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I Serve Him


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I haven't posted to this blog before, but my cuckold husband thinks that this group may enjoy my adventures, too. A bit of background on me... my husband is a cuckold and I control his sexuality in a very strong way. He is my good puppy and obeys me well.

I am also submissive and serve a Master. My Master loves to whore me out to many men and women. I love being a slut and I embrace my sexuality.

I had taken a hiatus from journalling my "dates". Not because I had nothing to write, but because my Master has kept me extremely busy. I have fucked so many men and women in the past six weeks that I cannot give a number. If I exclude the gangbang in January, I think I still average around 3 people per week.

I have become insatiable... obsessed... reborn. These past few weeks have been phenomenal and I don't say that lightly. I connect with my Master like no other man. Ever. I feel stronger, powerful and more confident in myself and my sexuality.

Which brings me to last night. After a lot of discussion with my Master and my cuckold, I freely gave myself to my Master. Fully and completely. Without hesitation or reservation. I wanted to give him control of my body, my sexuality and a large portion of my time. Everything needs to be in balance with family and career, but every single minute I am not committed elsewhere belongs to my Master.

I am so proud to say that I now wear his collar. Never in my life have I wanted this to happen, yet here I am. I have sealed the clasp of the necklace. I will not remove it - I do not want to remove it - for a one year commitment, loyalty and devotion to my Master. We will re-evaluate next December, but for the next 12 months, my body is not mine. I will obey him unconditionally.

I cannot find the words to describe the feelings I had last night. I have never felt so certain of anything in my life.

I brought my cuckold with me. He watched me give myself and heard every word my Master said to me. I told my husband that I wanted my Master's cock more than anything. I told him how much I craved and needed time with my Master. Nothing I said that night was forced or said to play into a fantasy. My words were real and heartfelt.

It was made clear that my Master and I love each other very much. I could not do this if I did not love, trust and admire him the way that I do. Our love is so different than anything I have experienced. We keep an ongoing conversation to reiterate that the love and the bond that we have is driven by our sexuality. Our families always come first. It's the way it should be. I want to feel free to love him without anyone fearing that marriages would end. It is important to all of us that this line stay well drawn.

I am constantly reaching up to touch my collar. The constant reminder that I am owned is all-consuming.

In my first day as his owned slut, he asked me to meet him and one other man at a hotel. I was greeted by 3 men, ready to use me. I was delighted. I was so well used, the way I love to be used. All three holes were filled repeatedly. Gagged with cock after cock, while I was constantly pounded, slapped and roughly used.

At the end, I sat up and realized that the guys left when they were done with me. I felt a bit disappointed when I found out that everyone had gotten what they came for and went on with their lives. I was still consumed with lust. My pussy ached to be filled again.

My Master always uses me last. His touch, the desire I feel for him... it is always the most intense moment of any night. I easily went through the men, but the passionate sex with my Master leaves me exhausted, mentally and physically. My lust for him makes me crave him more than anyone. Ever. I almost always cum on command. His control of me is that strong. I love to pull him into me until he fills me. It is the only time I feel I've served my purpose.

My Master has just left for vacation. He will be back in a week, but he has made several appointments for me. Saturday, I will be obeying the commands of another man, as my Master has instructed. Serving another man is exciting... I have no idea what to expect.

I love being loaned.

I Serve Him




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