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My boyfriend has given me a lot of freedom and finally told me that I could have a stranger's cock in me. So, you will NEVER believe what took place on Friday night!!!! I was incredibly turned on and horny ALL DAY after our discussion. I couldn't restrain myself. It was an insatiable desire to have a cock deep inside me!! After I took a shower, I left and headed to a few places here in North Austin. I ended up at Spinner's. I decided to order a drink at the bar. I was standing there and was quite conspicuously trying to flirt with the bartender. He must have had a wife or a girlfriend, or maybe just being on the job, because he denied almost all of my not-so-subtle advances/remarks.

It was more of a challenge than I wanted that night. When I asked to close out my tab, the receipt read "Bartender D." I said, "Is that your name? Bartender D?" He laughed. I said, "You know what that means, Bartender D" He replied, "Not always." I said, "I'm sure it does in your case. How late do you work?" He said 4 am.

To which I replied, "It's been a rough night. My boyfriend and I got into a bit of a fight. I'm dying to fuck someone." He flipped the receipt over, at that moment, and wrote his number down. However, he had to go back to tending.

Literally, about that time, my boyfriend writes. He is finished with work. I ask him, "Wanna' show up? I have no panties on. Just a skirt and it's see through-ish" he answers, "dirty" I say, "I pulled them off before I walked into Spinners. Maybe you should show up?"

Boyfriend says, "oh, and do what?" Me: "Let's see what happens." Boyfriend: "Omw." Me: Tell me when you're here. You dirty, little Cuckold."

The time that it took him to arrive, which was only about 7 minutes, I had two men, with thick accents, approach me. They were flirtatious. They were hot. They wanted to dance. I had already forgotten about the bartender. We small-talked for a bit. Boyfriend texted and said he was walking in. I looked towards the door...there he was. I nonchalantly said, "hey." and waved. He walked over to me at the bar. I introduced him to the 2 men. he started to order a beer and I turned their way and whispered in their ears, "Noooo. I am not married...no he is not my boyfriend." They seemed doubtful.

I turned to my boyfriend, and said, "I told them you're just a friend. Act like it. You're not my boyfriend for tonight."

It was so exhilarating knowing at that moment, that I had publicly cuckolded my boyfriend. He started to talk to another bartender, appearing uninterested so that I could focus on the men again. I didn't want to waste any more time. It was now or nothing.

I turned to them and said, "Do you have condoms?" Their eyebrows raised! They said, "Nooo! but ummm for what?"

I said, "Will you fuck me in my car? outside? We can go somewhere?" They looked at each other, their jaws dropped! They couldn't believe it. Here they were, from out of town, and a random, stranger, woman wants to fuck them upon meeting them in under 10 minutes. One of them looks at me and says, "Do you charge?"

I laughed! "No!! I don't charge. (that was a new one) I'm horny and I really want to fuck tonight. Yes? or No?"

They nodded. And said they'd be back...they were going to drive to the nearest gas station and would come back for me.

They walked out. I went over to my boyfriend. I said, "They're going to get condoms and they're coming back to fuck me in the car."

His eyes widened. I'm sure he got hard. He couldn't believe I had been so forward. I couldn't WAIT for them to return....

I went to the bathroom after I told my boyfriend what was about to happen. When I came back out, the two men were basically right there by the bathroom area. Quite honestly, I didn't think they'd return. My boyfriend was there too. I looked at them...they were ready...I looked at my boyfriend and said, "I guess I'll see you later?" and walked towards the entrance with the 2. One of them said to me, "This isn't a set up, is it?" (Again, I had never heard that one either) I said, "Of course not, I'm horny and I know what I want. I need a cock inside me." His eyebrows raised and his friend said, "Come on, man, a set-up? She's beautiful. She's horny. Let's go."

We walked out to the parking lot and I showed them my car. They said they had an SUV and that it would be easier in their vehicle. I agreed and walked over to their car and got in. I had never done something spontaneous like this before. I was getting into a complete stranger's car. I had no idea if my boyfriend was trailing behind watching where we went or not. I didn't care. I just wanted to get fucked.

I got in the back seat with one, while the other drived. He started to pull out of the parking lot. I told him to drive the back way to the hotel down the street and we could park in their lot. As he was driving, the other grabbed me and pulled me on top of him to start riding him and he instantly stuck his tongue in my mouth and began to make out with me...HARD. I grabbed his hands and guided them up my legs...and that is when he realized I wasn't wearing any panties underneath that skirt. :)

He instantly got hard and voraciously started to kiss me. The driver pulled into the parking lot and parked. The one in the back seat unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his dick...he got the condom on his hard dick quickly and grabbed my hips and started bouncing me up and down on his dick. IT WAS AMAZING. The sheer thrill of it made me even MORE turned on. After a few minutes, he told me to kneel on the seat with my ass up in the air and he fucked me from behind...

My hands were pushing against the door and the window, he was thrusting so hard and so deep. I turned to look at the driver and said, "Are you just going to watch?" :P He instantly started to rub my legs, and my hips...backseat boy pulled out and the driver started fingering me. I heard my phone start going off with my text tone. I KNEW it was my boyfriend..but I didn't care...I didn't want to interrupt. Then Driver guy said something to the other... driver got out, and swapped seats! Then HE started to fuck me from behind. But he didn't like that position. He reclined the back seats and told me to lay on my back. My legs were up in the air pushing against the roof of the vehicle. He drove it in so deep you would think he hadn't had sex in an entire year!

It seemed that the other one wanted his turn again...he hopped out and told the other to go back up front. Then he fucked me again too...this time, it didn't take too long....he came, he throbbed so hard! Driver boy again said something ... and they told me we should go back!!! I said to Driver, "are you going to cum?" He said something like, "no, too risky. Too many people driving in."

They brought me back to Spinners. The backseat guy said, "I think the condom slid off when I was pulling out." !!!!!!!!!!! Of course, I was a bit unsure/freaked out. He assured me he was a Medical Doctor....but I didn't care. I was still so horny...EVEN STILL.... I wanted to find my boyfriend. I needed him. I needed him to fuck ME. I needed to whisper in his ear all the dirty, little cuckold things I say. I needed to tell him the condom came off....I looked down at my phone in the parking lot and he had texted me just then saying that he could see me in the parking lot...he told me he was parked near Cindie's. I said, "I'll be right there." I said goodbye to the guys and they walked into the bar.

I walked over to my boyfriend's vehicle. Got in...we looked at each other with such intense emotion. His look said EVERYTHING. He wanted me RIGHT. THEN. I straddled him in his front seat, with the look of satiation but yet even more lust, and cupped my hands on his face and began to kiss him tenderly.

He whispered, "So? How did it go?"





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