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So, I'm not sure where to start but there is a lot of back story to this that I'm not going to cover here. Basically I kept in touch with a mate from university, he got married and we shared photos of our wives. Wives were told and found it hot. We made a group chat and started sharing pretty hot messages making us all really horny.

Anyway we went over to their house and the messages we had been sending strongly sent the hint that we would all be fucking that night.

We are all in our 30s. I'll call them Jeff and Liz. Liz just turned 30 (this get together was a joint Liz and my wife's birthday celebration). She is blonde short and perhaps a tad overweight but not much. She also has very sizable tits. She has a really cute face and is very hot.

Jeff is 34 same as me and fairly athletic he's about the same height as me but works out a lot more.

My wife Ally is much taller than Liz and you can see her pictures attached.

Anyway I should also state this would be the second time we all played together (I might write up the first time) but was a bit hotter for me...

My wife utterly hated the anticipation of it all. She grew up a Catholic and morally she has some doubts about all of this. She really enjoys when it happens but doesn't want it to be a sure thing, so the anticipation of it all always has her chewed.

We arrived at theirs at around 7pm. Liz was wearing a loose fitting armless pink top and black leggings, Jeff had a tight fitting top on with jeans, and my wife and a floaty summer top, jeans and knee high boots (I just checked the photo I took to be sure!) She knows Jeff loves knee high boots.

They love their cocktails so we dives straight in. We'd bought a bottle of prosecco which my wife and Liz shared and finished rather quickly. I noticed my wife wasn't drinking too heavily though. I suspect nerves were getting the better of her.

Takeaway arrived and more cocktails and we were drunk. It was getting dark outside so we decided it was time to hit up the hot tub.

Jeff made a giant jug of cocktails that we got sucked into but it wasn't long before I grabbed my wife and started kissing her. She isn't a massive fan of fucking in water. In fact we had never done it. She hates touching anything with wrinkly fingers and she read somewhere that forcing water in her fanny was a bad idea.... Anyway she wasn't particularly in the mood.

It was really dark (Liz is a firm believer in lights off) but Jeff said the Liz was being naughty and had taken the top of her bikini off. I asked if my wife wanted to do the same (she never wears bikinis as she's really self conscious, but eventually she picked out a really nice one and bought it just for this). She didn't particularly want to do it so she just whispered no and it stayed on.

We had a few more drinks and she perks up a little. I feel her hand under the water make its way up my thigh. I'm already pretty horny and before long she has me rock hard. Out of the blue she straddles me and pulls her bottoms to one side and slides me in.

This is my first time fucking in a hot tub. It's really hard to get any traction and really go for it so she was just gently bouncing on top of me. I can't really tell what Liz and Jeff were up to as it was so dark and I was a bit engrossed. But it wasn't long before I felt Liz touching my balls as I was banging my wife. She squeezes them pretty hard which my wife never does. It really got me going.

She then slid in next to me so I leaned over and kissed her. My wife slid off me to go next to Jeff so I reached over and started fingering Liz. She always keeps her pussy totally shaved. My wife loves me fingering her, and I've been doing it for a long time now so I know exactly what she likes and how she feels. Being married for 10 years means it's been a long time since I've felt another pussy so I'm totally enjoying how she feels but it doesn't last long as she climbs on top of me and my dick slides in her.

We are now kissing and fucking as hard as you can in a hot tub. I can see my wife and Jeff just watching us but not really doing anything which has me a little worried. We keep fucking for a few minutes which if I'm honest doesn't feel that great. Yes her amazing tits are pressed against me, and kissing someone new is always exciting but I know my wife just isn't into this and fucking in a hot tub must take practice as I just can't fuck with my normal pace!

She climbs off me and my wife comes back over. She starts moaning pretty heavily as Liz has reached between her legs to finger her. It's really hot to watch and they kiss a bit.

With the drinks finished we head back in. I'm hoping it will be to continue in the lounge, but Liz has gone to dry her hair and we are freezing. I take my wife up to the guest room. I can see she's upset so I ask her what's wrong. Apprently under the water she was trying to touch Jeff but he kept batting her hand away. She felt really unattractive and pretty rubbish.

I sent a message to him asking what was up and then went back to hugging and telling her that won't be it. Thankfully he replied quickly and said he was just so turned on by her and was so close to cumming he didn't want to so soon. I should mention my wife has a fantasy about being able to make a man cum super quickly. She wasn't entirely sure he was telling the truth but it did make her a bit horny so we had a quick fuck both coming together for the first and final time that night and promptly fell asleep.

In the morning I woke up around 7 feeling so horny. I rolled over and kissed my wife and things got a bit heated again. Our go to position is her lying on her side and me fucking her from behind and it wasn't long before spooining turned into fucking. I told her I bet Jeff would come and fuck her now and she said don't be silly so I picked up my phone and sent a message along the lines of, "I hope we aren't being too noisy - feel free to join if we are ;)"

I know Liz doesn't do mornings but Jeff quickly replied and said he might. My wife needed to freshen up and I heard her brush her teeth... I knew then she was thinking we might get joined and she was ok with it!

She got back into bed and we continued fucking. About a minute later there was a knock at the door and in walks Jeff. We quickly pull the covers over us and laugh. He's wrapped just in a towel and asks coyly if we want breakfast now. My wife says she's alright and he laughs. I decide to just pull back the blanket to reveal my naked and horny wife so he steps in and closes the door. He then drops his towel and climbs between her legs on the bed.

We never really do missionary so it's pretty hot to see. He glides his cock in her and leans down to kiss her.

I've never been so turned on. I'm lying to the side watching my wife get well fucked. She lifts her hips up to let him in deeper and she's lightly moaning.

I found it so hot that she just totally ignored me. I was going to move behind to see if I could rub her clit or something but he really only lasts a couple of minutes before pulling out and cumming just above her pussy.

They kiss once more and he goes to fetch some tissue and says he'll get breakfast sorted.

I'm so turned on. She's lying with her pussy covered in his cum and I'm rock solid.

I use my finger to wipe some cum from her into her mouth and she happily sucks it off. She rolls over a little so I can get in to her from behind and I start fucking her really hard.

Now I do watch a lot of cuckold porn and the thought of licking another man's cum really turns me on (when I'm horny!) So I whisper to her how hot would it be if I did. She told me to go for it so I crawled between her legs and lick up his cum. It didn't really taste of much so I climbed on top of her and went back to fucking.

I lasted about 5 more minutes before cumming deep in her.

As I said my wife loves the idea of a man cumming in her quickly so she totally loved that he did that. She was gutted he didn't cum in her pussy though!

We sent a message saying next time he'd have too... Still hasn't happened yet though he really wants to!

Just to let you all know, both me and Jeff have had the snip and we haven't fucked anyone but our wives. We know we are clean so protection was not used at all.

After speaking to him later he said the message got him horny but Liz was having none of it and told him to go fuck my wife.

I won't share a picture of Liz as that wouldn't be fair, but here are pictures of my wife's tits and ass for you to enjoy.

Also this was sent on my phone and my grammar is poor at the best of times so sorry about any mistakes!

Gene and Ally



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