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My wife works as a secretary for a credit union and has a boss that would make inappropriate comments to her and apparently other women in the office as well. She told me he would do this, I was uncomfortable about it but I let it go since he never really did anything else.

Some time ago, her boss kept her after work to talk about a client but they just drank wine together and got drunk and talked about their lives. He admitted he was having marriage issues and was attracted to her but said it wasn't professional and was inappropriate (he knew she was married to me) and nothing happened that night. When she got home, I asked her why she got out of work late. She told me what happened and I was upset he did this since I thought it was extremely inappropriate for a boss to do, especially since he knew me and knew she was married. Note that this was years before I thought about cuckolding or built up the courage to tell my wife about it.

She said he wasn't attracted to him because of his age and his weight (he's in his early 60s or so and has a bit of a belly, so she reassured me not to worry so I didn't because I know she's not into older guys and I didn't feel threatened by him.)

Lately, my wife starts getting more and more stressed out at work, she would make a simple mistake and he would chastise her for it, or she wouldn't have time to get to something and he would yell at her. Last week her stress culminated into her having a breakdown and she quit and walked out.

He tried calling her but she wasn't answering, and he sent a lot of texts apologizing and said he was stressed out and was taking it out on her, and he suggested they go out for a belated birthday drink to make up for it and pleaded with her not to quit.

I was driving home when all this happened and she called me crying her eyes out. I comforted her and she mentioned he wanted to take her out for a drink but asked if I would be OK with that since I'd be alone with our 2 kids that night. Since she's been so stressed out, I let her know she could go if it would help her unwind since she doesn't get to drink too often. I wasn't even thinking about them building a sexual connection or anything because I thought she wasn't attracted to him.

She ended up getting drunk and spilled the beans to him about how she's been with 3 other guys since we've been married and I'm into having 3 somes with her. He said he was still into her and it was causing him to be unproductive at work because he just couldn't stop thinking about pulling up her skirt and fucking her on his desk every day.

She told me what he wanted to do to her, and I thought it was a bad idea and questioned why she wanted to since she wasn't into older guys, plus he's not in great shape. She told me the whole situation about his sexual tension and her stress, so I thought about it and gave in since I can't say no to her anyway. Plus, our relationship has gotten a lot better since we've tried this. I spinned the situation in my mind for a win-win, that maybe I'd find some pleasure in this and that my wife would be a lot less stressed out at work and at home.

We set up a night that weekend to meet and booked a hotel room and called our babysitter to watch the kids until midnight. That night, though, I ended up getting called into work due to an emergency and couldn't make it to the hotel. I wanted to be there because I wasn't sure I'd be comfortable with her having sex with someone without me.

She argued they booked the hotel already and couldn't get their deposit back. I was feeling a little weird about it, but they went without me.

I kept checking my phone and the messages she was sending started out as, "It's actually kind of weird, awkward, not going to work out," but progressed to, "I'm getteing really horny." I text her back if she could wait for me, she wasn't replying.

I text her that I wish I could be there but I'm stuck at work I didn't know how much longer it was going to take. But I asked her if anything happens to at least send some pictures or a video.

She called me later that night sounding really tipsy and like she was having a great time and asked if it was OK with me if they both spend the night there since they're not in a good state to drive. She said if I said yes then she would give me a present.

I was going to say yes anyway since I didn't want her driving, but she texts me good night, she loves me, and to enjoy, and the next and final text she sent that night was an emojii with its tongue sticking out and a video her boss recorded on her phone.

In the morning, she texted me they had a quickie and she finally came, and she was relieved since she wasn't able to the night before.

This was sort of weird for me because I really wanted to be there. She's in a better mood coming home from work so it works out I guess but I told her all the future ones I have to be there no matter what. The video clip I got was really dark and I couldn't make out much. I can't tell you how many times I've jacked off to this though due to the sound of her moaning. The pictures are one they took in the morning when she was getting cleaned up to come home and they were both clear headed. Those are hot too!

If she sleeps with him again, I'll get a clear video since I will be there watching. Not sure when that will happen though since they are somewhat distant now at work. Maybe that's a good thing.

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