Today I Truly Felt like a Cuckold

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This happened a few weeks ago. My fiancee's volleyball games got rained out, so the whole team (including her new fuck friend) went to a bar instead. I asked if she wanted me to come and she passed on the idea saying it would only be team there, but I figured that meant she already had other plans for after the bar with her fwb. Around 10:30 I asked her if she was going to have him tonight and she text back, "maybe" which has always been her way of saying 'most likely yes, but drop the subject now.' I told her I was happy to hear that and that I would be waiting for her when she was finished, so I could have her after he did.

What happened next was essentially a cuckold stakeout. She knew I was coming and I was clear about my intentions so we were both well aware of the situation, but it did feel weird when I arrived outside her place before they returned together from the bar. I parked just a bit up the street and sat low in the tinted back seats waiting for them to arrive.

To be honest it felt thrilling and dangerous to be out there waiting, as if I really was the insecure jealous boyfriend, desperately checking up, worried to catch her cheating. Catch her cheating I did though, as they arrived together at about 5 to 11 and immediately went inside.

Very content and excited with what I saw, I laid back and waited for her to update me when they were done, or see them leave again, as she had to drive him home. What I failed to account for is just how long their lovemaking sessions might be, and the fact that each time they have been together he has been lasting longer and learning her body better and better.

Two and a half excruciating hours went by as I sat there from 11 to 1:30 until I finally saw them leave together, and waited outside for her to come back. When she did I was so aroused to see her hair deshevelled and her looking absolutely exhausted. I greeted her with a kiss but she turned to give me her cheek instead.

Once inside I managed to kiss her and realized why she had been turning away. She was trying to hide the very obvious cum on her breath, and it drove me wild. She had to deny me though as she was too spent from him and didn't want me in the moment.

I took this punishment, but did manage to get out of her that she doesn't know how many times she came, but that he came twice. Then showed me the cum soaked towel that had his very strong semen scent on it, which he had used to wipe his 2 loads off her tummy after he had his way.

Not being able to reclaim her, and seeing how throughly pleasured she was made me feel truly humbled, jealous and very frustrated. I have always still felt like an alpha through this process, as my gf tells me I'm much bigger than my bull and better in bed etc. (Not to stroke my ego or preserve my manhood either. She is completely sincere).

But today for the first time I truly felt like a cuckold.

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