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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Sunday, March 31, 2019

    I Publicly Cuckolded my Boyfriend


    My boyfriend has given me a lot of freedom and finally told me that I could have a stranger's cock in me. So, you will NEVER believe what took place on Friday night!!!! I was incredibly turned on and horny ALL DAY after our discussion. I couldn't restrain myself. It was an insatiable desire to have a cock deep inside me!! After I took a shower, I left and headed to a few places here in North Austin. I ended up at Spinner's. I decided to order a drink at the bar. I was standing there and was quite conspicuously trying to flirt with the bartender. He must have had a wife or a girlfriend, or maybe just being on the job, because he denied almost all of my not-so-subtle advances/remarks.

    It was more of a challenge than I wanted that night. When I asked to close out my tab, the receipt read "Bartender D." I said, "Is that your name? Bartender D?" He laughed. I said, "You know what that means, Bartender D" He replied, "Not always." I said, "I'm sure it does in your case. How late do you work?" He said 4 am.

    To which I replied, "It's been a rough night. My boyfriend and I got into a bit of a fight. I'm dying to fuck someone." He flipped the receipt over, at that moment ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, March 27, 2019

    GF Dances with others and Teases


    When I started to date my wife I was very jealous that she was open to hugs, kisses and shows of affection with her friends. I always had a fetish with shoes on the female feet, so I always like (light) femdom. I understood that she was not going to change in her way of relating to her friends so I started to take it as a way of surrendering to their desires and feed my submissive side.

    Things started to get better when we went to an electronic party together (she was already going to that type of party, everybody takes XTC or something else). We had many romantic moments at the party, but I also had to endure seeing her dance with others, and although it was just dancing, I went nuts having to see her having fun with others and not with me.

    In the following parties, things were heating up: she rubbed her butt almost all night against me leaving me always on the edge but not letting me cum, while also dancing with others in a more suggestive manner. Over time she began to shave my pubes and take me to the parties without underwear. It always happened that after the first hours of dancing the show of lights and music made everyone around us forget about us, and the games between us and the others began. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, March 24, 2019

    First ever DP with my Fiancee


    This is maybe a month into our exploration into "cuckolding", and it was a weekend like it usually is, and he was over for a good time. "He" is someone we found online and had seen a few times with success. So anyway, we were all having fun, enjoying some drinks and music and chat when she said she wanted to play. At first I thought she wanted him alone, but she grabbed my hand, and brought me to the spare bedroom, and told me to strip and lay on my back on the bed.

    Following this, she left the room, and went to see him. It was maybe 10 minutes, when she comes through the door, butt naked, pulling him by his noticeably shiny hardon. She then told me she wanted to get him ready for what happens next. I can't think, she's naked, he's naked, I am naked, and I was just along for the ride now.

    She climbed on the bed, and started to suck me, while she told me to suck him, and to make it extra sloppy. He crawled up beside me, and I leaned over ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, March 20, 2019

    Girlfriend is still Wet for her Ex


    I asked my girlfriend to tell me about the first time she hooked up with her ex with the, "amazing dick" and she definitely came through with the hot talk. Just knowing she was falling for me but could still barely pull herself off his dick until the last minute drives me nuts. I went ahead and tried to put it in story form for you guys here at the blog:

    Steph worked with Jason at the same restaurant she'd been at since graduating HS and starting classes at University in the city. She had broken up with her HS boyfriend (to whom she lost her virginity) about a year and a half before, had a few FWB in that time, mostly "gym rat frat guy fuckboy" types as she called them. At 20, Steph always had guys begging for it. She was a very sexual girl, but in spite of having great bods, the three hot muscular fuckboys she'd been with in her wild singlehood never really satisfied her.

    She was at a work party one night, talking to a bunch of girls when Jason, one of the residents of the house and relatively new to work at the time, walked by causing a bunch of them to giggle. She asked what the big deal was, as he was definitely boyishly cute but only about 5'6" and really skinny, in addition to being kind of obnoxious and arrogant. He'd always ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, March 17, 2019

    Sexual Tension at Work with Her Boss


    My wife works as a secretary for a credit union and has a boss that would make inappropriate comments to her and apparently other women in the office as well. She told me he would do this, I was uncomfortable about it but I let it go since he never really did anything else.

    Some time ago, her boss kept her after work to talk about a client but they just drank wine together and got drunk and talked about their lives. He admitted he was having marriage issues and was attracted to her but said it wasn't professional and was inappropriate (he knew she was married to me) and nothing happened that night. When she got home, I asked her why she got out of work late. She told me what happened and I was upset he did this since I thought it was extremely inappropriate for a boss to do, especially since he knew me and knew she was married. Note that this was years before I thought about cuckolding or built up the courage to tell my wife about it.

    She said he wasn't attracted to him because of his age and his weight (he's in his early 60s or so and has a bit of a belly, so she reassured me not to worry ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, March 13, 2019

    My Wife Shares her Body to Please us Both


    All about my wife This writing is an attempt to explain my feelings of sharing my wife with other men.

    There really is no other feeling that matches what it's like to see your wife on her back, her arms flung over her head, spreading her thighs as another man moves into position to fuck her, his body taking the place of yours. I can't help revisiting the intense feelings that these moments generate seeing his hard throbbing cock next to my wife's pussy as she pulls her knees back to open herself to him. Watching as he settles his weight down onto her, seeing her hands embracing him.

    Then seeing him push forward, the tip of his cock finding my wife's pussy lips, both of their bodies now lined up to join. Watching as their hips shift slightly, his pushing down as her legs rise into the air. Then I hear my wife make a little cry and moan and even though part of my mind rebels at the thought, I know that the sounds she's making means that the head of his ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, March 10, 2019

    My Wife called an Old Fuck Buddy


    Hello all! We are in our mid 30s, together for 3 years. Our journey started back in the summer when I went away on a vacation for three weeks while she had to stay home and work on a huge project. Before leaving, one aspect of our relationship we agreed needed working on was communication. I've had this cuckold fantasy for quite a long time but, as most do, kept it to myself. I was determined to tell her and let it all out.

    In the midst of my vacation, I drafted quite a long email and laid everything out as best I could. To make a long story short, I explained the cuckold lifestyle and what I was looking for. Not at all into the humiliation aspect of it, but just her going out and doing as she pleases, whenever she pleases, without needing any approval from me. Most important to me is her telling me she's doing it and not asking me if she can do it.

    I honestly had no idea how she would respond so my heart was racing as I sent it. As you can see by my writing in to the blog, she had an overwhelmingly positive reaction! We originally decided to take it slow, wait until I got back home, work on us ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, March 06, 2019

    Caged by a Coworker


    Maybe it's not strictly cuckolding, as we are not in a relationship together, but there are aspects of both cuckoldry and chastity to what I've been having going on. I have a coworker (she is 31, I am 28) who has always described herself as a sex-positive feminist. Surprisingly, she never really seemed to come with the whole SJW package and seems conservative in other aspects. But with regards to sex, she has always been blatent that she believes women should be able to sleep with who they want, when they want and is always posting about women's rights. She is pretty dann attractive in a traditional way (no tattoos, died hair, only ear piercings), and I'm pretty sure the only thing that's kept her single is her outspoken feminism (not saying no one would date her, I don't know how interested she is in LTRs. We can call her Helen.)

    Helen and I were always on good terms, and about 6 months ago she left the job that I met her at. We haven't really spoken much, and I was in a relationship with a little chastity play until about last October.

    About a month ago, Helen made a Facebook post about cock cages. It was clearly a joke (kind of a #sorrynotsorry thing) and basically said this is the only way to stop husbands from ... READ THE REST HERE

    Need a Mistress?

    Sunday, March 03, 2019

    My Fiancee Stripped for My Friend


    We had been playing with the same friend since my first night as an official cuckold. He really embraced the roll as our Bull. He fucked my fiancee like she needed it, and teased me, within reason, when he knew it would get us off. I'm not bisexual, as I don't think I could ever have a romantic relationship with a guy, but I've always been curious about pleasuring one. My fiancee and I had spoken about this, and she was on board with my desires to try it out.

    So here it is, Friday night, we are at our place this time. We've played a few times since, and have been enjoying ourselves a lot. We are sitting on the couch, talking, goofing around, drinking, and just having a good time. When the mood changes, and we start talking about sex. He's telling us about some of the things he's tried, and I can tell it's exciting her. He must have sensed it too, because he told her to stand up, and strip for us.

    She did without hesitation, and made it kind of quick for it to be a good show. He then told her to get on her knees in front of him, and take his cock out. She quickly dropped down and pulled his pants and boxers down, exposing his semi hardon. Without using her hands ... READ THE REST HERE


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