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When I started to date my wife I was very jealous that she was open to hugs, kisses and shows of affection with her friends. I always had a fetish with shoes on the female feet, so I always like (light) femdom. I understood that she was not going to change in her way of relating to her friends so I started to take it as a way of surrendering to their desires and feed my submissive side.

Things started to get better when we went to an electronic party together (she was already going to that type of party, everybody takes XTC or something else). We had many romantic moments at the party, but I also had to endure seeing her dance with others, and although it was just dancing, I went nuts having to see her having fun with others and not with me.

In the following parties, things were heating up: she rubbed her butt almost all night against me leaving me always on the edge but not letting me cum, while also dancing with others in a more suggestive manner. Over time she began to shave my pubes and take me to the parties without underwear. It always happened that after the first hours of dancing the show of lights and music made everyone around us forget about us, and the games between us and the others began.

She used to dance frantically against me, like I was her first warmup. When I couldn't take anymore she lowered my zipper and pulled my cock out to rub it against her. Always dressed in shorts and rare sneakers and I felt aroused to see her so sporty and sexy. She has a sexy body as you can see, which she knows how to use very well. She is blonde with blue eyes, with a very sexy attitude, very open sexually but she never wanted to use that freedom because she says that I could not bear it and we are very much in love, with future projects of family, house, etc. She's very pragmatic and can separate sex from love, which I can't in the same manner.

In the dark of the parties, which were here in the open air, it was normal for her to dance with one hand holding and squeezing my cock, while the other caressed some other friend dancing in front of us. Or she just span her arm high, to the rhythm of the deep bass. Other times I had to keep my cock in, so she could dance with another guy and I'd have to stare, just dancing alone, waiting for her moment, then return to me so she can check my hard on and continue dominating me.

Sometimes she had ordered me to lift others onto my shoulders, and while someone was above me, she caressed my body, and went up to the legs of this friend, whispers dirty things about him, and pulls out my cock and rubbed it under the soles of the friend that I have on top of me while she gives me sexy looks ...

So far everything she did was rather light, just looking for the same fantasies over and over again ... she never did things that really went too far, except once a very sexy male friend took her from the back and made her feel his cock while dancing ... and she loved the situation, that I have to see it, that she was with another guy...

So today we have another rave party, and I asked her if she wanted to explore what excites her with other men, but in a different way, doing it for her and not for me. She liked the idea and said she might do it, she was a bit afraid that maybe I couldn't handle the situation, that depressed me since I really wanted to see her dance with another and go further. She told me that we'll try to manage this, I hope.

Sometimes I get a bit depressed, but when we are in that moment and she dances with another in front of me, laughing, chatting, giving each other kisses and caresses while she gives me dirty looks I'm very excited ... I do not know what she's going to do today but she already told me that she'll have a lot of fun.





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