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I asked my girlfriend to tell me about the first time she hooked up with her ex with the, "amazing dick" and she definitely came through with the hot talk. Just knowing she was falling for me but could still barely pull herself off his dick until the last minute drives me nuts. I went ahead and tried to put it in story form for you guys here at the blog:

Steph worked with Jason at the same restaurant she'd been at since graduating HS and starting classes at University in the city. She had broken up with her HS boyfriend (to whom she lost her virginity) about a year and a half before, had a few FWB in that time, mostly "gym rat frat guy fuckboy" types as she called them. At 20, Steph always had guys begging for it. She was a very sexual girl, but in spite of having great bods, the three hot muscular fuckboys she'd been with in her wild singlehood never really satisfied her.

She was at a work party one night, talking to a bunch of girls when Jason, one of the residents of the house and relatively new to work at the time, walked by causing a bunch of them to giggle. She asked what the big deal was, as he was definitely boyishly cute but only about 5'6" and really skinny, in addition to being kind of obnoxious and arrogant. He'd always flirted with her, and she enjoyed it but she didn't think of him as her "type" even though there was something about him.

When one of the girls (who'd hooked up with him a few weeks before) said "He's a little guy but he's HUGE where it counts and he really knows what he's doing, if you can handle it." Steph knew she was ready to try something different. Every guy she'd been with had been a standard 4-6inches, and while she enjoyed sex with them she had always wondered about fucking a truly hung guy. Steph moved quick, and by 1am she and Jason were drunk and making out on a couch, with her straddling him and rubbing on the massive bulge that was threatening to burst out of his tight jeans.

He said he had to have her, and she went upstairs to his room with him as fast as she could. She immediately stripped down to her panties as he pulled his shirt off and started undoing his pants. She pushed him down into his desk chair, and kissed her way down his stomach as she anxiously fumbled with his jeans and boxer shorts, finally releasing the "big deal". It flopped out semi hard and was already the biggest dick she'd ever seen.

She began licking and kissing on his thick growing shaft and heavy balls as he groaned and continued to grow. His cock quickly swelled up to the point where she couldn't even get her hand all the way around it as she sucked on his thick oozing head, struggling to get her mouth open wide enough to get past the increasing girth down the shaft as he slowly and firmly pushed her head up and down. Her jaw ached as she choked on his ever thickening rod, determined to take him down her throat.

Once he was rock hard and oozing massive amounts of sweet precum, he pulled his now slimy, spit covered cock out of her mouth, held her face up by her chin, and draped it over her face. It was length of her whole head, curving downward, arching over her forehead as drool hung from her lips and eyeliner ran down her cheeks. He said "Do you think you'll be able to take it?" Her pussy was sopping wet, and she stood up and removed her panties.

She lay on her back on the bed, legs open saying "Let's find out", bracing herself for impact - unworried about condoms or the party thumping downstairs. She was surprised when he got down on his knees, pulled her to the edge of the bed, and began eating her wet and smooth shaved 20 year old pussy, gently sliding two, and then three fingers in and out, skillfully massaging her g spot until she came on his face. As she was still panting from the orgasm, loosened up by his skilled finger work, he stood between her legs applying a ton of lube to his fully engorged, dripping cock.

"Oh my God I need you inside me" she moaned pulling her legs apart, opening her pink little pussy as much as she could, fingering herself in anticipation. He began massaging her clit with one hand and rubbing his throbbing monster all over her pussy, slowly working in the tip. She winced when the crown of his head popped into her, and gasped as he slowly worked the first few inches in and out. It was already by volume the most dick she'd ever had inside her.

After several minutes of that, she said she wanted more. He told her to try and relax, and he firmly pushed another few inches into her. This got him in past the curve and to the thicket part of his shaft, which was about the size of a soda bottle. The pressure was uncomfortable at first, but as he slowly slid in and out, still massaging her clit she felt herself loosen up as sparks shot through her body and she came on a man's cock for the first time.

Before she knew it, she was screaming and clawing at the sheets as he pushed deeper and deeper into her, finally getting his monster all the way in. As she was almost ready to explode again, he pulled out, leaving her suddenly gaping and empty, and told her to put her fine ass in the air. He stroked his cock as he buried his face in her backside, licking her tight little asshole and fingering her quivering pussy. Then, after applying more lube, he slid all the way back into her pussy with one stroke.

When he plunged all the way down into her depths, the curve of his cock slid into a place she didn't know existed, sending shockwaves through her entire body. As he was grinding deep into her she could feel him on her clit and on her g spot, as well as this new, tingly magical spot. It didn't take too much of this before she was screaming into his pillow and convulsing with the most intense orgasm she'd ever experienced. "Damn, girl" he grunted "no one can ever take me like this!" He continued to pound her through her orgasm and finally announced that he was going to cum in her pussy.

Even though she'd never let anyone do that before, she didn't think twice about, meeting his thrusts as his deeply implanted cock pumped her full of his seed right up against her cervix. She lay facedown on the bed, covered in sweat, makeup running down her cheeks, a quart of cum in her pussy, knowing that she now had a new standard every guy afterwards would struggle to live up to - and believe me, she was right. Even now, almost two years (or so she says) after the last time she had him inside her, she gets wet just thinking about him.

After she shared this with me, I told her that I wanted her to fuck him again if that's what she wanted. She said she's been thinking about it a lot since we've started talking like this and that she's sure he'd be down. She also said that it sounds like that might get "weird" and might not be a good idea, and she's happy with me the way things are and doesn't want to risk me getting upset. She does however want to continue the cuckold fantasy talk and never ruled out fucking someone else with a huge cock.

Obviously, for her the sexual desire is there but she's emotionally conflicted. This of course just makes it hotter for me. If she doesn't end up fucking Jason again (maybe she's right about it not being a good idea), we've opened up to each other sexually in an amazing new way and I don't think it'll be long before she's ready to find a well qualified stud to give her what she's been missing.

John & Steph




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