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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Wednesday, August 29, 2018

    My Shy but Adulterous Wife


    The thought of another man fucking my wife has always turned me on but we had been married for seven years before my dreams came true. We had both been virgins when we met and were only 19 when we married. From the very start I gave her many opportunities to commit adultery. I was a photographer in the RAF and primed my colleagues to try it on with her. I would sometimes invite a work colleague to stay with us for the weekend and I would go to bed leaving them alone hoping he would make a pass at her. I often heard them talking until dawn but nothing ever happened and I didn't have the guts to tell her how I felt. How on earth do you tell your loving, faithful, innocent young wife that you want her to get fucked by other men?

    We'd had been married for six years, had a young family and were on our second posting to Germany before my ambitions were realised. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, August 26, 2018

    She Blushed but wanted the New Guy


    So I'll try this blog out. I lost my virginity to my Eva (and her to me) at 18, unprotected as she was on BC for bad periods. It was amazing and I still think about it sometimes. No insecurities or nerves and awkward fumbling but we loved it.

    At 19 we started dating officially and I was becoming increasingly turned on about the thought of her kissing, touching and having sex with someone else. It became too much to bear and I had to tell her. She was confused as to what I found appealling.

    We talked it out over time. Meanwhile quite a few new students had joined our year, and one joined our group of friends. Let's call him John.

    Eva was clearly attracted to him. It was obvious to me (hell, I was attracted to him), and he was taller and more social than me. He wasn't some looker compared to me and some perfect human, he just was all round likable and handsome, jet black hair and tall frame ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, August 22, 2018

    My Wife Loves when Men Cum Fast for Her


    So, I'm not sure where to start but there is a lot of back story to this that I'm not going to cover here. Basically I kept in touch with a mate from university, he got married and we shared photos of our wives. Wives were told and found it hot. We made a group chat and started sharing pretty hot messages making us all really horny.

    Anyway we went over to their house and the messages we had been sending strongly sent the hint that we would all be fucking that night.

    We are all in our 30s. I'll call them Jeff and Liz. Liz just turned 30 (this get together was a joint Liz and my wife's birthday celebration). She is blonde short and perhaps a tad overweight but not much. She also has very sizable tits. She has a really cute face and is very hot.

    Jeff is 34 same as me and fairly athletic he's about the same height as me but works out a lot more.

    My wife Ally is much taller than Liz and you can see her pictures attached. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, August 19, 2018

    Bull Fucked My Wife like she was His


    So, I'm a passive reader here and just felt like I needed to get this out.

    I'm 25 years old and married and have always had a cuckold fetish and my wife has been aware of it. But early on in our marriage we had issues and at some point she felt unwanted. Partly due to me being in the military and always gone or being extremely tired. So during this time we were having issues, I had to go away for a couple of months and she had to go back home.

    While she was there, one night in particular we were talking dirty on the phone and she told me she was going out with her friends. I told her to "have fun" and she questioned me about what that meant. So I told her to just enjoy herself and have a good time and to "rub up on whoever she feels like when dancing." At this point she was already a bit pre-gamed and was like "Okay sure!". ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, August 15, 2018

    My Husband might Read this and Find Out


    I recently found out my husband frequents this blog so I thought I would post on here to see if my husband recognizes the events that just transpired. I am in a strange relationship at the moment due to my husband wanting to me to cuckold him. He always had this little fetish about me wearing soft fuzzy sweaters and dresses and the other ingredients for the fetish include crotchless tights. Being braless is another necessary part of the ensemble. He would have me walk around like this all day if he could but there's no chance haha.

    The thing is I never really questioned why he liked this but since it turned him on it was easy for me to indulge him, seemed harmless enough since most people have their own particular preferred quirks.

    About a year ago he started withdrawing from socialising on weekends; said he was overloaded with work being self-employed, so I began frequenting with some of my friends. He always suggested before I went out that I dress in this inspired look ... READ THE REST HERE

    Need a Mistres?

    Sunday, August 12, 2018

    Today I Truly Felt like a Cuckold


    This happened a few weeks ago. My fiancee's volleyball games got rained out, so the whole team (including her new fuck friend) went to a bar instead. I asked if she wanted me to come and she passed on the idea saying it would only be team there, but I figured that meant she already had other plans for after the bar with her fwb. Around 10:30 I asked her if she was going to have him tonight and she text back, "maybe" which has always been her way of saying 'most likely yes, but drop the subject now.' I told her I was happy to hear that and that I would be waiting for her when she was finished, so I could have her after he did.

    What happened next was essentially a cuckold stakeout. She knew I was coming and I was clear about my intentions so we were both well aware of the situation, but it did feel weird when I arrived outside her place before they returned together from the bar. I parked just a bit up the street and sat low in the tinted back seats waiting for them to arrive. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, August 08, 2018

    Our Role Playing is getting Her Closer to Cuckolding Me


    I'll begin by saying that my girlfriend, as part of our new exploring, told me I had to post our first long-distance interaction in here to humiliate me.

    So I'm in a relationship. 6 months. I did the whole dumb guy thing. Telling her how two chicks are hot together. Two men are gross. She said she didn't agree. She said she'd find it hot if I sucked a guy's dick. Nothing I'd ever do. But then things changed in our fantasy world for now. I've always been adventurous in the bedroom, but I've never fantasized about this. One night she wanted sex and I told her I jerked off an hour earlier because I didn't know she'd be home so soon.

    She was pissed off. I told her I was sorry. She said "How fucking sorry?" and grabbed my balls. A wave of excitement came over me. "Very, ma'am." I whispered, "I really like this. Those aren't mine, they're yours." "Shut the fuck up!" squeezing harder. I've NEVER been into pain! Or domination. But I lost it. We had cake and cookie. But then I said "cookie just for one second." She let go. I said lets have a code word for this. She said brownie. So I said okay. Her choice. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, August 05, 2018

    My Wife has a New Boyfriend


    We have already shared a previous cuckold experience with my hot wife in a previous post, you can read here.

    My wife has a new "boyfriend".

    About three weeks ago we wrote to him on AFF not hoping for much - if any response. This time it worked out very, very well.

    He is an Englishman and pilots huge jets for the RAF. He is slim, handsome, blonde, blue eyes - all the traits that make this seem like I am conflating this narrative. I am not.

    He also has a long, thick, uncircumcised cock - for real. I saw it and have pictures of it in and on her.

    He comes to New York often and other times he is all over the world - literally.

    He wrote from a hotel in midtown Manhattan and it didn't take long for them to connect.

    He came to our Upper West Side penthouse. I know, I know - penthouse - yeah, sure. You can see the view in some of the pictures I posted.

    I spoke with him for a while and found him to be very intelligent and comfortable with t he situation. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, August 01, 2018

    Her Fantasies of a Bigger Cock Lead to Play


    My wife and I have had a fantastic sexual relationship. We've been married 3 years and together for 4 and a half. We are both in our early 30's and sexually experienced. Shortly after getting together we were talking about fantasies one night while I was fucking her in my bed. I asked if she thought it would be hot for somebody to watch us. She replied she'd be turned on by another guy watching and jacking off so she could watch him stroke his big cock while she was being fucked.

    She stressed "big cock". As my cock is average in length, it's also very thin. Hearing her describe this stranger's long thick cock turned me on immediately. I knew she'd been with other guys that were well hung and she'd told me her ex's cock was at least 10" and very big around with a big fat head on it. So I knew what she'd been used to before me. As the fantasies progressed over the next couple weeks she invited a former lover (who is married) over to my house while I was out of town working.

    I was driving home after a late appt and I wouldn't return until after 10pm. She texted me around 9:45 and told me to wait at her apartment until she called. The lover had ... READ THE REST HERE


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