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This is an email I wrote up of an encounter I had with Matthew, one of my many studs, who is very Catholic and therefore not allowed to penetrate me - that was supposed to be sent to my BF but he misbehaved and I never ended up sending it. My boyfriend gets to read about it here on the blog as he has been good. He will realize that this was an adventure not meant for him and his tiny cock. I need so much more to feel satisfied.


So there I was in my short shorts and v-neck that casually showed off my tits when Matthew arrived home. I have to stand on my tippy toes to hug him. He smiled when he saw me and I saw a flash of what he hoped would happen later that night flash across his eyes. I think he worked hard to control that part of him and we headed out to the pool only to find it closed. So we went to another apartment complex's pool with a mutual friend from high school. The three of us talked and played around in the water, but because the other dude was there Matthew didn't make any moves. Until ...

When we got back from swimming, the friend was going to meet us at Matthew's apartment once he changed so we knew we only had a brief amount of time. There's only one chair in his room, so I always flop on top of his spacious bed (he's like 6ft, so he needs the diagonal sometimes haha). Immediately he looks at me and I know it's on. We start a frenzy of kissing and rubbing and humping, both our shorts still on. We roll around, he's on top, I'm on top, a swirling of body. I'm already seeping at this point and only more excited for the night to progress. I ask how much time he thinks we have. Right then we hear knocking at the door and he has to tuck his hard on away, smooth out his hair, and take a breath before answering the door. We pretended like nothing ever happened. With the friend (and later also Matthew's roommate) we decided to watch a movie and chose the Emperor's New Groove. I'm on the far right, Matthew's in the middle and the high school friend is on the left all on the same couch. My hands creep over to his thighs and start lightly tracing patterns, squeezing, willing him to stiffen up. He jumps up from the couch and I worry he wasn't comfortable with me doing that with his friends right next to us.

Instead he explains how cold it is in the apartment and grabs a blanket for the three of us to share. As soon as the blanket is up to his chest his hands worm their way underneath and find the soft flesh of my thighs. My legs automatically open to acquiesce and he begins to squeeze and slip his over my shorts on my already throbbing pussy. He touches lightly at first and then just grabs himself a handful of me. I squirm in pleasure and am trying very hard not to let out my moans of appreciation. I'm concerned because he's making a little bit of noise when he moves his hands and sometimes he tries to stifle that with a yawn or a cough. We take turns alternating who's touching whom for the remainder of the film. Luckily for me it was reasonably short. His roommate retreats into his room and we say goodbye to the friend. He asks me what I want to do and lists off some silly options.

I just look up at him, smirk on my face and lead him into his own bedroom. He closes the door and walks his body into mine so I've no choice but to back up until he takes my body and throws me on my back onto his bed. As he's climbing on top we begin again in an even hotter frenzy than before. It'd been so long since I've kissed someone, so long since I'd had that physicality that my loins were literally aching. When I was straddling him on top he took off my shirt and undid my shorts, flipping me back to my back. He felt over the fabric of my matching undies and commented on the wetness he found there. He started stroking me and grabbing my pussy in a way that can only be described as delightful. He asked to remove my panties so that he doesn't rip them. Strong hands, you know. This is the first time I've been naked before him, although my adorable bralette is the only piece of clothing I have on at this point. I know how much he loved my tits so I keep them saved for later.

Of course his hands are running all over my body, boobs included. It brings me great joy to watch his face light up when he's grabbed a handful of my jugs. He kisses my neck and works his way down my stomach to my inner thighs, slowing down. This is a first for him!! He kisses the inside of my thighs and lightly trails his tongue along my leg, over my vulva, and down my other leg again. I want to switch up the dynamic a bit so I'm back on top and I remove his shirt and his pants. I leave his boxer briefs on and I'm amazed at how much precum has already soaked through the front. I start grinding on him from on top and he lets out these incredible happy giggle sighs.

I'm kissing up on him and I kiss down his abdomen, gently sliding my fingers beneath the waistband of his underwear before his stiff cock springs forth. It almost booped me on the nose. I'd been wanting to have a cock in my mouth for a while now and though his is no match for yours, it's one I've grown familiar with and such a fun dick to pleasure. I can easily take all of him and he erupts with an "Ohhhhhhhh Jesus" as he tickles the back of my throat with his head. Gargling dicks, as you well know, is quite a past time of mine. As I suck and stroke him I hear his excitement mounting as every few words is a sigh, an "Oh, god", a "That LOOK!" (when I look up coyly, one hand on his shaft, the other on my own tit), and of course the moans as the tension mounts.

He exclaims for a moment "you know what we forgot?? The lube!" Little did he realize I'd brought it with me and unpacked it from my bag. I came back to the bed and drizzled it down his throbbing member, sliding his cock easily between my fingers, toying with him. I kept at it for quite a bit before going back to licking and sucking. Lucky for me he's quite giving, so we switch up the positions yet again, this time with both of us on our sides. He slides his finger into me with ease as I'm completely soaked. He asks which finger I want, if I want 2 or 3 or 4 and of course I make a fisting joke. He inserts another digit and utilizes the tricks I taught him, many of which I learned from my sissy boyfriend (that's YOU btw).

Because of you, this boy got me to cum. But we're not there yet. He's using the "come hither", he's stroking, he's taking out and reinsterting, and he's giving me an awfully good finger fuck. He pauses for a moment and when he restarts it's a whole new feeling down there. I realize he's now using the head of his dick to rub along my vulva, teasing the outermost parts of my vagina. I'm so used to that being foreplay before being inserted into me and I am using every ounce of my self restraint not to pull him inside me. At that moment there was nothing I wanted more. I told him so and he was surprised how badly I wanted it. I could see that that only got him harder. Honestly, that head rubbing against my clit and my labia just got me wetter than ever. It felt like the world's biggest tease, though, and he knew it. I think he felt badly that he couldn't give me what I wanted, but hey, women are hard to please.

He switched back to probing me with his fingers and commented on the wave of lubrication that drenched his fingers upon reentry. It was starting to feel really good. I'm talking REALLY good. I closed my eyes and thought about his dick inside me, thought about how I would tell you all about it, thought about his dick briefly, and then thought about how tightly he was holding onto me. I thought about how badly I wanted him to experience me orgasming and how much this image would be burned into his brain as the first orgasm he's been privy to. I thought about how much that will shape his expectations for his future girlies. And at that moment, when he was fingerbanging me with renewed vigor and I was rubbing my clit for all its worth I felt the buildup.

It was slow, but steady. It was unrelenting and I knew this was going to be a satisfying orgasm. Just a few more seconds and – BAM! I exploded on him, convulsing as he held my body against his, kissing my lips as I moaned. He brought my face to his chest and the orgasm took 20 or so seconds to subside. It. Was. Incredible. I'm telling you this was such a long-lasting great fuck. I wish you could have been there to witness it in person, watching from the corner. Then you would've seen how devoted I was to finishing him off. He'd done SUCH a good job on me that I wanted to return the favor. Soon after I was back to blowing him, after lubing him up with the flavored lube I brought. I know how much he adores my boobs, though, so I had an idea.

I brought him to his computer chair, sat myself down, and lubed up my chest. I nestled him in there real good and closed my tits around him. I didn't think he could be more rigid than he was already, but I was wrong. As I held my breasts firmly around his head, he began to thrust up into me. This is his first titjob and I knew he loved it. He was about to cum to I slowed him down and then I squeezed them as much as I could simulate a pussy. His ejaculation came swiftly at that and he shot load after load into the air, only to land on my boobs, my thighs, his thighs, his chest !!! I guess it had been a while since he last masturbated. He thanked me with a HUGE smile on his face. We got cleaned up, cuddled, and went to sleep. We slept the whole night through in each others' arms which was immensely satisfying.

When we woke up, he changed positions to spoon me and I kept kissing him: on the shoulder, on his abdomen, on his face, on his hair. Every time I did it he would chuckle and tell me how cute it is. I'm hella fucking cute but you know what else I am? Incredibly sexy. So of course I take this time to remind him of my other talents by grinding my ass into his gradually stiffening dick and he can feel me growing wetter again. This time I've got an even more determined look on and I want to show him the world he's missing out on. After grinding on him for a substantial amount of time I place him on his back and hop on reverse cowgirl style.

He seemed a bit confused at first thinking that it wouldn't be that exciting. Boy did I prove him wrong. I had my labia straddling his shaft and I gyrated back and forth, grabbing my breasts, placing his hands atop them, him feeling my butt and my back and my shoulders. He shouted "Whoaaa!! WHooa. WHOA!!!" and held me still for a moment. "Wow, we're gonna be finished soon if you keep that up." He LOVED reverse cowgirl. I flipped and straddling him, facing forward and play pouting. I kept rubbing against him and right as he was about to cum I would stop suddenly. He'd never edged before and I explained how it makes the finale that much more intense.

After a bit, I'm keen to have a bit more control of his sensations so I lube him up once more and go to town. As I'm stroking him I feel him stiffen and just before the point of no return I stop. He tells me how perfectly I'm timing this and I love having complete control over his orgasm, just like you taught me. He's shaking as I get close each time, legs twitching involuntarily. Same thing happens when I cup his balls. Luckily for him I'm a kind and benevolent and finally let him have his fun. I'm squeezing and using both hands to simulate a vagina and as I stroke him he's getting so hard. His breathing increases and suddenly there are sharp intakes of air coming from him as his load shoots up over my hands.

Four spurts of milky cum land on us both AND the bed. He's still shaking.

And so are you I bet.

BTW, I won't speak of this again so you can take care of yourself later on.

Miss Glee



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