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The thought of another man fucking my wife has always turned me on but we had been married for seven years before my dreams came true. We had both been virgins when we met and were only 19 when we married. From the very start I gave her many opportunities to commit adultery. I was a photographer in the RAF and primed my colleagues to try it on with her. I would sometimes invite a work colleague to stay with us for the weekend and I would go to bed leaving them alone hoping he would make a pass at her. I often heard them talking until dawn but nothing ever happened and I didn't have the guts to tell her how I felt. How on earth do you tell your loving, faithful, innocent young wife that you want her to get fucked by other men?

We'd had been married for six years, had a young family and were on our second posting to Germany before my ambitions were realised.

Soon after we settled down in Germany Ann took a job as a barmaid in the Airman's Club on Base. It was a huge place with three bars, a large cafeteria and a very large dance floor. She worked three or four nights a week behind the bar or in the cafeteria and I would baby-sit at home. Sometimes I would get a babysitter, allowing me to join Ann at the Club and one Saturday night I was at the bar in the Club, having a drink; waiting for Ann to finish work. Standing next to me was an Army Corporal in uniform whose eyes were following every move that Ann made.

I found out later his name was Stewart. He was an Army Physical Fitness Instructor, very muscular, over six-foot tall with bright ginger hair. Ann was wearing a very short and low cut summer dress. She knew this chap was watching her and deliberately teased me, and him, by stretching and crouching and leaning forward in front of him giving us both an eyeful. He didn't know I was Ann's husband and as she leaned right over into the cooler where the bottled beer was kept, he nudged me, nearly knocking me off my stool, and said, "Fuckin'el! Just look at the fuckin' arse on that, I wouldn't mind giving her one. I bet she fucks like a bunny."

I couldn't help laughing at his colourful language and said, "Yes, She does."

"Oh she shags then does she?" He replied.

"Well, she does for me." I answered, "She's my wife."

He nearly choked on his beer, apologised and bought me a drink before disappearing to the other bar.

Later that night, I told Ann about the incident and she laughed and said that must have been Stewart. She said he had been trying it on for weeks and was always offering to help her change the barrels in the cellar room so that he could try and grope her.

Then she smiled and said, "Actually he's quite dishy; I think I might take him up on his offer; but then I don't suppose you'd care if I did!"

I asked her if she had ever been tempted when any of the guys tried it on. "Certainly not!" she said, "I flirt with them but that's as far as it goes."

I carried on with the banter and said I wouldn't mind if she wanted to. It wasn't a good thing to say. She exploded with rage accusing me of not loving her and wanting to use her infidelity as an excuse to have an affair myself, etc. etc. I got the cold shoulder that night but she had over-reacted so much that I think I hit a nerve. I was left with the impression that she wanted to do it but was ashamed or afraid to admit it.

A few weeks later we were having our evening meal and I sensed an atmosphere. After a long silence she suddenly said, in a shaky voice, "I want you to make yourself scarce tonight, I'm going out with Stewart and I might want to bring him back here afterwards."

It took me completely by surprise and I asked why she had changed her mind and why Stewart? She just shrugged her shoulders, keeping her eyes down, and said I'd made it obvious for years that I wanted her to go with other men and she had never understood why but if that's what I wanted, she would do it. But then she looked me straight in the eye and warned me that if this was going to be used as an excuse to play around myself I'd better forget it because she would NEVER, EVER, agree to that. Ann was petite and polite and hated bad language and bad manners. Stewart was a big, bull necked, muscle bound, foul-mouthed, tattooed, ginger haired, uncouth, clumsy, Scottish lout and I couldn't believe she could fancy him, but the thought of him fucking my wife nearly made me come in my pants!

Ann has always been impetuous and she had already got it organised and had arranged for a neighbour's daughter to baby-sit until she got home. She had told Stewart that I was on duty until midnight. I didn't have much time to think about it, I was reeling from the shock of it all. I was practically pushed out of the door but I knew she wouldn't go through with it. I went to our local German Pub and got home at midnight as instructed. Ann was asleep in bed. She awoke and told me that Stewart had taken her for a drink and had come in for coffee after the babysitter left. He'd tried it on but she had chickened out and nothing happened. Just as I thought.

I noticed Stewart hanging around the bar another night that week and asked Ann if he was still trying it on. She blushed and said that she had told him I was on duty again on Friday night and he could come around to the flat for supper after the kids were asleep- if it was all right with me. She knew I sometimes spoke to him and made me promise not to tell him I knew what was going on. On Friday I went to the base cinema, which was showing a James Bond film. I could hardly concentrate on the film and left before it finished to have a quick drink at the club before driving home at about 10.30. I was home much too early and thought about going straight in but what if Stewart was there?

I could see that the lights were on so I walked around the back to have a look. All the curtains were closed but some windows were open and standing under the balcony I could hear voices and Ann's laughter. It went quiet for a long, long time but then I became aware of whispering and more giggling and I realised the voices were coming from our bedroom.

Ann's face appeared at the window, shrouded by the curtains as she leaned forward close to the glass trying to look out into the darkness. I thought she would see me and ducked down but then there was the sound of a single smack on bare flesh and she turned quickly, laughing and protesting, "Hey you! You can't smack my bottom, you're not my husband." Then there were more whispers and giggles; I saw their shadows flit across the curtains as he chased her; then I could hardly believe my ears as I heard Ann's familiar gasps and moans of pleasure and the creaking of springs as he fucked her vigorously on our bed.

I stayed there as long as I dared, worried I'd be seen by the neighbours, and then went back to my car and sat in a daze with my heart pounding. I hadn't really thought she would go through with it but he was actually fucking her on our bed, right now! It gave me a raging hard-on and all I could think about was fucking her myself - as soon as possible.

I waited until I saw Stewart leave and let myself in quietly. The lounge was in a mess with Ann's clothes lying around with cushions and a half empty wine bottle and glasses on the floor. She heard me moving around and said, "Who's that? Is that you Stewart? I thought you'd gone."

I went into to the bedroom. She wasn't expecting me home for another hour and jumped up in shock and said, "What are you doing here, he's only just left!"

We were both embarrassed. She was holding the covers tight up to her chin and looked terrified.

Then she said, "Well, I did what you wanted; now what?"

Her voice was flat and subdued, almost defiant. A far cry from the playful and willing woman I'd heard half an hour ago. I undressed quickly and got into bed beside her looking down at her naked body. She winced as I touched her nipples, which were red and swollen. She was embarrassed and made me turn the bedside light off but willingly parted her legs as I ran my hand down her body.

My first thought was, "Had he finished inside her?" but as soon as I touched her it became abundantly clear that he had. I was desperate to fuck her and she was so wide open and slippery that I could hardly feel a thing as my rigid prick went into her. I was too aroused to make it last but I didn't lose my erection and without withdrawing I carried on, visualising his dick inside her, until I came again. I thought she might be cold towards me but she responded with real passion and we fell asleep with our arms around each other.

I awoke during the night and was shocked into consciousness as soon as I registered what had happened. I lay thinking about what I had heard from under the window and what astonished me was the familiarity there had been between them. I would have thought that her first taste of adultery with someone she barely knew would be a shy and sensitive affair but she had been larking about as though they were seasoned lovers. She had taken an active part; hardly sacrificing herself on the altar of martyrdom; and I began to wonder if I was being taken for a ride by these two.

We lay in bed the next morning talking about it. I think she was still in shock at what she'd done and I told her I still loved her and wanted her more than ever. I said I never thought she would go through with it but then she confessed that they had done it the first week too but she had been too afraid to tell me and had tidied up and had a bath before I got home. She said she would have lied about it again if I hadn't caught her red handed. I fucked her again and while we were doing it she smiled and said, "If this is what it does for you I'll ask him around again!"

We went shopping with the kids, and couldn't stop grinning at each other. She was so relieved that I wasn't angry with her; she had been expecting me to say I didn't want her any more. I just couldn't believe that my sweet and innocent wife had actually had the guts to go through with it! It seemed so much out of character. We both had a feeling of euphoria and were holding hands and kissing like a couple of newlyweds. I couldn't keep my hands off her. It was as though we had robbed a bank and got away with it. Far from not wanting her I wanted her more than ever. She had become the most desirable woman in the world. An adulterous wife!

I have heard couples say that having affairs had revitalised their sex life and I can see why.

We were quite na´ve about these things and, like most men, I wanted to know if it had been different with Stewart, if she'd played around with his dick; sucked it maybe. If he was circumcised, if she'd guided it in with her fingers, and lots of other things but I was too embarrassed to ask. I sensed that she wanted to talk about it too but was too shy. All she would admit was that it had been nice and she didn't regret doing it but she had been so worried that I might leave her.

The affair carried on for a long time and was only the first of many.

Me and Ann



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