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Well, I guess I'll start this off by saying that my girlfriend in high school and I had a cuckold relationship when we were both 18. Me and her (Evey) both (her moreso) became attracted to a new guy called John. We were mutual friends and hung out in the same group of around 20 people.

John was a tall (about 6 or 7 inches taller than us), slim and toned (think a swimmer's physique) dude with black/dark brown hair who was often the life of the party. He was smart and social despite being the new kid and he fit right in to our social circle, as well as into Eve....

Me and Evey were both booksmart and introverted. We needed to recharge after social gatherings but luckily we did not tire each other out socially, so we hung out a lot. She was beautiful as you can see by her body, and had adorable hazel eyes and soft lips, and she blushed very easily. She was highly academic too.

I once asked her while we were gaming together what she found attractive about the both of us, and she said that I was, "Sweet, cute and nerdy with a great bum and I feel comfortable around you. You are my best friend and my boyfriend in one. John is taller, bigger and has an air of confidence around him, Even more since we started doing this."

She giggled and added that his dick was "literally a magic wand."

John was rather aggressively chatting up, flirting with and being physically flirty with my girlfriend. It was strange, like he respected boundaries to an extent, but had an air of dominance without coming off as an arsehole.

I Eventually brought up cuckolding with Evey, and we talked it out over weeks, sometimes during sex, establishing what we would want from it. She was very shy and took a lot of persuading to personally name guys that she found attractive. I Eventually just asked her if she found John attractive, and she called him gorgeous. I Eveyntually got her to open up, and she told me she would love to fuck him. I was very eager to give her the go ahead to do anything he and she wanted. I told her that I wanted him to do it with her with no condom and (stupidly) we decided to do it that way. She was on BC but we did not think about STDs, so we were pretty lucky that none of us had anything at all.

This became a reality. I was not surprised that John went for it. He was Evey's second partner Ever. For a virgin he was surprisingly good, and even made Evey cum once during penetration, on their first time together, which surprised me greatly as I had only ever made her cum from oral or fingering. They fucked the second time alone, and I watched their third time. The number of times they had fucked was in the double digits by that point.

Within a month they had had more sex with each other than I would have with her in three. It was the hottest experience of my life so far and I feel insanely lucky.

John really had gotten into the role of being a bull. I don't know how being part of a couple's sex life would affect your sexuality as a whole if it was your first and only experience, but I imagine we gave him a lot of confidence. He seemed to enjoy the system.

The Saturday after the last experience, my house was free for the night. I texted Evey and asked if she wanted to come over. She said yes but she'd need a lift. We lived one village over from each other, which was around a 15 minute walk. It was late evening and dark, so she had no way to get there, and I hadn't got my driving license yet. I didn't want her to walk, but then I texted that, "Maybe John could give you a lift here if you give him a call... and a reason to do it for you." She replied with a single ";)".

John's car pulled up to my drive after a short while. They knocked on the door and I let them in, John in a semi casual shirt and dark jeans, and Evey in yoga pants and a hoodie. We ordered pizza and cracked open some beers and ended up just chilling, chatting and watching SoA on Netflix (we were all fans of it).

Eve was very upbeat and bubbly, and she was in between me and John on the couch, snuggling up to me. I did notice after a while, Johns hand wandering up and down her thighs, sneaking between them at one point, and her exhalation when his hand brushed the right place. After a while, I had to pause the show; I could tell how horny Evey was, and that John was dying to have her, so I outright told him that what he is doing with his hand was obvious to me, and we could just take her upstairs to a bed instead. Evey shivered, gave me a look of pure adoration, then kissed me deeply. She then got up from the couch, before taking John's hand. She kissed him and showed him some of the naughtiest eyes I had ever seen.

She led him upstairs, his gaze never once leaving her, and into my room. I followed. Evey certainly in the mood to initiate things. She tugged John over to stand by my damn bed and gave me a quick glance as I sat down at my desk chair, presumably to check if it was ok with me. I nodded and she started to unbutton his shirt, kissing him passionately. As their lips parted, she pushed it from his back and she began to kiss his neck and collarbone, her hands running up and down his arms and chest, and his at her hips. After a few seconds she went straight for his jeans too and pulled them down. Evey was obviously not containing herself too easily...

I was rock hard already, and I could see that John was too. With begging eyes, Evey guided him to my bed and sat him down, before starting to strip in front of him, facing me. He was getting the rear view. She looked me in the eyes and said with a sultrily inflection that she was all his right now and that I was not getting a taste of her until he had used her up, before lifting her top over her head and pulling her bottoms down, her knees bent, showing John a lovely view of her cute arse.

She turned to him, sat in his lap and told him to make my bed "smell like us for weeks". I remember being shocked at how forward and dominating (towards me) she was being. John laughed at that before his laugh turned to groaning as she pressed her wet crotch down on his rock hard one, her lips on his neck again and her arms wrapped around the back of his neck. He took her head in his hands and kissed her deeply, and as their tongues playfully flirted with one another, Evey started to grind on him. As they made out, John stopped cupping her jaw and instead traced down her back with his fingers, sending shivers down her spine as he gently undid her bra strap.

Once her breasts were out, he surprisingly didn't pay them much attention, instead opting to pick her up as he got off the bed, set her down in front of it, and bend her over it. With unrivalled enthusiasm, he pulled her soaking panties down to her knees and went straight to town on her arse. I got a very good view of the back of his head and her thighs and back as he buried his face between her cheeks. I'd never done this to her before (thanks John for the idea, I've really grown to like doing that).

She was equally as surprised as I, letting out a surprised, "OH! Oh...". Now if you've never heard an English lass moan, especially one from the middle South or east South, you are missing out. I love our accents (on girls anyway) and I was fucking born here lol.

Now me and her always pillow-talked about our adventures after having them. She would tell me everything she was feeling in detail. Major turn on for me at the time. She was taken utterly off guard by the sudden arse-eating and was self conscious at first mixed with loving it.

It went on for a while, and John Eveyntually said in a muffled voice that his neck was getting wet, which for some reason made both of us laugh, her moreso. She was unable to keep going so she just told him to fuck her already, but have some mouthwash first. I pointed him to the bathroom down the hall, looked at Evey as she lay down in bed and cracked up Eveyn more. When he got back he grinned ear to ear and said that I shouldn't be laughing since it's my bedsheets that're getting ruined, before walking to the bed, stripping his pants off (underwear/boxers/whatever to muricans) and getting on top of my girlfriend. He started kissing her shoulders and pushing her hair to one side of her neck, before kissing the bare side, occasionally giving me cocky glances that said, "She's all mine now..."

She closed her eyes and enjoyed her sensitive neck being kissed and her back being caressed, her breaths becoming heavier and sometimes escaping in sighs. John angled his hard cock towards her sopping wet pussy and guided himself into her slowly. She winced at the speed he was entering her, before sighing in relief and pleasure as he bottomed out inside her. Evidently the foreplay was on a downlow this time; they wanted to get right to it. He proceeded to give her the prone-bone of her life. She made noises I very rarely heard from her when doing PiV with me, and it was amazing yet also almost threatening how this less experienced guy was making her feel just as good if not better than I could, with just his cock.

Now I had no idea that Evey had told him but I was bi and... only for John, and not in a relationship way. He was fully straight, but shocked me when he asked me between pants if I wanted a closer look. I obliged and nervously walked over to the end of the bed. I knelt down and looked down between their legs, John's either side of Eveys, and her spread around 30-45 degrees. Not sure how better to describe this. Evey said to me, very breathlessly, in rythm to John fucking her, that, "You can take as close a look as you want. It's cool."

So I put my chin on the sheets and moved up the bed, until my own damn face about a foot away from John's cock pumping in and out of Evey. There was a huge wet patch on my bed under Evey's crotch, which I was sort of mad about but also insanely turned on about. This whole cuckolding relationship has ruined porn for me. No sight is better than watching the girl you are in love with, the girl you lost your virginity to, making love to one of your mates. Eveyn their uglies bumping was really hot to see.

John slowed down, every pump going in his full length, his chest against her back and his teeth nipping her neck (based on the sounds of pain and pleasure she was making). Evey angled her up a bit, exposing everything to me as John fucked her. He started to groan and said he would probably cum soon, and Evey begged him to cum in her pussy. She dirty talked to him in no way that she had ever done with me, calling him and I quote, "A filthy horse-cocked stud." She begged him to fill her womb. Sometimes she seemed to want his seed more than mine :(

All sex I had had with her was always gentle and romantic, sometimes though with her being very submissive and getting off on me teasing her. But she had never begged for me to cum inside her before like that. Never as aggressively and... almost angrily as she did with him. She seemed to like him for the animalistic energy he had.

With a moan of ecstacy he pushed his way balls deep and erupted inside her. I returned to my seat after watching this. It looked pretty damn intense for him...

He collapsed on top of her and kissed her cheek and neck, the two of them basically stuck together. After a while he pulled out and went to go get cleaned up, before asking Evey if she wanted to come with. She declined breathlessly, giving him a devilish grin and said that he tired her out. She lay there and we chatted about it.

"How was it then?" I said with a smile and a wink.

She explained that she felt like he cums a lot more than I did and seemed to for longer. I asked her what it feels like and she said that she couldn't feel it until it started dripping out of her, but she could feel his dick much more prominently when he was cumming than with mine, which turned me on Even more than I was. Apparently she also had sort of... "mini orgasms" with him, whereas she felt nice when I fucked her but didn't orgasm unless I used my fingers or hands. Aoparently her mini orgasms were not as strong as the ones I gave her with my fingers and tongue, but much more frequent. This whole conversation got me so wound up and turned on...

When he came back and Evey had taken a piss, he said he was gonna go back home, so we bid our farewells after a while, and him leaving was surprisingly not awkward.

Evey was still horny though... And I needed to please her. We started kissing as soon as we got back to my room, and collapsed on my sweat-soaked bed. Evey had dripped some of John's cum onto my bed, which I couldn't fail to notice. Once I did, I turned off the lights, and we made out and cuddled in the dark. She said she was too sore for sex, but said it wouldn't stop us from making each other cum. One thing led to another and we were doing 69, he on top. I don't know if she knew, but I realised she was still dripping John's cum halfways through eating her out. I suspect she did know, but I never asked...

The thing I loved about this WHOLE cuckold arrangement we had was how intimate she was with him, while still making me feel secure in my relationship with her. When she had sex with one of our friends, I truly felt like I was losing her, and I loved the feeling of uncertainty, but she always made me feel better afterwards. I wish I stayed with her. I also loved how drama free it was, which looking back could've gone badly, since kept it within our social circle. John took it well when we ended things with him (long story even than this one), and remained good friends with us. The other guy (let's call him Harry) we were much more sensible with, and I trusted him not to "kiss and tell". The hottest thing was that John and Harry never knew about each other, or maybe they did. I truly do not know.

Unfortunately I am yet to find another girl who is anything like her, and I don't think I ever will, but if I do? You can bet we'd post some stuff here, on the blog

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