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Hello all! We are in our mid 30s, together for 3 years. Our journey started back in the summer when I went away on a vacation for three weeks while she had to stay home and work on a huge project. Before leaving, one aspect of our relationship we agreed needed working on was communication. I've had this cuckold fantasy for quite a long time but, as most do, kept it to myself. I was determined to tell her and let it all out.

In the midst of my vacation, I drafted quite a long email and laid everything out as best I could. To make a long story short, I explained the cuckold lifestyle and what I was looking for. Not at all into the humiliation aspect of it, but just her going out and doing as she pleases, whenever she pleases, without needing any approval from me. Most important to me is her telling me she's doing it and not asking me if she can do it.

I honestly had no idea how she would respond so my heart was racing as I sent it. As you can see by my writing in to the blog, she had an overwhelmingly positive reaction! We originally decided to take it slow, wait until I got back home, work on us, and then chat more about it. But over the course of a few days, our line of communication opened up greatly and we moved a bit quicker.

As things were going great, she mentioned she had a fuck buddy from years ago (J) that was always reliable. She wanted to ask him to see where he was at with it and that she would feel most comfortable starting down this path with him. I was stoked when she asked, and he responded immediately that he was down to rekindle their fuck buddy relationship.

She was giving me the play by play of their convo as it was happening. We originally thought to do it in a couple weeks when I was back, but he said he was busy that night and would be over the next day to fuck her. She just went with it and said yes! She reiterated that he was ALWAYS reliable and would definitely be there to fuck. It was 100% happening.

The next night, we got on webcam with each other and had a nice long chat about what was going down. We both felt great and very comfortable, albeit a bit nervous of course. This has been my fantasy for a long time, and now that it was moments away, I really didn't know how I would feel afterward. My heart raced when she told me he was there and on his way up. I blew a kiss, told her I loved her, and to have a ton of fun!

My cock was harder than it ever was. I loved every moment knowing what was happening at home in our bed. I couldn't believe that I had just brought this up with her a week previously, and now she had Js cock in her mouth and pussy. About 90 minutes later, she sent me a photo with his cum all over her face and I instantly came.

We chatted afterwards and she had a great time, and definitely wanted to keep going with it. I work nights, so it's easy for J to pop in whenever. He did so two weeks later and it was an even hotter experience, with anal this time!

Fast forward to my birthday a few weeks after that, which I had to work. She had an after-work party and told me that J wanted to come by and fuck (this would be the third time in about 5 weeks). Midnight rolled in while I was working and she called and wished me a happy birthday. Then said she was on her way home to fuck J. Since she was drunk, and J fucked her quite good, she passed out asleep without cleaning up. I got home, on my birthday, to my wonderful girlfriend having dried cum all over her face and tits. We watched the video of her and J and we had some of the hottest sex ever. I could taste the cum as I kissed her and licked her body. I loved every moment and it was the best birthday gift ever!

Unfortunately, because of a huge, stressful project she was working on, this all had to take a backseat for a few months. But we're back at it. She is 100% into this and wants to really play into the cuckold aspect....

...In the three years we've been together, I've never actually cum in her mouth or on her face. But I find it so fucking hot that she willingly takes it on her face and in her mouth from J. And she has basically said that there is very little chance she'll let me do it, as it's reserved for J and other men. ... she has also said that the chance of me fucking her ass is quite slim as I'm quite large. But with J being smaller, she is very willingly letting him fuck her in the ass the next time they are together.

...And she is not ready and doesn't really want to see me with another girl. But her being with a girl is one of her other fantasies. Even though I'll be quite jealous of J here, I want her to be the happiest she can and she is exploring a threesome with J and another girl.

She had also bought a sexy little outfit special for me for our anniversary and I snapped a few pictures. Well, as you can imagine, J loved the outfit/photos too ;-)

We love each other very much, and are stronger than ever. And she is definitely into going out and fucking other guys as well as entertaining a threesome and possibly a gangbang. We both are happier than ever and getting exactly what we are looking to get out of this.

So I hoped you liked reading about our journey. Here's a couple of pics of her to see how sexy my wife is, and what J gets to fuck.




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