First ever DP with my Fiancee

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This is maybe a month into our exploration into "cuckolding", and it was a weekend like it usually is, and he was over for a good time. "He" is someone we found online and had seen a few times with success. So anyway, we were all having fun, enjoying some drinks and music and chat when she said she wanted to play. At first I thought she wanted him alone, but she grabbed my hand, and brought me to the spare bedroom, and told me to strip and lay on my back on the bed.

Following this, she left the room, and went to see him. It was maybe 10 minutes, when she comes through the door, butt naked, pulling him by his noticeably shiny hardon. She then told me she wanted to get him ready for what happens next. I can't think, she's naked, he's naked, I am naked, and I was just along for the ride now.

She climbed on the bed, and started to suck me, while she told me to suck him, and to make it extra sloppy. He crawled up beside me, and I leaned over and took his cock into my mouth. I immediately could taste my fiancee on his dick. So I can confirm they fucked quickly before joining me.

Once she was satisfied, she crawled up on top of me, and positioned me with just the tip inside. This is my favorite moment, the first time I sink into her, the look on her face, the warmth I feel, the groan she makes, it's incredible. Then in one smooth motion I'm all the way inside her. I'm in bliss right now, but she doesn't move, just sits with me completely inside her. She then asks him to get behind her, and for a moment, both us guys are perplexed, until "ding", the light goes on and we finally realise what she's doing.

She actually laughed when it became apparent that we knew what she was asking.

She spit into our hand, and started to finger her ass, and I could feel that against the underside of my dick. It was intense, and I knew, it would get much more intense in a moment. Once she was ready, she leaned forward, an arm on either side if my head, looking straight down at me, when she said go a head. He awkwardly managed to get into place, and I could see by the look on her face that he was at her entrance.

I could faintly feel the pressure, as her pushed into her. Her face contorted to the invasion, but he kept pushing in slowly. I could feel him rubbing up against me, inside her, and it was incredible. He kept pushing in, until he announced he was all the way. She told him to wait a second while she got used to him in her ass.

Her breathing slowed down, and that's the moment I started to move in and out slowly. Her eyes shot open, her mouth made an "o", and she moaned the most animalistic moan I've ever heard. As I was pushing into her, he started pulling out and her groan turned into a scream. We both froze, and she yelled to keep going, so we started to move again.

It took maybe 2 minutes at the most and she was screaming in orgasm. We kept fucking her, sawing in and out, and her orgasm seemed to keep rolling from one into another, until I heard him grunt and slam into her, which almost set me off, and two strokes later, I was cumming into my girl too. It was mind blowing, for all three of us, as we just laid back, three across the bed, panting, smiling, and just enjoying the after glow.

And that was the first time I experienced a DP with my fiancee.

I am not much of a writer but I hoped you liked it. We all did for sure.

Fiancee R



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