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So I'll try this blog out. I lost my virginity to my Eva (and her to me) at 18, unprotected as she was on BC for bad periods. It was amazing and I still think about it sometimes. No insecurities or nerves and awkward fumbling but we loved it.

At 19 we started dating officially and I was becoming increasingly turned on about the thought of her kissing, touching and having sex with someone else. It became too much to bear and I had to tell her. She was confused as to what I found appealling.

We talked it out over time. Meanwhile quite a few new students had joined our year, and one joined our group of friends. Let's call him John.

Eva was clearly attracted to him. It was obvious to me (hell, I was attracted to him), and he was taller and more social than me. He wasn't some looker compared to me and some perfect human, he just was all round likable and handsome, jet black hair and tall frame that somehow manages broad shoulders. The two of them got on really well, and I started plotting. I eventually told her what I had in mind, asking her if she liked him. This took weeks of persuading her to open up, but she eventually admitted that yes, he was gorgeous to her, and she certainly would fuck him if I let her. She told me that I have complete control over the situation and that at any point I can stop it. I agreed to that.

She became increasingly flirty with him during lunch break and whenever our group hung out outside of school. It excited me but I wanted more. I wanted to watch them fuck, and I wanted it bad.

After a Halloween party at her parents' house, me and her were cleaning up and he offered to help, as everyone else had left. While cleaning up, I took my gf aside to clean the kitchen and asked if she would be down to seducing him. She got shy and blushed and took a while to think, before agreeing. It was a dream come true.

I told her to work her magic, and I'd meet them in her room. She kissed me and almost skipped away.

I heard them talking and some laughing, before silence. After around a minute or so, I heard them go upstairs and her door shut. I snuck up the stairs and listened through the door, hearing kissing and moaning.

I let this go on for a while then opened the door to find her straddling him, both of them topless, her skin shining in the orange light from her desk lamp and his face a look of shock and shame.

He was expecting me to be angry at him, but I sat down on the chair across from her bed and told him it was ok. She continued to kiss his neck and he was confused for a second, before just letting it happen.

John asked me how far I was ok with them going. I simply said, "All the way." The look on his face was great.

He unzipped Eve's jeans while I sat watching, sitting casually with my arm hanging over the back of the chair. The jeans came off and Eva stopped kissing him, leaning over his head, letting him lick and suck her tits. As John's tongue circled her nipple, her mouth formed that little O that I loved to see so much, and she let out the cutest gasp I have ever heard, her arms shaking and her back arching, pressing herself against him more. Eva glanced at me with a wicked smile and I gave her the thumbs up. His hands stroked up her thighs before cupping her arse and squeezing... something I always loved doing to her.

As he kissed every inch of her chest and neck, I walked over and asked if I could help him get out of his jeans. He nodded and I unzipped them, reaching between Eve's pale thighs to do so. As soon as they came off she started kissing down his chest as I returned to my chair. I could see this all happened from the side, and it was the most beautiful thing I have yet to see.

As she reached his navel, she kissed around his waistline, lowering his boxers every few kisses. Once his rock hard cock was revealed, she kissed around it, her face brushing it gently, and his heavy breathing quickened.

John had fancied Eva for a long time now, but had basically given up on anything happening between them, until that night...

My cock was the only one Eva had seen so she was surprised. It was only around an inch longer than mine (I was probably around 5.5-6 inches) but she gasped when she saw it.

She was soaking wet snd it was showing through her panties. She turned around and told me to move the chair to the foot of the bed. I did so, and got a view of him with his legs spread, her soft, warm lips wrapped around his cock. From the sounds he was making she was stroking the tip of his cock with her tongue while her lips were around it.

My heart was racing, and she looked at me as if to say, "Is it ok?". I gave her a thumbs up and she went right hack to it.

I noticed he had taken off her panties, and watched as she lowered her pussy onto his face. From the sounds she was making he was almost as good as I was at giving head. Not quite though, as I knew exactly what she liked.

Her eyes suddenly widened and she let out a cute gasp before getting off him and standing up, pulling him up by his hand and then kissing his neck, swivelling around and dropping back onto the bed, her on top of him.

She was desperately trying to guide him into her and begged him to fuck her. And he sid, firmly but slowly slipping inside of her until her pussy was wrapped around his entire cock...

Every thrust got a sweet, almost innocent, "Oh John..." out of her, her pale legs wrapped around his waist and his lips on her cheeks and neck.

I didn't jerk off, I was simply mesmerised. I'd never seen anything like this before. Watching two people fuck is not just the sight of it, but the sounds and smells. The two of them were sweating and hot, and the stench of sex was pungent and heavy in the room.

She dug her nails into his back, something she did with me, and tried to move her hips with his.

After some time passed, I wasn't sure how long, he started to cum, and I moved to the side of the bed to watch his cock pulsate and the area below the balls contract (prostate?). She was cumming too, and had been for some time. This was the third time only that she had cum through penetrating, and she had never orgasmed at the same time as I before. He started to pump slowly, milking his cock inside of her, before pulling out.

After she and him had recovered, she kissed me and thanked me for letting her do this, and admitted I was right that she'd enjoy it. She took me aside and asked me if I was still ok, and offered to suck me off to compensate. I said she needed some rest, and to not worry about it.

Eva and him went to the bathroom to clean up, and surprisingly the rest of the night wasn't awkward. We drank some beers and played MarioKart all night, and slept on the couch together until the afternoon next day, her cuddling me but her legs on his lap.

They fucked throughout the next few months, with and without me there, then she decided she'd rather just have me. She enjoyed it but wanted to either just have me or try some other guys.

So we decided we'd take a long break and maybe resume it again sometime. That relieved her. She enjoyed John but needed to focus on just us again and although it's over for now, we have lots of fodder from John to use for own playtime. Hope you enjoyed the story and her pictures.

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