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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Wednesday, February 27, 2019

    He made my GF cum through Penetration


    Well, I guess I'll start this off by saying that my girlfriend in high school and I had a cuckold relationship when we were both 18. Me and her (Evey) both (her moreso) became attracted to a new guy called John. We were mutual friends and hung out in the same group of around 20 people.

    John was a tall (about 6 or 7 inches taller than us), slim and toned (think a swimmer's physique) dude with black/dark brown hair who was often the life of the party. He was smart and social despite being the new kid and he fit right in to our social circle, as well as into Eve....

    Me and Evey were both booksmart and introverted. We needed to recharge after social gatherings but luckily we did not tire each other out socially, so we hung out a lot. She was beautiful as you can see by her body, and had adorable hazel eyes and soft lips, and she blushed very easily. She was highly academic too. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, February 24, 2019

    My Wife had something to tell Me


    It turns out my wife, Rina, is bit of a freak.

    Last holiday period, we attended an office Christmas party. Rina is a light drinker so it doesn't take much for her to get drunk. A few toasts to Santa and she was buzzed already. From there it just went downhill. She had her head on my shoulder when an intern half her age asked her for a dance. She obliged. The lights had dimmed by then and there were too many people on the dance floor so I couldn't make out where Rina was. Though the thought of her being a naughty hotwife sure got my juices flowing. On our way home, I placed her hand on my cock. She opened her eyes to smile at me. Then she slowly started to stroke my cock. I knew then I would be getting lucky that night.

    Rina enjoys talking about her exhibitionist fantasies during sex. I often ask her what she would do if the men wanted more. Keyword: Men, not man. She gets incredibly turned on whenever I mention threesomes. It is a fantasy that we have never acted upon. ... READ THE REST HERE

    They will Cuck You!

    Wednesday, February 20, 2019

    From a Naive Virgin to a Hot Wife


    My name is Erin and my husband is Bill. He found this site months ago and we love reading this blog together. Since most of these stories are written by men, I thought it would be great for your readers to hear about our story from a woman.

    Here's some background. I grew up in a very strict household that included twelve years of Catholic school. Both Bill and I were virgins when we married at 20, and I knew very little about sex. We did some heavy petting petty, but I was adamant about saving myself for marriage. Bill is a shy, kind and gentle man that's never been very assertive.

    Our sex life for years was always the same. We would start to kiss a little and then Bill would suck each one of my nipples while putting a finger or two in my pussy. After a few minutes of this, he would fuck me until he came. He usually lasted only a minute or two. After he came, he would finger my pussy and clit until I came and that was it. This was pretty much our sex life for the first 10 years of our marriage and I thought that was how it was supposed to be. We usually had sex several times a month. I didn't know it until much later that Bill's small cock ... READ THE REST HERE

    Need a Mistres?

    Sunday, February 17, 2019

    A Strong Relationship Allows me to be a Freak


    I've been playing around with the idea of posting this for a couple days, and since it's afternoon and I'm still in bed I figured now is probably a good time -- rough night, lmao. ????

    I cuckolded my boyfriend on Saturday. I can't say I didn't have second thoughts afterwards -- I thought I fucked up, and that he was mad and jealous and was going to dump me, and I was heartbroken. He didn't do anything to make me think this, but it was just a very heavy experience. My emotions were haywire with guilt and regret, and but also happiness from knowing that I gave him his fantasy. All in all every thing is okay though. The fear was short-lived and he has been great letting me know everything is okay for him.

    It was our first time, so I am by no means an expert. We have been playing with caging and domination for a few months, but it was my first time cuckolding, and his first time, but I for sure feel even closer now knowing we made it through it alright! Before we did it, I did quite a bit of research. I have been dominating him and stuff for months, but I had a lot of fear about actually going through with it, because plain and simple I love him and I don't want to hurt him. I know he likes it, but I worried he didn't even know what he was getting into. ... READ THE REST HERE

    Need a Mistres?

    Wednesday, February 13, 2019

    My Husband is a Good Puppy


    I haven't posted to this blog before, but my cuckold husband thinks that this group may enjoy my adventures, too. A bit of background on me... my husband is a cuckold and I control his sexuality in a very strong way. He is my good puppy and obeys me well.

    I am also submissive and serve a Master. My Master loves to whore me out to many men and women. I love being a slut and I embrace my sexuality.

    I had taken a hiatus from journalling my "dates". Not because I had nothing to write, but because my Master has kept me extremely busy. I have fucked so many men and women in the past six weeks that I cannot give a number. If I exclude the gangbang in January, I think I still average around 3 people per week.

    I have become insatiable... obsessed... reborn. These past few weeks have been phenomenal and I don't say that lightly. I connect with my Master like no other man. Ever. I feel stronger, powerful and more confident in myself and my sexuality. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, February 10, 2019

    Last Valentine's Day my Wife went on a Date


    Since Valentine's Day is coming up, I thought I would tell our story, from last year. My Valentine's day - a special day for us - that year started on the 13th. My fiance and I went out for dinner, and had a romantic evening to ourselves. We ended the night with me going down on her, and bringing her to a couple orgasms. I woke up early on the 14th, and made her breakfast, and saw her off to work. This is where the tone of the day changes, and it becomes anything but a normal day.

    I get home, and my fiance is in a good mood, saying how excited she is for tonight, and that I need to help her get ready. We go into the shower, and I help her wash, and then I shave her pussy smooth and bare, taking my time to make sure it is perfect. Once we are done in there, I wait patiently for her to apply her makeup and do her hair, and then I help her get dressed, taking my time to admire her beautiful body. At 7pm on the dot, the door opens and he walks in, ready to take her out. She kisses me good bye, and he tells me to be ready when they text me they are on the way home. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, February 06, 2019

    Finally A Cuckold It Was Worth The Wait


    Ive read this blog for some time now and I finally have my own experience to share. First a little background about us. Were couple in our forties and have been married for nearly 25 years. We have always enjoyed a great sex. Sara is 54 and around 135 lbs. with full breasts. Shes incredibly sexual. very oral and can come over and over when really excited. She's always preferred gentle, slow fucking to being pounded hard and fast. We did some swapping with friends right after we were married. They lived in the apartment next to ours and one night after a few drinks, one thing led to another and before we knew it, we had swapped partners. We both loved it, and got together regularly until they moved across the country. While it was good, they always insisted on separate rooms. Sara and I would tell each other everything later, which lead to really hot sex. I found myself really wanting to be in the same room and watch Sara getting fucked.

    After our friends moved, we never did it again. Life got busy, we had kids and it just kind of fell off the radar. I never forgot about my desire to see Sara fucked by another guy. I thought about it all the time. From time to time during our love making, I would ask her if she would fuck a well hung guy while I watched. She would always say no, although I noticed that shed get really wet when we talked about it. I began to obsess about watching her being fucked by someone else, but I never thought it would happen. Then, about a year ago, we both felt ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, February 03, 2019

    My Girlfriend is Hesitant but had a Foursome


    So, I've found the idea of my girlfriend fucking other people enormously exciting for some time now. Moreover, my girlfriend actually has already fucked other people because, with my permission, she had a foursome last year with two other girls and a guy (I wasn't there. I should also add that I was a little bit jealous when she had the foursome, but mostly I was just really turned on, and when she got back the next morning we had obscenely good sex).

    Alright, well, we were drunk last night at my friend's house, and we were talking about bisexuality. Now, at one point, our friend went to the bathroom, leaving me and my girlfriend alone. As we were sitting there, my girlfriend quickly told me that she thinks she's bisexual. Moreover, she told me that there's a girl at her university who she's attracted to, and that she wants to talk to this girl. We had to terminate the discussion there, for the time being, because our friend came back.

    Later on, as we were walking home, drunk, we started talking about the topic again. My girlfriend told me that she felt guilty, firstly for having told me her thoughts, and secondly for having such thoughts. I was drunk, I wanted to assure her that she had no reason to feel guilty, ... READ THE REST HERE


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