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This story was from two summers ago, but still one of my favorites. The wife and I took a weekend trip to Nashville. We were both very horny and had discussed the possibility of her fucking somebody else if there was a good opportunity.

She wore an extremely short black dress and a pair of very sexy pink panties. When she sat down you could easily see her underwear with the contrast in color- even when she was doing her best to cross her legs and be somewhat modest- given the revealing outfit.

We started out by meeting a friend of mine from college for dinner at a really nice rooftop restaurant. My wife looked super hot with her big tits and fine ass. He sat across from me and my wife was to his side. Without even having to try, he easily caught several glimpses of her panties and I was having fun watching him catch glances whenever he could. After dinner and a couple cocktails, we left him to head out to some bars in the area.

The wife struck up several conversations, but we didn't really find anyone we were interested in taking home. We decided to end up a a bar next door to where I used to live that catered to a younger crowd. The wife said she'd go in by herself and for me to come in a few mins later and not to approach her.

When I walked in a few mins later, she was at a table close to the bar and some young guys were already paying her attention. During the next hour or so, I enjoyed watching the guys compete for her attention and she was loving it. Laughing and flirting with an occasional touch to their arm or leg. Eventually she walked towards me on her way to the bathroom. She leaned into me at the bar and described the guy she liked and said she wanted to take him back to the hotel. She had told him that she was recently separated from her long term boyfriend and she was here w a gay friend (me) for the weekend to have some fun. She asked if I'd play along and I told her that was a pretty good story.

After she want to the bathroom, she went back to her table and the guy she had been talking to went back over to her. At this point, the wife had had a couple drinks and was definitely in the mood to play it up. She leaned back in her chair and sat in a way that her new friend would have a clear view of her panties.

After a while, she motioned for me to join them at the bar for a shot. As I walked up, she introduced me as her gay friend and we shook hands. My wife was only 29 at the time, but you could tell he was nervous being around an older woman. At this point my wife had her hand on his ass and was very flirtatious. She kissed him a couple times and said she'd like to take him back to the hotel for a drink. He was on board and we ordered the tab to pay up. The wife told me to bring the car around and they'd meet me out front.

When I pulled up, they came outside hand in hand and got in the backseat together- groping and giggling like two kids on a date lol. She told me to turn the music up and I could hear them making out just behind me. Then I heard his belt buckle being undone. When I looked in the rear view mirror, I saw his head leaned back and could just make out the top of my wife's head bobbing up and down as she sucked his cock. When I pulled up at a red light she came up for air and said "look at the size of his cock! I'll bet you'd like to wrap your gay lips around that!" I turned to look at his cock she had in her hand and it was indeed impressive. It was average in width around the shaft, but it got thick as it moved towards the head. And the head was bulbous and extremely large (which I love). The length was probably 8-9", so all in all she was extremely lucky with her pick in a random guy!

When we got to the hotel, she told me to drop them off at the front door. I watched them walk in hand in hand, kissing, and she stopped to introduce her friend to a group of guys we had met earlier in the day. I watched as they exchanged words and they all watched my wife and her friend as they walked to the elevator. No doubt they had a million questions!

I parked the car and waited about 5 mins to give them some time. When I walked through the lobby towards the elevator, I talked to the guys we'd met earlier. They said they'd just seen my wife go upstairs with another guy and I laughed and told them it was all good. Sometimes she just likes to play around lol.

When I got to the room I opened the door as quietly as possible. We'd gotten a one bedroom suite and I could see that the light in the bedroom was on and the door was partially cracked. As I eased the door shut, I quietly walked over to the bedroom to peek in. The guy was on his back and my wife was riding him with her back to me. In the short time since I'd dropped them off, they'd wasted no time getting their clothes off and started fucking. His cock was glistening with her wetness and she was bouncing on him- stopping occasionally to really grind her clit on his pubic area. After a short time, I could see and hear her tense up for her first orgasm.

I took a short break from watching to strip down to my boxers and started to play with my own cock. I could sit on the couch directly outside the bedroom and still see enough through the cracked door to watch them fuck.

After a few minutes, I heard her say that she needed a break for some water. She got out of bed naked and opened the door and when she saw me on the couch she said "hi- I didn't know you'd be coming up to the room so fast- can you bring us something to drink please?" I replied that I would and I brought her a glass of water and a beer for both me and her friend.

When I walked in with the drinks, he was laying on the covers and I guess a little nervous because his pretty cock started to wilt a bit. The wife took a sip of her water and told me to take my boxers off so we'd all be naked. Unlike her friend, my cock was growing. She said to him "he must like your cock- you're making him hard". I just laughed and apologized for interrupting them. She laughed and said why don't you stay if he doesn't mind- and take a couple pics- just nothing with our faces in them. I happily agreed as she started to suck his cock and get him back on track. My own cock was at full attention at this point as I alternated stroking myself and taking an occasional pic of them fucking and sucking (you can see a couple pics I took attached to this story).

After a good 15-20 mins of him fucking her and several orgasms, he said he was going to cum. She directed him to pull out and shoot his cum on her clit. He aimed correctly for the first stream, but after that he shot all over her pussy and stomach (see attached pic). The wife took his gorgeous cock in her mouth to suck out any remaining cum. Once he was spent, she told me to lay down and jack off so they could watch me.

I happily got in bed next to them and tugged at my hard on. I noticed the other guy getting hard again watching me, so I took a chance and reached out to give him a squeeze. He obliged by leaning back and arching his hips to meet my hand. When he closed his eyes with enjoyment, I took the opportunity to lean over and take his big head in my mouth. The wife watched with amusement as I picked up the pace- stroking and sucking his cock. In just a couple of minutes, he tensed up and released his second round of jizz in less than 20 mins. I eagerly swallowed his load and sucked him completely dry.

When that was done, he hurriedly put his clothes back on and left the room. The wife instructed me to clean the cum from her body as well- which I did happily...

This story is 100% true.

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