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So I share an apartment with my roommate who is a long time friend. We are all in our early 20s. I have a petite body type for a male but I'm very toned and lean. My girlfriend is also lean and insanely attractive. My roommate has a little big bigger body type but not fat. Him and I both are the same height. My girlfriend and I have been dating for about a year. My roommate also has a girlfriend but the relationship is very open. Over time my girlfriend has become good friends with my roommate so we are all fairly comfortable with each other. A week or so ago, we all three were hanging at the apartment drinking and relaxing as we often do and the topic of sex/fantasies came up. We talked about a lot of different things and at one point my buzzed brain decided to casually mentioned the cuckold fantasy. After my girlfriend and roommate pressed me on it more I quickly tried to backpedal and downplay my actual interest in it but I was a little too late.

Cutting to the chase, they find out a lot of details on what exactly gets me about the fantasy. All of us were kind of treading lightly until my girlfriend basically says, "so would you be into me having sex with your roommate?" My heart sank due to a cocktail of fear and excitement. If there was someone I could actually see playing this out with in real life it would be a close friend I can trust. We talked a little bit more about very vague hypotheticals but nothing close to putting any plans into place. One thing I made clear before we dropped the conversation that night was that even if I ever decided to actually consider experimenting with those fantasies, it would be talked out in vivid detail with clear and cut rules, expectations, etc.

Although I made that above point clear, I did mention that the element of humiliation by way of being cuckolded very blatantly was hot to me hypothetically.

Any way, the next day it just so happens that I left for work a few hours before my girlfriend had to also leave for work. I didn't spend much of the day thinking about the night before but given what we talked about and the fact that my girlfriend was coincidentally home alone with my roommate for an extended period of time, the possibility of them fooling around or at least being tempted entered my mind. However, I didn't worry too much since we all agreed that nothing had actually been "ok'd."

Fast forward another day and my girlfriend confesses that after I left they were both on their computers hanging out on the couch and after talking one thing led to another and she ended up giving him a blowjob. According to her they stopped half way through because they knew it really wasn't right since we didn't discuss it. I told her I was glad she told me the truth since trust is what matters for the health of all three of our friendships, but I also admitted how much that confession turned me on. After that talk I gave her the green light going forward only with my roommate as long as she sent me a picture next time.

At this point we were all a little bit excited due the sudden rush of this new situation. The next day at work I get a picture from my girlfriend of her on her back naked with cum all over her chest. I may post the picture later if she's ok with it because her face is showing so I'll ask her first. She sent the picture with a text saying, "he was very adamant about fucking me in your bed."

All of this has happened incredibly fast. It turns out the elements that turn me on are also very arousing to them as well. One night we were all watching tv on the couch and out of nowhere she gets on her knees and starts sucking my roommate's dick right in front of me. He gets immediately hard and they both run back to his room leaving me alone in the living room.

It's a small apartment so I was stuck listening to my roommate fuck the shit out of her for about 30 minutes. After they finished she came back into the living room completely naked with cum dripping down her chest and nonchalantly just glanced at me, smiled, and said, "hey" as she walked into my room to take a shower.

Our sex life (and my roommate's) so far this week has been amazing but ever since she started fucking my roommate she's decided to only let me do missionary to further humiliate me. I also don't get to cum on or in her anymore and instead I'm forced to pull out and use a sock while my roommate gets blowjobs on the regular and dumps his load all over her everytime.

Fucking loving this!

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