about fmf.

Usually my wife (lady) and I engage with someone I know. very close friend, married - In our defense, there were rumors of an affair, his wife creating an "accidental dating site account" - I didn't mentioned it but the situation definitely seemed legit. Antway, he's unafraid of touch, extremely polite, and when I talked up my ladies moves it defnitely got him going. Everything's easier with a bit of arousal in the air.

In "action", he lacks stamina size and motion, so lady gives him extra special treatment which REALLY gets me off (from her compassion and passion? lol), plus, I'm not fond of going "downstairs", avoid it as often as possible, and he really digs going downtown, she asks for it and uses his name frequently and it's quite hot. Him and I see each other semi often and never have discussed, and it's never been awkward. Privacy, mutual respect is important, at least in this era. He's our favorite enhancer, hopefully he'll try to convince his wife to swing with us some day. I'm actually fairly certain she'd be up for it based on her loudly and clearly stated DP fantasy! Lol. Mentioned 2 - 3 times, she's tiny, It's not something I expect women to desire. I've never suggested dp, possibly wife has mentioned jokingly - when I have a thought about it or see it in porn it's a definite turn on. Overall though it seems complicated and possibly painful. I envision pulled muscles, bent shafts, cavity soreness. It's kinda homoerotic because it's two gentlemen providing each other sensation, so a little different from the norm, favorite style is when she's on back or on elbow and knees, working magic with hand / mouth, tongue sticking out on bottom.

We're not the ultimate sexaholics but do get busy multiple times a week, with a third about once or twice a month on a good month. Never use toys, additional human touch is more arousing.

In rare cases we've picked up randos - wife is a bit shy in initial interaction (top notch kinky in bed) so I have to do most of the lead, but when she's feeling more outgoing, it seems ridiculous easy to find interest at the pub, really anywhere. In my experience, most single bar goers are down for it even if they're barely or not buzzed. I have I think 5 successful "first interviews" under my belt (lol), and have convinced all 3 kinky ladies I've brought it up to. When "interviewing" a newcomer, both of you have to get hands on him some how, push the limit of friendly touch to not quite sexual and see. Never a person who seems to have issues with gays or male touching, no matter how ready you are. Avoiding potential for a moral revelation or internal conflict. A sense of positive feedback to your touching is a great indicator of where they're at.

Finding other "talent" can be difficult. When we're out anywhere, sometimes we'll entertain the thought. She chooses, I give a thumbs up / down. Usually it's just an excuse for her to check out other guys crotches. When we have the motivation, we'll give it a, at first, reluctant try, but just the idea is arousing. Arousal is a powerful motivator. :)

When we sleep together alone, from her position and movement, it seems like she's constantly imagining more hands, another member to keep busy. I think it's acquired but can't remember if she always did that. Regardless it's hot.

Of the about dozen extras I've had 3some, only one, the fmf outsider, admitted to doing it before - we hadn't asked. She hadn't done mfm - mfm in general seems rare as far as my perspective.

Sexy experience pointers: when in proper environment, easiest plan is to have her get her chest out and you drop to at mid half pants height revealing thighs and get her lips on the goods asap - get the juices flowing, gripping quads / rear really gets me off personally - invite him in when he seems ready, some like to watch for a while, or get off on their own first. Lube a must, just in-case - my baby once in a while gets 4 o's total, two each, so she'll usually need a quick dab.

No lube at first though, you should be be confident any jitters are now anticipation and arousal. If she's knows her stuff and can do sexual multitasking, which ISN'T easy for them I've noticed. Don't ask people getting their jollies to say stuff if they're trying to focus! The sensation of strong, close, hot pleasure is one of the most satisfying . When ejac occurs too soon, for me it's kinda easy to get back into it after sneaking the fingers around while she's getting some action. The wife got a bisexual (probably 2, one hasn't admitted anything though I just assume having "worked" with him) involved, and some very sensual touching happens, I roll with it, usually am flattered - lady picks fit guys. I'm also fit ha but not quite like that! I politely decline anything too gay for comfort, and always enjoy assistance with hands on the rear. Mr bisexual is always a good time, typically slow and gentle, so I go a little firmer and faster, dunno if the contrast has any benefit, it's kinda natural.

I'm entirely unashamed and seem very respected and appreciated by her.

Jealousy is an important issue, esp with our very rare fmf - I usually don't have it, but I understand and respect it jealousy. I'm sure it's typically a situation by situation basis but if you experience or you sense jealousy I'd recommend immediately discussing it and either cancelling the fun or getting over it. I gave lots of attention to gf at the time after I sensed the feeling and tried hard to seem somewhat disinterested and disappointed with her addition, who had a fantastic not too hard not to soft perfect to love rear, and eveyone knew it. Thinking of appearing disappointed and distracted helped prolong it all, solid time. Did I mention I'm a lucky man?

Gotta be comfortable / aroused / proud when other men check out your spouse - knowing their commitment to you, and them knowing your willingness to be adventurous and kinky and open. You don't have let jackasses out alpha you, but she might want that. Gotta be open to it although both have to agree, and maybe you owe her one! True dbags will absolutely brag about it to everyone, so, of course, trust is key!! Also, hopefully the extra doesn't become desperate for it, has to be on shared terms. Trust.

NOTE: The first gf who agreed to bring in another did leave me for the FIRST outsider, whom we got hot with a few times prety quickly early on. Overall was probably a beneficial experience for me. Dude was cool, friendly, process was easy, great moves to observe, wasn't loud, didn't make ridiculous sex talk. He was a quality person as I remember. It definitely hurt when I found out, but the idea of them sleeping together did not affect me as it may have in an entirely monogamous relationship.

The rules always are, we don't do anything spicy without each other being there.

Conclusion: SO I just ranted on about my sex life because for the moment my lady is away on a work trip I'm solo and horny and disappointed with the porn. Writing these memories rly did aroused the heck out of me. So, to any couples who aren't having good sex or need a spark, are a little outgoing, try a quick discussion about an additional individual, esp mfm for her, as an thought expermient, see if it turns you on - just entertaining the idea may help the sex life. If you're more adventerous or just want to experiment, appreciate and proudly share that ass with those you agree on and can continue to build trust. Given less familiarity, always keep things moving and be very friendly, pleasurable, and respectful.

Even if it's a bad experience or just not for you, the attempt at it might be the path to more exiting and open relationship. And if she's down to fmf (allowing mfm should be enough!), make sure you act disintrested at the new view.

Opinion to those intersted in sexy talk: is mfm for a guy a special type of kinky or just a "too close to gay to accept" fact. I tried, but am just naturally turned off by anyone getting too close to my anal region. Warm and wet touch, helping your lover reach ecstasy, I'd think it's a popular fetish just taboo.

I know this is not what the readers are used to but I hope some cucks out there enjoy it, and enjoy seeing my lady.

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