My Bull made me Beg



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I'm a sesoned hotwife so all of this is not new to my husband and I but it is still just as exciting as the very first day. We had some fun last night and it was unexpected with many moving parts. We've been trying to get together with my lover for months to check in on some things with all 3 of us as I've been seeing him mostly solo and scheduling has meant my husband has often not been as closely involved with our sessions. Also, with husband's permission, we have gone bare but my husband hadn't seen that yet. He was looking forward to this and to seeing my lover fill me for the first time. Well - that first time happened quite by accident and then a second when we didn't plan it. He was fine but disappointed. So we were waiting for that time when we'd all be able to get together and finally let him be part of that moment. That was the plan. Talk-fuck-be filled by my lover then fucked by my husband, carry on. I should know by now that plans are only that. Plans.

I showered and decided to go with the comfortable route so my bull arrived to find me in a pink lacy chemise and my robe, lounging on the bed. I intended to meet him downstairs but it was cooler upstairs and knew he wouldn't complain. He slid onto the bed next to me while my husband took a seat at the end of the bed. We talked while my lover rubbed my back to calm my stress. I love his touch and loved sitting there in my bed with my lover's hands roaming while my husband watched.

Then the unexpected happened. He leaned over and kissed me. His eyes showed a glimpse of what was to come though I had no idea. I asked what's next (with a clear idea in my head). He looked at my husband and then at me and let us know his plan, leaning in to whisper in my ear but loud enough that my husband could hear. I was to lead my husband to the guest bedroom where he would prepare me for my lover, stripping my clothes, licking and kissing until I was nicely wet and ready. Then maybe he'd get to watch for a while before leaving me with my lover while he could only listen. Then I would return to my husband, tell him how much I loved another cock and fuck him.

Ahhh. But there was a catch that drove me crazy from the second I heard it. About 2 weeks ago, my husband had given me a challenge. I had the house to myself for 4.5 days and was to fuck someone new in that time with photo evidence while he was away. Sounds simple for an experienced hotwife but despite many possibilities, schedules/vacations & finding out I'd already been with two people I'd been chatting with (lol) foiled my plans and I failed to complete the challenge.

I hadn't seen my bull since then so when he said that there would be no cumming in me today as a punishment, my jaw dropped. I protested. I begged. I reminded him that I really wanted to do this for my husband who had a huge smirk on his face by then. My protest was silenced by a kiss but I was sure I would get what I intended by the end of the night, & not wanting to disappoint my husband. I was so so wrong. And he was of course delightfully right. First rule of hotwife never doubt your bull, especially when he has been doing this a while and you've built up a trust over 3 years, as I was reminded in the worst (best) way.

So the kiss and then him reminding me through my protest that my task was to lead my husband to the guest room. He reached for my hand and called my husband over. I knew the rest of my night depended on this one thing. So, still protesting a bit, I sat up and lead my husband into the other room. They exchanged passing glances and I knew that my night was now squarely in control of the two men who knew me & my body so well. Damn I kind of hated that moment because I also knew exactly what I wanted.

My husband wasted no time as my robe slid off my shoulders; he pushed me down onto the bed and started teasing and kissing my body hands quickly finding my pussy, which was wet but not quite ready. He found all of my favorite spots with his hand and tongue and drove me crazy. I spied my bull watching and waiting in the doorway. My husband did too as he drove his fingers deeper into me & flicked my clit with his tongue. I arched my back and moaned. He knew what I wanted. But I was not to be his in that moment. I told him I wanted cock in me; needed cock in me; and that I really most of all wanted my bull to fill me for him.

He whispered that I was his good slut wife (I'm not sure if that was overheard); and more loudly that "I know," but that he had nothing to do with the punishment; then looked over to my bull and said "she's ready." He took the few steps toward the bed; I told my husband I loved him; and somehow almost seamlessly, my bull was on top of me. My husband played with my nipples as my bull began teasing me with his cock oh so close to my body, but a few minutes later, I noticed the door was shut, my husband gone. I was alone with my lover in the darkness and he wasted no time telling --no., showing me his intentions. I still had my nightgown on when he slipped his hands beneath; I reminded him that I wanted his cum in me. He reminded me of how close I would come.

He wasted no time with further foreplay; As I commented that the door was shut, he replied with a whisper perhaps just loud enough for my husband to hear, "I know, and he is standing on the other side loving every minute of this," as he plunged his cock deeply into me. I couldn't help but scream. Loudly. Knowing that my husband surely was listening to everything. I loved that thought even as I said again that what my husband was looking forward to was me filled with my bull's cum. I was persistent in my asking as he was in his fucking, and he fucked me hard which only made me beg for more. I begged him to be a selfish bull, for my husband's sake, but he reminded me it wasn't going to happen. Each request made him fuck me a little bit harder, deeper and more intensely. I have no idea how he managed not to cum as I surely was. I came in waves, each getting progressively louder. The headboard banging against the wall. My legs spreading a bit wider to welcome his cock deeper each time.

He'd pause. I'd beg. He'd whisper something about how I was his hotwife no matter how many others there may be. I reminded him of my husband. He reminded me that he knew. And was certain that he was enjoying every minute of this show through the walls, perhaps even stroking himself. I was so wet I'd alternate between death grip on his cock and slipping out from the wetness. I lost track of how many times we fucked but it was near constant for at least an hour. I begged him to fill me and to call my husband to see it. He repeated several times that it's not happening. I was worried about my husband's response as he'd been looking forward to this for weeks. I begged one last time as he told me it was time to go back to my husband. My pleas ignored. He stood up, took my hand and said he'd let himself out.

I was still naked, now carrying that nightie in hand as I opened the door. He was in bed with a huge grin though barely only stroking himself in that moment. I tossed my clothes aside and straddled him. I leaned down and kissed him. I asked if he was upset. He grinned and said he was actually turned on by watching me, "beg and squirm" as he put it and more so standing outside that doorway. Damn it, my bull was right. So so right. I again said, "evil" and he grinned again before I covered his face with wet sloppy kisses while rubbing and grinding my wet pussy against his hardening cock. Reminding him that my lover was fucking me deeply in that very pussy moments before.

I also reminded him that he had said earlier that he wasn't going to fuck me afterwards - and I had promised to prove him wrong. A few more licks between whispers about what my lover had just done, asking him if he thought I was enjoying myself. He said that anyone awake in the neighborhood must have known as the moans were undeniable though with closed doors I think I might need to be louder next time. He flipped me over and fucked me harder than he has for a long time. He wondered if my lover had actually cum in me because I was so wet. His reaction to the night was undeniable. We had some of the best sex of our married life into the early morning until I collapsed. And then after I caught my breathe, we agreed that I was in such a mood that I could have fucked for hours more. Even writing this the next day, I can almost feel the intensity.

And I want more.





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