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So my wife pretty much got seduced haha and that is the most outrageously fucking hot feeling I have had in this whole cuck ride. It was by a guy who was perfectly clear she was engaged and didn't know I was a cuckold. A built guy too. I was definitely cued in every step of the way and was with her beforehand and then in communication still but holy shit do I feel more cucked than ever.

Just to fill the readers in, it's been about the same story for the last two weeks. Lots of edging, her being completely in control of it and me admitting I love it again. And admitting that she is in control. I had gotten to cum twice by handjobs only and have been in her pussy three times (twice lovingly, once with a whole bunch of talking down to me, all without cumming).

Last night we went to an event about two hours from home with every intention of me bringing her home myself. It was in an indoor dance-club like setting in a city that's bigger than ours (we are in the metro area as well but right on the edge of it). It was something she really wanted to go to and I agreed in spite of not feeling too into that scene... She isn't either really but said she had always wanted to go.

The drive there was great. We held hands and talked and had a great time and laughed. She actually even said she was going to let me cum at night when we got home, and I think meant it as a way to tease me with anticipation since we were hours away.

Man I don't know, it was like a fantasy I didn't know I had. I don't drink anymore and she still does, and I definitely didn't feel within my element there with loud music and everyone messed up and dancing, I really felt like I was awkward the whole time and kind of following her around. I talked with some people etc, but I just really felt out of my element to begin with. Heather was having a lot of fun and loosening up. She kept dancing with me or dancing alone and then coming back to me and making out with me and talking to me. She started wandering more and more but it was an open floor so I could see her. I really was feeling so awkward haha, not that I wanted to leave but that I kept trying to follow behind her and just not keep up with everything that was going on.

Finally I was right by her and I heard her say "hey!" pretty drunkenly. I looked over and she was close to a tall built guy. He said something to her and she started laughing and she put her hand on his chest and gestured him to come here over to me. She introduced me as her husband and he also introduced her and I to his friend he was with, another guy that was a lot stockier. We stood around in a circle for a few minutes and I could tell where I stood. She was obviously pretty loose and flirty and so was he. It really didn't feel like any chemistry at all, but physical attraction and I basically stood by awkwardly and tried to say stuff in a conversation I wasn't much of a part of. I just remember feeling so much less than haha. Both were way more muscular than me, and the one she was talking to was also way taller. I really felt like I deserve to be a cuck.

She ended the conversation after a minute and came back to me and we walked away. I asked her who he was and she laughed and pressed in really close and hugged me and said she used to hook up with his friend and that she had met him at a bar but it had been about three years since she had seen him and that he was living where the event was now. Honestly I was just somewhat not at ease with the whole night and probably seemed more insecure than I meant to be.

I asked who his friend was and she said just one of her old fuckbuddies. She got really close while facing me and put her hands on my sides and pressed into me and said she loves me. I said it too and she asked if I was uncomfortable. I told her the truth, just that I felt like I wasn't on the same wavelength as the dance party event and that it made me probably more insecure than I meant to be. She asked if I wanted to leave and I said no and we had an intimate few minutes.

She said she knew I wasn't very at ease and that she appreciated me taking her. She said she won't talk to him anymore if I didn't want to and I said I don't care, it was fine. She looked at me with a straight face and said 'don't worry baby, he just wants to fuck me. That's all.' I didn't know what to say to that haha and she pressed in and kissed me and said 'that sounded bad. I just mean we don't go many places where guys flirt with me in front of you. That's why guys like that come to places like here is because they want to fuck. He knows I fucked his friend and he wants to fuck me too, that's it. I love you.' I should probably have mentioned too that she was dressed sexy in a skirt with fishnets, uggs-style boots and a tight top. That part turned me on more than anything. She is right though that we don't usually go to stuff like dance clubs. When we are on dates, no one hits on her at all. When we are at a bar it's mild if I'm there. I told her she was right and she said 'I think you like seeing sexy guys flirt with me anyways' and she was pleased to watch me agree.

The dynamic changed after that and I felt a lot more comfortable. We were mostly together and we passed him again and he loudly and confidently sang the lyrics to the song that was on and pressed close to her. She touched his abs and laughed and we passed again. She looked at me and grabbed my hand when we were by ourselves again and said 'is that okay?' I told her it was super hot. She said 'you're telling me, you didn't feel his abs.' I almost moaned out and she laughed and said 'aww, does my hubby need to cum tonight? Don't worry baby ill let you cum.'

So about 45 minutes before it was done we ended up around the bar with the same two. Heather knew I was comfortable by this point and I just let nature take its course. An alpha guy and his alpha friend were flirting with my fiancee and she thought they were hot. I really did feel more like a cuck than ever just watching the real dominance hierarchy take hold. She was flirting right in front of me, now also including his friend and asking him what his name was again, where he was from etc and I pretty much just stood by and watched. Every once in a while she would reach out and hold my hand and both of them would kind of give me a look of 'we are chatting your wife up in front of you and you're not doing anything?'

Pretty soon she started moving and shaking her ass while facing it back to them and moving towards them a bit. She became closer to them and they started moving against her and she would look back at me every once in a while. Pretty soon her hints were so obvious that the tall one she knew asked her more out into the dance floor. She came and asked permission and I said yes and she gave me a kiss. They gave me the same kind of look.

And once they were out there it was too late. I watched her grind back and forth between and stick her ass against their hips. I watched them feel her thighs through her fishnets. I watched them put their hands on her hips and feel her ass. I watched them feel her massive boobs. It was obvious she was theirs, and there was some whispering in her ear. After one of the songs she gestured for me to come near. I met her about halfway and she said 'he asked me if my husband likes that I like flirting with guys guys or if he just puts up with it.' She thought it was hilarious. She kissed me and went back and closed the night out grinding with them.

I already knew what was going to happen but when the music turned off she excitedly came over and said 'I want to fuck them. Can I please fuck them?' Holy shit I was so turned on at this point by watching the true nature of cuckoldry. I told her that is definitely okay. She looked back at them (a little ways behind her) and fucking nods haha and they just lit up. She was honestly so excitable and fast-paced I could tell she was just begging to get fucked.

She told me I'm sorry baby, I know you were supposed to cum tonight. Are you okay?' I told her of course I was. She told me she told them we like to be safe and asked me if I'd get a hotel. Fuck, seeing her talk like that. I told her yes I would get one. She said they didn't seem too keen on me watching but that she wanted me to be near. She asked if I can get two rooms, one for me and one for them. Fuck, this girl. I told her of course. She went back and told them and they put their hands on her side and stuff and she was obviously filling them in on the plan, which they liked. She came back and grabbed my hand and said 'will you drive?' Haha fuck.

So I drove the three of them to find a hotel. Heather sat up front with me and held my hand the whole time, rubbing her finger in my palm. I was able to find one pretty quick, but it was not cheap. It was 1 am in a fairly central location, so I paid pretty steep for it. I went in and left the three of them in the car. Long story short I couldn't get conjoined rooms, which they said they were okay with getting. They were pretty close at least.

Right when we got out (after they did) she grabbed my hand and said, 'I am going to make you cum so hard tomorrow I promise. Play with your cage all you want tonight okay?' Didn't offer to unlock me though haha. She said she loves me so much and asked if I was okay because that wasn't our plan, but I was so fucking turned on. I gave them the nicer room and walked her as far as mine and then we said goodnight.

I did get a phone call from her on her cell and was able to listen to them fuck, at least at that quality. They fucked her long haha. Holy shit. They double teamed her until like 4 am and I just listened. Finally I could hear they were done and Heather came back and asked if I was still there and said goodnight.

After about another hour she came and knocked on my door. I opened it and she said 'I want to sleep here please.' I asked if everything was alright and she said 'baby, you have no idea how good it is' and laughed and just said she wanted to sleep with me. She came in, her hair just wild and said 'they just banged me for like 3 hours. I sucked their dicks off too.' It was so hot just seeing her exhausted. She stripped down and came and laid with me and then undid my cage and to my total surprise sucked my cock until I came in her mouth. She came back up and kissed me and said 'thank you.' But I couldn't believe I'd just been sucked by her. We fell asleep.

In the morning I gave them an awkward short ride back to the club and the one she didn't know said 'have fun with your wife, I did.' and they laughed. The one she knew asked for her number and she looked at me and said 'How about just give me yours instead,' which has been kind of our process.

So we dropped them off and returned home. Heather fell asleep. When we got home, she jerked me off in the shower and told me all about it. She also ended up fucking me tonight too. I have came three times in 24 hours.

I clearly was a good cuck.

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