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I’ve read this blog for some time now and I finally have my own experience to share. First a little background about us. We’re couple in our forties and have been married for nearly 25 years. We have always enjoyed a great sex. Sara is 5’4” and around 135 lbs. with full breasts. She’s incredibly sexual. very oral and can come over and over when really excited. She's always preferred gentle, slow fucking to being pounded hard and fast. We did some swapping with friends right after we were married. They lived in the apartment next to ours and one night after a few drinks, one thing led to another and before we knew it, we had swapped partners. We both loved it, and got together regularly until they moved across the country. While it was good, they always insisted on separate rooms. Sara and I would tell each other everything later, which lead to really hot sex. I found myself really wanting to be in the same room and watch Sara getting fucked.

After our friends moved, we never did it again. Life got busy, we had kids and it just kind of fell off the radar. I never forgot about my desire to see Sara fucked by another guy. I thought about it all the time. From time to time during our love making, I would ask her if she would fuck a well hung guy while I watched. She would always say no, although I noticed that she’d get really wet when we talked about it. I began to obsess about watching her being fucked by someone else, but I never thought it would happen. Then, about a year ago, we both felt that maybe our sex life was getting a little stale. So, I started to download some amateur porn for us to watch. I slowly introduced some MFM clips and noticed Sara got much more responsive and started to have stronger orgasms than usual. I begin to fantasize that it was Sara in those MFM’s. God, I really wanted to see her fucked by two guys.

Then, I begin to push the envelope a little and bring in some amateur gangbang clips. It was really hard to find some that were really sexual and sensual at the same time. When I would find a hot one, Sara would just orgasm more intensely than ever. I knew I might only have one shot at this so I waited until we were watching on night and I was fingering her pussy. When she’s really turned on and I’m squeezing and rubbing her clit, it’s acts like truth serum and she’ll answer any question, lol. Finally, I asked if she would like to be the woman in the video. There was no hesitation. She just blurted out that she would love it.

Now, it was finally on the table. We talked about it over and over again the next month or so. After I repeatedly reassured her that I was OK with it and wanted this probably more than she did, she finally agreed. Once she said yes, there was a change in her and she started to really get into it. She said she wanted me to pick four guys and set it up for a night in a local hotel. She wanted to stay blindfolded the entire time. She also wanted them to be gentle with her – no hard pounding or anything degrading. Finally, she also asked that the guys be very well hung. I’m just a little over seven inches and she had never experienced anything bigger.

You would think that finding the guys wouldn’t be too hard, but it was. I put a profile on and one and then two larger swinger sites. God, it almost became a full time job, email, weeding out, talking on the phone and then maybe a meeting that went nowhere. I was really getting discouraged. Then, I got an email from Ryan. He said that he had a group of guys – all professionals – that he called his “Pleasure Crew”. We emailed a few times, then spoke on the phone and finally met for a drink. I liked him instantly. He spent a lot of time asking about Sara, what she liked sexually and how she like to be fucked and sucked. After a while, he said he thought he had the perfect three guys plus him. He showed me pics of them two of them. They we’re both good looking and had enormous cocks. He then asked me if Sara had ever been DPed. I said no, but we had played with butt plugs before. He then said that a lot of women they play with like this and if we wanted to try it, he would suggest that the final guy he selected have just an average size cock. He said that way if the evening evolved into that we’d be ready. I thought why not.

The big day finally came. We had a two room suite at a local hotel, and they were to all to show up at 8:00 pm. Sara spent the evening before they arrived bathing, having a glass of wine and getting dressed in a sexy outfit with a garter belt, nylons and really hot CFM heels. She was so nervous and I kept having to reassure her that I was Ok with all of it. God, I really wanted this. Then, shortly before 8:00, we got on the bed, with me kissing and gently stroking her. God, we hadn’t even started and she was already drenched.

Finally, I got a text they were all in the lobby and I texted them to come up. I positioned Sara on the bed, slipped on her blindfold and told her that I loved her more than anything There was just a rush of anticipation when I heard the knock on the door. After a little small talk, I went over the ground rules and asked if they we ready. They were, so we all slipped out of our clothes and they followed me into the bedroom. When we walked in, not a word was said. They all just walked over to the bed and gently started caressing Sara everywhere – slowly and very deliberately. God, my heart pounding, I could hardly breathe and yet I had the biggest hard-on I’ve ever had. It was incredible to watch - all four of them were in tune with Sara and each other. Finally, Pete was kissing her, Dick and Steve were concentrating on Sara’s breasts with one hand while gently pulling her legs apart with their other hands. Ryan was rubbing her inner thighs and slowly working his way up to her pussy. I could tell Sara was loving it. She was flushed, breathing hard and let out low, throaty moans.

Finally, Dick, Steve and Ryan reached her pussy at the same time. Sara has pretty big pussy lips and when she’s turned on, her clit is huge. Dick and Steve gently pulled her lips apart while Ryan rolled her clit around between his thumb and forefinger while her stuck several finders into her pussy with his other hand. She started to really start moaning and bucking and then had here first orgasm. God, I was in heaven. Sara can have non-stop orgasms sometimes, and I knew this night was going to be special.

Just as she started to recover, Ryan went down on her and started to softly lap at her lips and clit while the other two continued to pay attention to her breasts - each sucking one - and Pete kissed her neck. Then as a second orgasm started to build, Ryan got up on his Knees and started to rub his cock – he had what looked like at least nine thick inches – on Sara’s lips and clit. Just as it seemed she was going to go crazy, he inserted his cock and slowly sank it into her. God, this was the hottest thing I had ever seen – this huge cock sliding in an out of Sara and the crazed look of pleasure on her face. I have never been so turned on in my life. My cock just ached. Then both Dick & Steve moved up and laid their large cocks on her face. She greedily started sucking one and the other. As she got close to her second orgasm, Ryan just kept slowly fucking her with the entire length of his cock. He didn’t pick up his pace at all. This is exactly how Sara loves to be fucked. I then witnessed one of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever seen. Sara had Dick all the way down her throat and was bucking uncontrollably as Ryan stroked her over the edge. As that happened, for the first in her life, Sara started squirting everywhere.

The night went on for hours. All four guys were like a synchronized pleasure machine. Sara was continually fucked by all of them and she took more loads than I could count in her pussy and mouth. She squirted several more times and that was so hot to watch. There are two things from that night that still get me instantly hard when I think about them. The first was when Ryan flipped her over on her knees - I had made a special request to Ryan and this was it - he pushed her head down on the bed while pulling her legs really far apart and lifting up her butt at the same time, exposing a swollen, dripping, cum filled pussy. Then Ryan got behind her. I can hardly type this as I remember it in exquisite detail. I went over to the bed and took Ryan’s cock in my hand. It was thick, hot and really slippery. I rubbed in up and down Sara’s pussy for a bit and then lined him up as he slowly pushed into her. Then, I put my hands on her her butt cheeks and just watched as Ryan’s cock slowly disappeared. She was so stretched that her pussy lips literally clung to his cock as he pulled out. She had so much cum in her, that after a few strokes, there was this thick, frothy white cum all over Ryan’s cock and leaking out her pussy. He just fucked her to several orgasms. Wow, is all I can say to be right there inches away from her orgasming pussy with cum squishing everywhere.

The second thing was Sara’s DP. She was riding Dave when Pete, who had the smallest cock, got into position behind her. Ryan looked at me and I just nodded. Pete rubbed some lube in her ass hole and started to finger her. I could tell from her moans and movements that she was really getting into to it. Then, he rubbed lube all over his cock and then slowly pushed into her. She froze for a moment and I thought oh God, we’ve gone too far. The Dave and Pete started a slow rhythm and Sara just went crazy. I had never, ever seen her like this. She rarely talks during sex, but she was moaning fuck me, fuck me over and over again. I couldn’t resist. I managed to get in front of her and place my cock on her lips, She loves to suck cock and gives incredible oral. She took me all in and sucked me like there was no tomorrow. Watching her being DP’ed while she sucked me was more than I could take I lasted all of about two minutes before I gave her the biggest load I’ve ever had. She tried to swallow it all, but cum was just flowing out the corners of her mouth and then she exploded in a massive gushing orgasm. She was like a fire hose.

I still marvel at Sara just surrendering to the most incredible display of the pure lust and desire that I’ve ever seen. When they left, she was just like a rag doll on the bed , hardly able to move. I just lay down and held her. Slowly, we begin to talk about the experience and how much we both loved it. She said she had never had orgasms as powerful as she had that night and that when she squirted, it was the most intense feeling she had ever had. I told her it had been worth the wait and that it was the most exciting experience of my life. As we talked, I began to stroke her. Her pussy was filled with cum, there was cum all over her face, breasts and hair. We cuddled, kissed and rubbed each other. I felt so much love for her at that moment. The pleasure I got from seeing her surrender to her own pleasure was a dream come true for me.

We’re already talking about doing this again and maybe even adding a guy or two. And next time, no blindfolds. If there are any couples or guys out there that would love to share pics or stories of a similar situation, I’d love to hear from you. Hopefully I’ll have more share soon.

S & J - saraandjim1974@gmail.com



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