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My birthday is tomorrow and to coincide with the next NFL game me and my group of friends decided to celebrate my bday Thurs night to watch it. We went to a local pub out of convenience, because it is also the bar my gf and her vball team go to after their Thurs night games. We all met up and got a big table, their team was already there so me and a few friends sat on the other side of them. Unbeknownst to everyone else my gf and her fwb were sitting beside each other across from me and I got a small kick out of our little secret.

The night carried on great even though I hate both the teams, (Broncos fan) but around halftime ppl started to leave. As the last few started to pack it in, my gfs fwb got offered a ride home from 2 different ppl and declined both times, openly saying he would just catch a ride with my gf (they had drove together for vball originally). I got a major rush of excitement and jealousy hearing this because I anticipated going home with her and making love that night.

Being her dedicated cuckold I stayed cool and sat back to enjoy the night, and at the start of the 3rd quarter he told her they should leave, she agreed and the 2 got up and excused themselves. I shook his hand and said quietly, "have a good night," insinuating I knew what their intentions were then hugged and kissed my fiancee in front of him and told her I love her. I was embarrassed how exhilarating it was to openly hand her off to her man in front of our friends even though only the 3 of us know about our situation.

The rest of the game was a blur as I couldn't get out of my mind the fact she left my birthday celebration early with another man right in front of me. She sent me a text around 11:30 saying, "What are you doing? He came home with me." When I answered she gave no response until 1:30, when she finally called me to let me know she had just dropped him off.

I felt complete cuckold angst having her ditch me to go fuck him, and then felt tortured when she told me every detail of it after I waited up to hear from her. They went to her place and immediately into her bedroom where he tore down her pants, bent her over the bed and ate her out from behind. She told me he rimmed her while he was there too. This level of kink drove me wild, I could only imagine his tongue painting my fiancee's ass. She told me she got so turned on from this she spun around, dropped to her knees and began passionately sucking his cock (she has only kneeled to blow me once, she doesn't like being submissive, so this was hugely intimate) then he pushed her on the bed and stood over her fucking her until he had to pull out and shoot his cum all over her stomach.

Tonight my true love picked her fwb over me on my bday celebration, left with him effectively ditching me at the bar, then sucked and fucked him while I was left wondering what she was doing, without being able to get a hold of her.

I can't properly put into words how intense it feels to be a true cuckold, I gave her permission and now she flaunts it and holds it over me constantly! I thought I would be in more of a hotwife situation but instead she has completely cucked me and we aren't looking back.

When I ask her why she cheats on me she says, "Because I love you." And I know that what she is says is true. I feel it.

I'm hooked.

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