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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Wednesday, October 31, 2018

    I Always Fantasize About Someone Better For Her


    This isn't the sexiest of stories. I have sexy stories. Many of them. But I wanted to talk about more.. 'real' side to all of this.

    I, like a lot of cuckolds have internalized anxiety resulting from childhood infidelity, and anxiety in my masculinity. I won't go into the whole play by play with that. But let's just say that while I got over a lot of that stuff, it's forever changed my sexuality.

    I have had this fetish for a LONG time. Probably about 16-17 years.

    In high school, I was in serious relationships. But I had no trouble attracting girls. In college, I slept around. I've slept with roughly 30+ women in my life. Older, younger, 2 at once, 3 at once, been the 'other guy' in 6 MFMs. White girls, black girls, asian girls, an array of hispanic women. A girl that was a model and BBWs. I hooked up at house parties, picked up at bars, school, work, and internet. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, October 28, 2018

    My Wife was too Easily Receptive to My Fantasy


    My ultimate fantasy is to have my wife start fucking a coworker she has a crush on and just enjoy it so much more than she ever has with me. After a few months she tells me that she wants to be sexually exclusive to him, that when she has sex with me she feels like she is cheating on him. She will still give me hand jobs as she describes fucking him. After a while she stops doing that as much, keeping it more to herself and spending more time at his place.

    When I complain she says she is tired of always having to deal with me and puts me in a chastity cage.

    I ask her to please let me watch them fuck and she says no but she agrees to fuck him in our bed but only if I move into the other room. I agree immediately and spend the night with my ear against the wall, with my cock straining in my cage. I hear her moan with pleasure, telling him how deep he's getting, how he is the only man to ever have that part of her pussy. As she cums she tells him to shoot inside her (which I have never done) and tells him she loves him. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, October 24, 2018

    Girlfriend is getting Aggressive with This


    My girlfriend and I (both in our twenties) just had our three year anniversary. We're both very much in love and she is extremely satisfied with our sex life. Or so she says. I always make sure to make her cum multiple times orally before I fuck her and she always has great orgasms.

    Unfortunately I am a bit on the smaller size. Like 4.5" or something. Whenever we fuck I can't get her off from PIV and she usually has to help out by rubbing her clit and that gets her there. She always orgasms at least twice each time though.

    On our three year anniversary I took her out for the day and during breakfast I joked about going to a sex shop to buy her something she wants. She was really happy about the idea so I thought why not let's go. We had a good look around the store and were having fun looking at all the weird things on offer. It didn't take her long however to gravitate towards the dildo section. ... READ THE REST HERE

    They will Cuck You!

    Sunday, October 21, 2018

    Today I Truly Felt like a Cuckold


    This happened a few weeks ago. My fiancee's volleyball games got rained out, so the whole team (including her new fuck friend) went to a bar instead. I asked if she wanted me to come and she passed on the idea saying it would only be team there, but I figured that meant she already had other plans for after the bar with her fwb. Around 10:30 I asked her if she was going to have him tonight and she text back, "maybe" which has always been her way of saying 'most likely yes, but drop the subject now.' I told her I was happy to hear that and that I would be waiting for her when she was finished, so I could have her after he did.

    What happened next was essentially a cuckold stakeout. She knew I was coming and I was clear about my intentions so we were both well aware of the situation, but it did feel weird when I arrived outside her place before they returned together from the bar. I parked just a bit up the street and sat low in the tinted back seats waiting for them to arrive.

    To be honest it felt thrilling and dangerous to be out there waiting, as if I really was the insecure jealous boyfriend, desperately checking up, worried to catch her cheating. Catch her cheating I did though, as they arrived together at about 5 to 11 and immediately went inside. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, October 17, 2018

    Becoming A Cuckold - The Start Of Our Journey


    We're a late forties couple that enjoys sharing her with single guys and sometimes a couple. We've doing this for the past seven years or so. This story is about how we got started. It's long but true. I don't think you could make this up. Even after all this time, we still have great sex together after we've talked about it in bed.

    I had done some swinging with a girlfriend in my late 20's and really enjoyed it. My wife grew up in a very strict household and wasn't very experienced when we married. I had brought up swinging a number of times over the years, and while it always got her hot and we had some great sex, she said she didn't think she would ever actually do it. Then one day, to my surprise, she said she might like to give it a try. In a split second, I was online on one of the better known swinging sites looking for local couples. I picked out several and she read the profiles and then searched for some others herself. We emailed a few couples back and forth a couple of times and then Cathy would start to get cold feet. One night we talked at length about it and she confessed that she was nervous ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, October 14, 2018

    Cuckold Angst on My Birthday


    My birthday is tomorrow and to coincide with the next NFL game me and my group of friends decided to celebrate my bday Thurs night to watch it. We went to a local pub out of convenience, because it is also the bar my gf and her vball team go to after their Thurs night games. We all met up and got a big table, their team was already there so me and a few friends sat on the other side of them. Unbeknownst to everyone else my gf and her fwb were sitting beside each other across from me and I got a small kick out of our little secret.

    The night carried on great even though I hate both the teams, (Broncos fan) but around halftime ppl started to leave. As the last few started to pack it in, my gfs fwb got offered a ride home from 2 different ppl and declined both times, openly saying he would just catch a ride with my gf (they had drove together for vball originally). I got a major rush of excitement and jealousy hearing this because I anticipated going home with her and making love that night. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, October 10, 2018

    My Bull made me Beg


    I'm a sesoned hotwife so all of this is not new to my husband and I but it is still just as exciting as the very first day. We had some fun last night and it was unexpected with many moving parts. We've been trying to get together with my lover for months to check in on some things with all 3 of us as I've been seeing him mostly solo and scheduling has meant my husband has often not been as closely involved with our sessions. Also, with husband's permission, we have gone bare but my husband hadn't seen that yet. He was looking forward to this and to seeing my lover fill me for the first time. Well - that first time happened quite by accident and then a second when we didn't plan it. He was fine but disappointed. So we were waiting for that time when we'd all be able to get together and finally let him be part of that moment. That was the plan. Talk-fuck-be filled by my lover then fucked by my husband, carry on. I should know by now that plans are only that. Plans.

    I showered and decided to go with the comfortable route so my bull arrived to find me in a pink lacy chemise and my robe, lounging on the bed. I intended to meet him downstairs but it was cooler upstairs and knew he wouldn't complain. He slid onto the bed ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, October 07, 2018

    GF & Roomate Pressed me for my Fantasy


    So I share an apartment with my roommate who is a long time friend. We are all in our early 20s. I have a petite body type for a male but I'm very toned and lean. My girlfriend is also lean and insanely attractive. My roommate has a little big bigger body type but not fat. Him and I both are the same height. My girlfriend and I have been dating for about a year. My roommate also has a girlfriend but the relationship is very open. Over time my girlfriend has become good friends with my roommate so we are all fairly comfortable with each other. A week or so ago, we all three were hanging at the apartment drinking and relaxing as we often do and the topic of sex/fantasies came up. We talked about a lot of different things and at one point my buzzed brain decided to casually mentioned the cuckold fantasy. After my girlfriend and roommate pressed me on it more I quickly tried to backpedal and downplay my actual interest in it but I was a little too late.

    Cutting to the chase, they find out a lot of details on what exactly gets me about the fantasy. All of us were kind of treading lightly until my girlfriend basically says, "so would you be into me having sex with your roommate?" My heart sank due to a cocktail of fear and excitement. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, October 03, 2018

    Tied Up, Blindfolded and Surprised by BBC


    Attached are a couple of pics, one of us sharing sucking a cock early on, one of her with a BBC in her mouth, one in her hand, and one in her pussy, and one when she was tied up and one BBC fucking her pussy and one her mouth. Everything is 100% true.

    About me and my girlfriend and our experiences with other men.

    I'm a Cuckold. The real deal. My girlfriend Amber is a slut and she LOVES BBC. My BEST personal Jack off material is my collection of videos and pics of her sucking and getting fucked by Big Black Cock. I'm bisexual so that's probably part cock lust on my part but also loving watching her. I haven't cum inside her pussy for over 4 years. But dozens of other men have.

    I know some men would be disgusted by the idea of their woman fucking other men. Especially Watching it happen. I understand that. But, I also know for us, It's the right thing and we enjoy it. For others it's simply a fantasy they will likely never have come true. For some yet still it's a fantasy they want so desperately to fulfill, but either the woman won't or they can't find a woman to Cuckold them. So it runs the spectrum. I was married and when my then wife cheated on me I was devastated. She had a boyfriend and left me for him. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Hotwife janice HotWife Janice
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