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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby


    Wednesday, February 26, 2020

    I Prefer not to Watch


    So, the wife and I are going to go monogamous for a bit and will probably won't consider looking for a bull until probably June or maybe even later just for more us time. I'm finishing up a big work project soon so I'll have more of a home life than before.

    January was pretty uneventful out of the bedroom. Inside of the bedroom, she fucked me more than we had in the previous 6 months combined. She loves getting fucked so that each thrust makes a loud slapping sound now and it was pretty amazing seeing her preferences change with her bull and hearing her beg for it the way he fucks her.

    Mid December, she was playing on her phone after sex and said "Oh, Derek followed me on Instagram". I thought she meant that her previous bull followed her and I got rock hard thinking about him keeping up with her on social media, but it was just another friend we haven't seen since they had a baby. She was amazed I was hard already and I didn't have the heart to tell her the reason why. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, February 23, 2020

    My Marriage Changed Forever


    I am a cuckold. There, I just needed to get that off my chest. Had you told me just a few years ago that I would push my wife into the arms of another man, I would have told you that you were crazy. If you had told me that I would get aroused watching her suck another cock, I probably would have wanted to punch you out. If you had told me that I would be able to cum while another man came on her breasts, well I probably would have screamed. Yet, all of those things have happened, and I am here to tell you my tale.

    I am not sure when my interest in being a cuckold started. My wife and I had been married for a decade. We both have good paying jobs, beautiful children, a nice house in the suburbs, and a generally comfortable existence. We are very blessed. However, after a decade of marriage, and three years of dating, our sex life had gone stale. As such, I found myself often watching porn late at night, as my wife slept upstairs. It was on one of those nights that I watched a cuckold scene, which I did not enjoy at first, but the more I watched it the more intrigued I became.

    Soon I was reading cuckold stories here on the blog, and elsewhere, to the point where it was all I thought about when I jerked off. Naturally I began to fantasize about my wife with other men, to the point that it was what I always thought about it when cumming. I suppose you could say it became somewhat of an obsession of mine, albeit one that I never shared with anybody, especially my wife. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, February 19, 2020

    I Resisted so much at First


    A year ago, I never would have imagined I'd do what I did yesterday. A year ago, I was a sweet and innocent young woman. Sure, I had my deep dark kinks, but I never looked at other guys and I figured the only person I'd ever have sex with in my life would be my longtime boyfriend and high school sweetheart, Sam. He was my first and, I thought, would be my only.

    It started with the pictures. Actually, I brought it up. I admitted to J that I liked being looked at and I liked when random guys on campus would flirt with me. I'd NEVER indulge them, I swore, but I still liked getting drooled over. So he bought me lingerie, took some pictures, and started posting them online. I felt guilty at how wet the attention made me. I'd hide how much I loved the nasty messages and comments. Surely he'd be mad that others were going crazy over my body, right...?

    Next came the dildos. He bought me a 7" first. It was bigger than him, and at first a bit uncomfortable. But with time I came to love it. Like with the pictures, I tried to downplay how much I liked it, but when he soon bought me a thick, 10" dildo, there was no hiding it anymore. I'd never felt pleasure like that, and soon our "sex" was more often me going crazy with my dildo while he watched than it was actual sex. He must hate me, I thought. What kind of girlfriend prefers a dildo to their boyfriend? Surely he doesn't like this? ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, February 16, 2020

    They Tricked me into Agreeing


    We had been married two years when this happened. My friends all had a huge party out in the country. There were a lot of people there and everyone was getting drunk. They had a dice game going and I loved to gamble. I was playing and winning a lot of money. After a couple of hours I realized I hadn't seen my wife. I saw her walking in the door with a friend of mine. I could tell she was feeling good.

    I asked her where she had been. She told me that her and my friend went to get some wine at the stor. I asked her what took them so long. She said on the way back when they pulled over to let someone get by on the small road they lived on and that they got stuck. It took a while to get out. I wasn't unusual for her to go driving with one of my friends so I didn't think much of it. I noticed later there wasn't any mud on my truck and that should have made me suspicious. I also know how horny she gets when she drives and should have put two and two together. But I trusted her and didn't think anything of it.

    When the party broke up my friend that went with her jumped into our truck and said he was going home with us. We were all tired so I didn't think anything of it. It was a 30 minute drive to our house. On the way over he was trying to talk us into having a threesome. My wife said she wasn't fucking both of us. He kept going on and on. My wife asked me why I didn't make him stop. I told her I thought it would be hot. She said she couldn't believe I would share her. She knew it was the alcohol taking and I would be mad about it in the morning. I told her I wouldn't. She said it wasn't happening. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, February 12, 2020

    I Love Watching my Wife Suck a Big One


    Nothing is more satisfying than watching my wife suck and lick a big cock. There just isn't. I love it so fucking much it is unreal. Just all of it but I'm going to be pretty specific haha.

    I almost can feel what she's doing to him. At least 95% of the time I am caged when she sucks and fucks, but it's still almost like I can feel her tongue on my cock. Especially knowing how soft and thick her tongue is, fuck, she has the best and sexiest tongue. I know I can't feel it obviously, and I will never know what it's like to have her suck me with so much lust and desire for approval. She has obviously sucked me, but it is totally different. When she sucked me it was obviously a part of foreplay or because I did something to make her happy. It was great of course haha I'm not saying it wasn't but damn, the way she sucks her bull. it drives me fucking crazy.

    She never used half as much tongue on me as she does to him. I love how comfortable she looks as she does it. How she grabs his thick shaft with her right hand under his head and strokes him (not very far up and down with her hand, leaving room for the tongue) while she sucks and gently licks and sucks on spots up and down his shaft. How she licks around his head while she plays with his balls and strokes his shaft with her full hand. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, February 09, 2020

    The Sound that made me a Cuckold


    Long time lurker, first time poster on this blog. I thought some people might enjoy hearing about a couple of my experiences. So this is 100% true but I'll try to dial up descriptive language for dramatic purposes. I won't however exaggerate or lie.

    So last summer I was dating a girl we'll call Renee. She was pretty and always up for a good time, although innocent and naive too. A sweet looking italian angel. We were on the adventurous side and were finding out just how much together. We frequently went to strip clubs together as well as erotic couple's massages. Something about seeing her behaving like a slut turned me on in a big way.

    We had talked about having a threesome and when I was just finishing a semester at university and we made it happen for the first time. Our first one was with another man; my friend from school who we'll call Brent. He was our age, very muscular, something of a jock type. He was all for the idea. To be honest my girlfriend was a fucking smokeshow. Who wouldnt be down?

    We were so inexperienced. We didn't know how such things are supposed to play out but we all knew why we were there at my dorm room. We were watching a porno. Pirates lol. Renee was sitting in the middle between us. Then suddenly she put her hands on our crotches and started to rub. Brent leaned over and kissed her. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, February 05, 2020

    She Ruins my Orgasms


    Let me preface this with a little background on us. I am in my mid-20s and my wife is in her early 30s. We are both attractive, although I am pretty skinny and she is really good looking. Nice perky boobs and a smoking body as you can see from these pictures. I am hung (about 8") but I don't have the best stamina, which is where a lot of this fantasy comes from (I think). I was never really very submissive until quite recently but I'll get more into that in a sec.

    Around a year ago I mentioned how hot the thought of her getting fucked in front of me was. She thought I was crazy and had to make sure quite a few times that this wasn't just some scheme so I could hook up with other girls. Eventually she realized I was being genuine, and since then the fantasy has played more and more into our sex life.

    It started with me pushing back on her hips like she was getting fucked from behind while she sucked me off. Then she started moaning in my ear while I did so and she would be soaked during this. Lately though she really pins me down and teases me to the point I'm nearly gonna cum in my pants. As a side note I'll add she actually made me do that once... ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, February 02, 2020

    I have to Admit, She's already Gone


    Hello everyone, I am not sure how to approach the topic, I don't even know that if I should share this online but this is my only outlet. I think I will start by introducing myself and my wife. I am Mark, 27 years old, my wife Nicolette she's 27 too and we have been married for almost 7 years now.

    She was my highschool sweetheart and we wanted to marry right after highschool but due to some family matters we were unable to do so. Though when things looked on the brighter side we got married readily. Nicolette is quite a woman. She's just as amazing from inside as she is from outside. I am not afraid to admit that she's entirely out of my league.

    She's the kind of woman every man would lust after. Continuing with what I mean to tell you, this all started about half an year ago when my wife met Jay. She was out with her friends on her occasional 'girl's night out' and one of her friends introduced her to Jay. They both hit it off from the start based on their mutual interest of art.

    My wife is a keen drawing enthusiast and Jay is a great sketch artist so the conversation was inevitable. My wife told me about him when she came back and I completely ignored it. She met him a few times and Nicolette soon joined the classes after her work hours had been reduced. I was happy for her as she really enjoyed drawing and he seemed to enjoy it too. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, January 29, 2020

    My most Shameful Orgasm


    This is about my wife and I and who know's what. She was my third long term girlfriend and I knew I wanted to be with her forever. So after deciding I wanted to marry her we got engaged. I was crazy about her and wanted nothing else in the whole world. She was perfect. She was so hot, she gets wet off the thought of being naughty with or without my knowledge. She had a past of being a bit of a workplace slut and even fucking most of her ex boyfriends friends.

    My perfect girl. I could never trust her for a second if she had even the slightest bit of temptation. We were currently living with my mum until our house application completed. She took herself off to work as she usually did in the morning, however this morning she was up early and applying make up and taking time doing her hair, I was immediately suspicious but decided not to say anything and kissed her goodbye as she left.

    We spoke throughout the day via text but she was slightly off, something not quite right. She worked with two guys which I was obviously jealous about knowing her past and what she is like anyway, I mean it's one of the reasons I fell so hard for her. One of these guys was very persistent with her and even messaged her on her days off which got my back up. She always dismissed it and put it down to him, "just wanting to be mates." ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, January 26, 2020

    I'm too Excited to Wait


    Long time lurker, first time poster. I have been married to Madison for 12 years. We have your standard married couple life. Met in college, got married at 26, popped out 3 kids and live in the NY suburbs. My business took off and Madison was able to stop working 7 years ago. She has the ideal married life scenario - she has help with kids thanks to a live in nanny, spends her days doing yoga and brunch with her friends and has been a very good loyal wife.

    We have sex 1-2 times per week and there are no complaints from either side, but........ we both want to spicen things up as it has almost become robotic in the bedroom.

    A little about Madison. She's mostly Italian with some beautiful tits and nice legs and ass for a woman with 3 kids and in her late 30s. She has recently begun waxing her pussy fully since I brought up the subject of her perhaps liking the idea of other men which she rejected quickly - but still, waxed pussy? She does squats every AM, yoga 6 days a week and ran the NYC marathon 3 out of the last 5 years. Here are two pics of her we like best. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, January 22, 2020

    The Look in her Eye Scared Me


    I am suppose to be taking a break from all of this cuckold talk but some stories on here sparked a little something in me to write about what happened with my girlfriend Ava-Clare.

    Yesterday, I was waiting for Ava-Clare to come back from school. I watched some movies and washed her sheets. I love doing things for her. I have always done that and I will never stop. It is just one less thing on her list of errands. I sent her some pics and sexted her a bit. To be honest I don't even remember watching the movies. I was zeroed in on sending Ava-Clare these pics that the movie meant nothing to me. A couple of hours later she came home.

    Just hearing her open the door made me instantly hard because I hardly ever know what I am going to get. Either she ignores the fact that I am horny or she looks at me and my hard dick that is obviously visible through my sweats. She looked at me and my dick and licked her tongue and bit her bottom lip like she wants to suck it. I honestly love it when she does that. She hops on top of me in cow girl position. Keep in mind that we both still have our clothes on. Her pussy is right on top of my dick that's pressed against my stomach. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, January 19, 2020

    So Horny she called her Bull


    Hey everyone. This is about me and my wife Sandra. I started questioning whether I wanted to be a cuckold. Part of me started wondering whether it was just that I wasn't happy with where I was at but, as my wife says, I get turned on by it all. Today I am feeling like it probably is a sexual preference or part of my sexuality. Good thing I have a slutty wife to put me in my place.

    About 4 days ago she teased me while we were fucking and said she wanted bigger, and it turned me on at the time. She was riding me and I was grabbing her beautiful ass while she bounced up and down and I just remember thinking that it is so perfect and juicy and that I am super lucky because anyone would love to fuck her. I played along and asked questions like 'have you had bigger cocks in you babe?' And she loved it haha, she moaned and said 'mmm yeah.' I asked her if she liked it and she was also enthusiastic. We talked like that for a while as we made out passionately and she playfully bit my lip, and she came so fucking hard. The fact that she came that hard was undeniable haha, she was really turned on by it and that right there made me realize a few things.

    Last night we went out, and she definitely got tipsy. She was all over me at the bar... Her sister recently moved here and has been with us a lot, but it was just her and I last night. When we got home, she immediately wanted to fuck. I got turned on by how horny she was and I got on my back and she started riding my face as I felt all over her legs and ass. She was almost hilariously excited haha and she excitedly rode my face moaning. Then all of a sudden, while still on my face, she said 'baby, fuck me with the strapon.' ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, January 15, 2020

    My Husband Invited his Best Friend to Stay Over


    Hello all, it's my first time sharing as I've never really had a sex story worth sharing until now, but here goes!

    I'm Michelle, I'm 31 years old and have been married for 5 years. My husband Brian is an an engineer for a large private military contractor so we have had to move several times over the last few years. I've always been kind of a hopeless romantic type. I'm an english teacher and an avid writer, though I have not been able to work during the last two years because of our moves.

    Our sex life has dwindled starting from about the time we got married. We have both only had two partners in our life times. In fact, my only other partner was someone I was with twice while Brian and I were broken up for a couple months just after college. I have a huge sexual....imagination...but have never quite explored many of the things I'd like to. I've always been sort of a quiet type who is just waiting for someone to bring the inner animal out of me but unfortunately my husband is similar so we've always been a bit timid together.

    We have always been able to talk fantasy together though. Of all the things over the years the thing we've talked about most is a threesome (MFF). However, we've never quite been able to make it happen. We're both not great at approaching people about things like that because it's so...awkward. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, January 12, 2020

    It was a Rush of Emotions


    Recently had my first experience with my girlfriend fucking another man in front of me. Pretty light stuff in comparison to some of the stories on here, but I found it exciting.

    I started dating this girl a few months ago and she and I had discussed group sex scenarios early on; we're both pretty open about our sexuality, so that came up pretty naturally when we were talking about our interests. We played around with the idea for a while, she had done stuff like this with previous partners, but it's new to me. We would talk to people on dating sites - guys and girls - and we both found that exciting.

    Eventually, we started talking to someone that we both thought would be a good match: respectful, easy-going, described himself as a bull, and the fact that he had a huge cock probably didn't hurt, either. Last Friday night we decided to dip our toes in a bit and go meet this guy. We met at a bar, had a drink, and then smoked some weed with him. They were flirty, and Hazel kept teasing him and then looking back at me, smiling excitedly. He caught us winking to each other at one point, and we all shared a nervous, excited laugh about it. Nothing really happened that night. He and Hazel held hands, flirted, and hugged at the end of the night, but that was basically it. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, January 08, 2020

    My First ever Cuckolding


    Hello! My name is Aden. For our second submission here at the blog, I'll tell you about my first cuckold experience in 2012 with my ex-girlfriend slut.

    It all started on a August day when I was contacted by telephone by an old sailor friend on a commercial boat, announcing that he would arrive soon the next day in the city, and invited me on his boat to a remeeting the next day. I said OK, and the next day we went to meet our old friendship. After that, he told me he was going to give a party the third day, being the last one to stay in the harbor in the city. So he invited me, and asked if she could come, my girlfriend to the party.

    I replied a big "yes". It was settled, that's how it stayed. The next day, evening 19:30 I arrived in Port, along with my friend Sofia (18yrs), so I got on the boat with my friends. My girlfriend was dressed in cut jeans, slim, and a pink silk blouse with a neckline, bra and slim bikini, that's all to be sexy. Sofia was afraid of the boat and the water. So I stepped on the ship with confidence, and I went into the vapor living room where the party started, with lots of beutura, pizza, spaghetti, champagne.

    I introduced her to my friends there, the five: Alex, Den, Nick, Jhon. She was thrilled. The boys kept staring at my girlfriend, she was sexy and hot. So we decided to dance, and we started feeling good, with music and champagne. The time was 21:00. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, January 05, 2020

    I asked my College Girlfriend to Fuck her Ex


    Hey everyone. I've wanted to share this story for a long time, but just haven't had the time to sit down and write it all down until recently.

    At any rate, I suppose it's most accurate to say that I had my now ex-girlfriend cuckold me while we were in college. After much discussion and deliberation we decided to give it a whirl during our last year at university. We both had a kinky side we wanted to indulge, and seeing that we would likely be going separate ways after graduation, we agreed to give my wildest fantasy a try. Before I get into the meat and potatoes, I'll give you all a little background about my fantasy, myself, my ex-girlfriend, and the guy I shared her with.

    My fantasy. I wanted, more than anything, to see my girlfriend have sex with another guy. And not just anyone, I wanted her to be taken by what I called an "alpha male." I always imagined her with someone taller, in better shape, and much much bigger in the pants.

    I've spent a lot of time psychoanalyzing myself in hopes of understanding my desire to share my SO and watch, and I think it's the result of two things: (1) I discovered porn at a young age and (2) my very first girlfriend cheated on me with another guy and bragged to me about his size. Apparently he was much bigger than I am and the only way my brain could accept this hurtful memory was to find a way to derive pleasure out of it. Combine that with my continued consumption of porn, and you get a cuckold fantasy. At least that's my best guess. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, December 29, 2019

    Our Sex was better with a Dominant Bull


    I've been seeing a new bull for the last couple of months. I've been a hotwife for the last few years and my husband and I have gotten into more cuckold relationships over the last year. We have always been the more dominating role of whoever we brought in to play with us. But my new bull has been more dominating than others in the past and the last few weeks has been setting rules for my husband and I. We had all talked about this beforehand so none of it has come as surprise. It's just been an adjustment to what we've been used to.

    My husband wasn't allowed inside me for 13 days and then when he was, it was only after my bull was done. Over the last week, my bull has been making my husband clean up after him. I thought my husband would have a tough time transitioning but he seems to love our new dynamic.

    I stayed over at my bull's place this weekend and when I got home yesterday my husband couldn't have been more excited and wanted to hear all about my weekend. My husband has always liked watching me with other guys but I was a little surprised he wanted to hear about everything.

    On Friday, as planned, my bull had picked me up from work. He was stopping by my place beforehand to pick up my bag of clothes that I had packed. My husband had been home and my bull was telling my husband what he had planned for us this weekend and was told that if he wanted to contact me over the weekend that he would have to call my bull's phone, not mine, and would see me again Monday morning. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, December 22, 2019

    I Cuckolded my Boyfriend Years Ago


    I'm a woman writing about how my boyfriend and I kind of got into this at a party. There was no theme to the party, no agenda, not many people. Enough booze to get pretty wasted.

    Peter was my boyfriend's name. James was his best friend. James' parents were away and the party was at his house.

    It was the summer before we all went off to University, and we wanted to party hard.

    James lived in a suburb of a suburb. Way out of town. It was May. It was a train ride there, and the trains ran every hour. At the end of the train ride, there was a lazy half-hour walk to James' house. We - Peter and I - did the walk holding hands. A couple of his friends were there too, walking with us. In my memory you could hear crickets, and see lens-flares. This was 10 years ago but I remember it well.

    We were sweating a little when we arrived. James lived in a beautiful, identikit Barratt home: faux red brick and double-glazed windows. Indoors it was cool. I was wearing a short blue and white striped dress, and I could feel the leather of the sofa on my thighs when I sat down. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, December 18, 2019

    Her Eyes lit up with our Cuckold Talk


    So it has a few weeks since me and girlfriend last talked about the whole hotwife/threesome thing which I initially brought up. It seemed she had forgotten about it or something, but yesterday she tells me that she had a dream about 2 guys (including me) fucking her. I was turned on and intrigued so I asked more and she only said that we both took turns and "used her like a hole". I got super hard at hearing this but we had to go to our work places soon so we cut it off then.

    After work was over and we met at home I brought it up again (obviously! :D ). She was sober (i.e not horny and neither was I) so it seemed like a good time to talk about it like adults, mature and considerate. She asked if I would like it for real, if we had a threesome (yeah we're still at threesomes in our talk, not full blown hotwifing yet). And honestly, I was conflicted but said the hotness would overcome the weirdness so yeah why not. She smirked and almost rolled her eyes as if she knew what was up haha. But we continued talking.

    She told me that she won't like a stranger but I suggested someone we meet for 2-3 times at a pub or restaurant and she liked that idea a lot. She said she would be only comfortable to include a guy which she likes as a person (which I also want). So this was all good and balanced talk (much needed) but then we started getting into the "hot" territory. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, December 15, 2019

    Wife sent Pictures to a Coworker


    So last night I sent a picture I had of my wife on my phone to her phone (see first picture attached). My wife ended up sending that to a coworker that she has played with and he was pleasantly surprised by it. But that's not the coworker she fucked! She went out with a group of guys she works with. Kind of a going away party for one of them. I called her the next day when I usually do and she immediately says she fucked guy x! It was a shock cause it's no one she's mentioned playing with or having any interest in before. Before she had gone out she was very scriptural that she was going to do anything. The coworker she had played with wasn't there. But she went out and was playing pool at a local bar. This is what she told me happened...

    She was out drinking. And getting sexy looks from most the guys she was out with. She said she went to the gas station with a friend to get some cigarettes. They then were sitting outside the gas station and talked for awhile. Out of now where she told him that she had just got waxed that day.

    And she could notice him getting turned on by this. Before long she blatantly asked him if he'd like to come over and fuck her. Of course he said yes. They went back to the bar to join the rest. But soon said they were leaving. Splitting a taxi to drop him off, then take her home. But he didn't go home. They get to our house and sneak up stairs, her brother is staying with us and didn't want to wake him up. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, December 11, 2019

    It Started with Fantasizing about Big Cocks


    It all started with fantasy conversations while we were at the height of sex. When I asked Meg what turned her on more than anything else, she said she always turned-on by seeing and handling big cocks when she was in nursing school, and that she had never mentioned it because she didn't want to upset me. I told her by reaction and by words that just the thought of her with another man, especially one who was well hung, drove me crazy and I loved the thought.

    Meg initially presents herself as the typical prim and proper wife, one that would never be interested in anything sexual except to please her husband. She is mid 40's with a perfect 35C-25-36 figure and legs that go all the way up to her ass, and speaking of ass, she has one that is curvy and ripe. When she walks into a room, every man in the place turns to look at her even when dressed as a conservative wife.

    For at least six months after the initial conversation, the topic always came up, and when I bought some video tapes that involved men who were really hung and fucking another man's wife, you could tell she was totally captivated. As time passed, she asked if I had ever shown any of her early photos to other men, and if so what was their reaction. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, December 08, 2019

    Found a Guy Online to Mess her Hair Up


    The wife and I were browsing through messages this past week on AFF and came across one from an out of town business traveler. We normally prefer local guys with the potential for a longer term relationship, but his message was clever, well written and his pics showed a very nice body and a long thick cock (see pic). We responded and exchanged face pics. My wife, who is extremely sexy, is picky when she’s looking for a fuck buddy. She liked what she saw and we agreed on a place for drinks on Sunday night.

    It had been quite awhile since she had taken on another guy, so we were both a little nervous as the time approached in meeting our new potential sex partner. When he arrived, he stopped by our table to introduce himself and then went to the bar to get a drink. I was immediately drawn (as was the wife) by his good looks and confident mannerisms.

    When he came back to the table, he took the seat next to my wife and proceeded to engage her in conversation- only politely including me occasionally. He was definitely making great progress with her and when she reached her hand out to touch his arm while laughing at something he'd said, I knew it was on.

    We finished a couple rounds of drinks and he invited us back to the hotel for a drink at the bar there. It's known as a cool spot that gets more than just the hotel crowd. I dropped them off at the front door and drove up to the parking garage. When I finally made it inside, the bar was pretty crowded for a Sunday night. There were still quite a few people there watching the late NFL game. When I found them sitting next to each other at a table, my wife told me that she ran into a couple of my friends at the bar. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, December 04, 2019

    My Wife Received a Proposal


    My wife got a strange offer today. She left to go see her female cousin (3rd) in the afternoon. About an hour after she left, I get a text telling me she started to have a strange conversation with her cousin and her cousin's BF about sex. It turns out her cousin is into watching her BF fuck other woman while she watches or joins. She told her cousin we're into the same, but in the opposite.

    Out of the blue, her cousin asks her if she would be willing to join them. I guess her BF is really into my wife and would die to fuck her. She wants to make him happy, so she asks my wife if she wants to right now. My wife sent me a text telling me the story and asking if it's ok for her to have a threesome with them. For some reason the whole idea rubbed me the wrong way from the start, and I told her I really wasn't into the whole situation and asked her not to have the threesome.

    She told them I wasn't into the whole idea. They understood but told her the offer still stands and asked if she would talk to me about it when she got home. After she got back, she told me her cousin said that she normally eats the girl's pussy while her bf fucks her at some point during the threesome and asked my wife if she would be into the idea even though they're technically related. My wife told me she thought she would let her after they all opened up about their sexual experiences and she realized they're as crazy as the two of us when it comes to what they've tried in the past. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, December 01, 2019

    Cuckolded by my Childhood Bully


    This is about my girlfriend's first date with someone who I'm going to call "Bully." I call him that because when we were younger he bullied me a lot and now that we are in our early 20s he doesn't anymore but still we both remember our places. We're friendly and I had a dream where he fucked my girlfriend and I couldn't shake that for months. So I asked my girlfriend if she would try a date with him. We had talked about cuckolding for a long time and she liked the idea but was nervous as expected. She didn't know he bullied me and so when I pointed out and "old friend" she said yes.

    I then told Bully about our situtation and he smiled and told me to tell her to give him a call. She did and they went on a date.

    Their date went well. She told me he behaved nicely unlike all the times I remember him acting. They had lot of fun together and he did not try to do anything inappropriately.

    She thought he looked hot, she was nervous during the whole date in the start of the date. But he did get her comfortable. She told him he was the second guy she had gone on date with after me and he was surprised about that and told her that he was lucky she gave him a chance. During the date he kept touching her, nothing inappropriate but she was aroused by his touching. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, November 27, 2019

    I gave my Wife a Hall Pass


    So yay, it happened, my wife fucked another guy for the first time since we have been together (other than me) and it was incredible!

    As I sit here with a hard dick and recall what happened, it started with us taking a very long weekend to ourselves at nice, local hotel. We were at the hotel bar which had music and a dance floor and this latin guy somehow got the nerve to ask my wife to dance while I was getting us drinks. I come back to see her and him dirty dancing and then discovered he was staying on a different floor of the same hotel. They walked back to the table and I quickly made myself scarce so they could do their thing. Latin guy asked for his coat back (she was using it to keep warm) and my wife told him, "No I will bring it up to your room in a minute." In that minute she freshened herself up and called me to make sure we were both okay with this moving ahead - safe to say we were!

    I need to add that we have talked about this for years but I never though she would make it happen, and so fast!!!

    She walked up to his room and explained the situation, she is happily married but has a hall pass and is single for the night if he is up for some fun. They went inside his room and had some red wine to cut the tension and after some small talk laid back on the bed and he kissed her. My wife said she was very giggly at this point knowing what was about to happen. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, November 24, 2019

    Patience Won my Wife Over


    I have been married for almost 5 years now. My wife and I are young cuckolds but very mature for our age. We are both 29.

    When we were just starting out and we were having sex, I would always bring up the fantasy of her getting fucked hard by a lover or master. I described how hard, slick, and big his cock would be as it slid inside. Sometimes he is using a condom and sometimes he is not.

    She sometimes says she wants him to not so she can feel the cock naturally. Over the years, our stories got to be more elaborate ... sometimes she is getting gangbanged by 3 or more big studs ... filling each of her holes. I have gotten her to even call out common names of guys we know with her begging them to fuck her hard. She will even role play giving rim jobs. I even convinced her to take nude pictures of her fucking dildos pretending they are other men.

    When I would bring up the topic for real with her, she would get really pissed off. She would say "I do not want to do it!". Please know that she was a virgin before me. I told her how much it would turn me on and that it might be an interesting experience for her. She would sometimes says to me, "What if I like it?" - but I don't think that means anything, more like a threat that I might lose her. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, November 20, 2019

    She Threw herself at Me when she came Home


    This all happened a few years ago, back then I didn't even know what cuckolding was. In fact it's only something I've discovered not so long ago.

    Like many people here I once brought up to my gf Dana the idea of her having sex with someone else or trying a bigger cock. While she wasn't initially sure what to think she eventually started liking this idea but it went nowhere because we didn't know anyone who could be a bull.

    Now at our college, more precisely in my faculty, there was this one attractive girl with whom I had classes with. I got along pretty well with her, worked on some group projects with her and when she met my gf they became really good friends. We'll call her Carla.

    One evening my gf was hanging out with Carla in her apartment, they were a bit drunk and they started talking about sex. Now Carla was like this innocent looking girl, she and her bf came from a small village and were raised in a somewhat strict christian community. So you wouldn't expect much from her when it comes to talking about sex. But it turned out her bf was quite popular among the girls in their hometown and he banged a few of them in secret. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, November 17, 2019

    I Found a Willing Couple


    I've been part of the hotwife/cuckold scene for a couple years now. I had two regular couples in Houston, but one has moved away and the other one has decided to leave the scene for personal reasons. Sadly, this has left me without a couple and since none of my friends are into the lifestyle (as far as I know) I turned to adult dating and swinger sites to find couples who would like to have a fairly experienced bull enter their relationship.

    I posted in a couple different categories and got quite a few responses. A lot of it was chaff, but after sifting through the messages I found a couple that seemed real and sincere. They didn't have many pics of themselves, but they gave me their email, we messaged, and took it from there. We chatted for a few days leading up into my trip to Austin, talked about things we liked, didn't like, our kinks, and out limits. We provided each other recent STD tests and talked about what specifically we were okay with.

    They wanted me to meet up with the wife in a hotel room that she had gotten her husband to pay for, fuck her senseless, cum inside her, and then send her home to her husband with some pictures and videos. I have honestly never been more excited about travelling for business before. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, November 13, 2019

    I only Sucked the Tip


    So my hubby, his three friends, and I, all go to the beach for the weekend. We ended up getting a nice room with an ocean view.

    We have a big suite that has two master bedrooms with bathrooms in each and a big joining balcony. One bathroom had a big tub in it, and the other had a big glass shower.

    So we picked the room with the tub, and the other guys had the other room with the big shower.

    We were all having a great time drinking all day at the beach, and went out to the beach bars at night.

    So my hubby and I were really drunk, and we wanted to head back early. We really wanted to have the place to our selves to get freaky.

    We had the whole suite finally.

    As soon as we get in there, we start hooking up. We didn't turn the lights on, and just started heavy making out in the main living area in the dark. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, November 10, 2019

    My Girlfriend Cages Me and Plays Carefully


    My girlfriend gave some handjobs yesterday. She was playing with my cock a little bit before bed tonight and she started talking about it and asking me if I liked seeing it, which I said of course I did. She teased me a little bit and asked if I was mad she didn't let me post about it here like I wanted to initially. Really I wasn't mad at all haha but her hand on my cock made me realize how bad I wanted to. Then all of a sudden, she said, "Do it tonight." I made sure she really meant it and she laughed and said sure, but she probably won't see the post as she gets too nervous and self-conscious. I said that's fair and she just stopped and said take your pick, you can either post it or cum. Haha I had to open my stupid mouth and ask questions instead of just getting off and seeing what happened (like can I cum tonight and post it tomorrow... She said not an option). So, I got blue-balled after fifteen minutes of her stroking me, but that's okay. I am uncaged but I promised her I won't cum and I'll cage up before bed (she is already asleep).

    We have been laying pretty low with the cuckolding. We had a pretty kinky day Saturday as there was some stuff that needed to be done at her place (I'm mostly moved in though, so we both agree it is now our place haha) and I did it wearing a cock cage and red crotchless panties while she teased me. It was mostly caulking the bathtub and replacing the tub knobs and then a few other minor things. She had me in panties for all of it. We had made a decision that she is not going to get fucked for a while, and are still standing by that. But we have still been talking dirty and teasing, and this happened too. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, November 06, 2019

    I had to Behave while she was being Slutty


    The first time my fiancee had sex with HIM, when I wasn't there, was pretty amazing. My mom had been visiting for 2 weeks, so we were behaving ourselves, while she was there. My mom was using my car, so she had to pick me up at work before being able to go home, and since my fiancee got off work an hour before me, she was always home alone for a while.

    I texted her in the morning and suggested, that she play with him while I kept my mom occupied a little after she picked me up from work. It didn't take too much convincing unsurprisingly, but I made it very clear, that if she was going to play, I still wanted to be included some way.

    She agreed that she would get him to take pictures, and send me text messages while they were having fun. It's still 2 hours away before she goes home, and I already have butterflies in my stomach. I spent the afternoon doing stupid busy work, just to keep my mind occupied. It worked, fortunately enough, and the time came.

    My phone goes off, and it's a text from her, simply saying "Ready?". ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, November 03, 2019

    My Wife Understands Now


    So, I have been with my wife (let's call her Amanda) for close to 5 years now, and throughout the relationship we have been extremely lucky in how adventurous we have been able to be. We have had threesomes of all types, partnered up long term with couples we know, and between the two of us have basically acted out every topic or kink that has come up in earnest. Except hotwife/cuckolding.

    To start it off I've been overseas and interstate traveling for close to 6 weeks now, and during this time I've been in very remote areas, on the road and exhausted to the point where even if turned on when I get the chance to talk to Amanda, by the time I get to a bed I'm out cold. I think it was close to three weeks without actually getting myself off, but also knowing Amanda was at home having fun with toys of various sizes (she was quite descriptive) and her Hitashi best friend.

    One night I'm finished up with a client and look to have 2-3 days prior to the next international flight with nothing to do but enjoy this time in the town. It's around 9pm, I've eaten and drunk a few too many drinks, and he just read a long message about Amanda trying to setup a meet with a friend back home for a welcoming present. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, October 30, 2019

    My Boyfriend Listened over the Phone


    My Name is Lisa, a 22-year-old living miles apart from my significant other Mark. Constant phone sex was great, but I always teased about having another guy fuck me which turned me on even more. After a while Mark started loving the idea of watching me with another man that he decided to accept the idea but only if I follow all his rules.

    Rule no 1

    Every message exchanged between my Bull and I had to be screenshot and sent to him, which should show the time and place where we were going to meet.

    Rule No 2

    I was to send Pictures of myself dressing up in my sexy lingerie, as I get ready for my date with my Bull as well as pictures and a video if anything happened.

    Rule no 3

    I was to Keep My phone on me while he listened to me and my bull. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, October 27, 2019

    My Wife, her Lover and his Boss


    It's hard to believe that 2 years ago my wife was a woman who wouldn't even consider something like this. It's like a switch was thrown and she is now comfortable with things I never thought she'd be comfortable with. It started when she seduced a friend of ours and decided that she was going to have a lover from now on besides me. It helps that her lover only comes to town every seven to eight weeks so I'm not sharing her full-time but when he is here she is definitely with him. Frank is a very lucky guy and while I know eventually it will burn out she has been given enough leash to do whatever she wants. (Frank, her lover, is aware I know but I am never there nor do I discuss it with Frank.)

    I know I have been blessed because I have been with my wife almost 20 years and I'm still insanely attracted to her. Jill is a very sexy wife with a beautiful face. It's not hard to understand how other men are attracted to her as well. She took up with her new lover about a year ago and since then it has progressed from just them hooking up to her spending nights with him and even vacationing with him. On two occasions now she has joined him in his native home state of Illinois. He is in the Real Estate Management industry and as he has built a very impressive business for himself. He has been trying to land a major clients account that would increase his income by three times but his boss was delaying the decision and Frank was very frustrated. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, October 23, 2019

    He Felt up her Inner Thighs


    I'm more into the 'Hotwifing' aspect, than cuckolding - I want her to FULLY enjoy her sexuality, and have told her she has my permission to cheat, if she ever needs or wants to do so. Think the happenings in her past have moved me towards the hotwife thing. And getting older!! When we first married I would have been jealous as hell if another guy made a pass at her, where as now I openly encourage her to dress a certain way (braless, quite often!), and have bought her a couple of anklets (she wears one occasionally, without being FULLY aware of the possible 'message'.)

    The closest we've come to another guy having a go at her, was a couple of years ago in Marrakech. We were walking in the myriad of alleyways near the large market, when she complained of her ankle hurting. Almost immediately, this old Arab was alongside us, explaining in decent English, that he could offer a massage to ease the discomfort in her leg. He pointed to the doorway in front of us, and rather warily (esp on my part!) we were ushered in.

    To be fair, inside did seem reminiscent of a doctor's room - there were some medical-looking bottles, and bandages, that type of thing. There was also a couple of chairs, and a bed. The Arab guy offered the chairs for me and my wife. We sat. He then offered us lemonade, while commenting on the heat outside. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, October 20, 2019

    The Bedroom is Hotter than it has ever Been


    So two years ago, my wife and a remote colleague started a flirting relationship via work email that turned into him suggesting texting, and then a day later some chat so his fiance did not notice all the texts to one phone number. Shortly after that, he started sending overtly sexual messages and they got into a pretty short but intense sexually explicit relationship where they messaged, talked on the phone, and sent each other naked pics.

    He was working on convincing her to webcam while he walked her through masturbating when I found her messages to him. She had tried to delete her messages but I recovered some. My wife has never had another sexual partner. We met in HS and got married early in life. Up until a few months before that, she was not interested in sex very much, but became very interested when I got fixed and she went off the pill.

    When I found out, I was furious at first, but after a few hours, decided to try and go along with it. We had talked about threesome fantasies in the past, and this seemed like we could try something together. After about 3 days, I decided that I could not emotionally handle it because she had been lying and hiding it from me. It was also such a major departure from how she had been that I just wanted her to stop. To be clear, this was only ever via phone and chat/text. He lives in Arizona and we live in WI. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, October 16, 2019

    How my First Creampie got me Hooked


    I'm happily married with a family and intend to keep this as fantasy only, but I've had a very strong, very specific cuckold-oriented desire that has roots in actual personal experience. The lust for this specific act gets so strong I feel like it's driving me crazy at times. Maybe talking about it here on this blog will be cathartic.

    Like many others (I've been lurking on various cuckold sites for years) I believe the desire I feel is a result of being cheated on in my young adulthood. This story is 100% true. I'm in my late 30s now, but as a young freshman in college all those years ago I met a girl known for being a slut. Hell, I knew several guys who had already fucked her, but she was hot, and I wasn't picky as a horny 19-year old. True to her reputation, getting her in bed was really easy, but we actually got along great and a real realationship started and lasted several years (off and on).

    She was quite candid about being a slut; she had a confident "I have a high libido and love sex and I'm not ashamed." attitude about it, but as we became exclusive she promised she could be faithful. Well, over the next few years we'd have arguments like young couples do and "go on a break" from each other occasionally. Without fail she'd sleep with other guys while we were on these 'breaks', but insisted it didn't count as cheating. I always took her back, I mean technically she was right, a break is a break. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, October 13, 2019

    Cuckolding in a Bad and Good Relationship


    So this is kinda long; completely insane, story that just happened to me and I don't know who else to tell it to. I literally can't believe this shit. It just happened and I have to tell someone so why not this blog?

    So I have a history of girls cheating on me. I always felt very ugly and lower status. I was never any girl's first pick. Even though I always liked girls, I would fantasize on occasion about blowing guys. I never told anyone this.

    My first wife and I were married for four years. She was also my first real girlfriend. She had cheated on me when we were dating. She stayed at a hotel with one of her friends and her friend's boyfriend. My ex had previously had sexual encounters with this guy. They ended up getting a room with only one bed. The guy was in the middle. After her friend fell asleep, the boyfriend rolled over and made out with my ex and at least were touching each other (although I doubt that was all). But even after knowing this I was very young and had no confidence so I thought I could overlook it. I married her a year later.

    Fastforward three years. She always had trouble keeping jobs and making friends. But she gets a job at a popular department store and was absolutely thrilled. One night she was on Snapchat all night while we were sitting there on the couch. I was suspicious. So a couple days later I sneak behind her while she's sending messages and I see hearts and something about cuddling. I confronted her and she says its just a friend from work (with a clearly male's name). I'm mad. Completely furious. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, October 09, 2019

    I asked her to make me Jealous


    I'm 33 yr old male with lots of experience. My fiancee is 28 snd we've been dating for 3 years now.

    Her style is subdued and average when she's out in public. Unfortunately when I first met her she was subdued in bed too.

    She's madly in love with me. I am her first but over the course of our relationship I have regularly pushed her to be kinkier snd kinkier and usually she responds quite well.

    I've shared one of my deepest fantaisss with her, and that is for her to make me jealous in public. This I think is the lightest way to introduce her to cuckolding/ Hotwife life as she's always been adamant how she would never ever sleep with another guy and how she only has eyes for me. She told me that she'll do anything for me and since it makes me happy, she'll get me jealous one day.

    Fast forward to her birthday week.

    She's wearing a hot red top and some skin tights that really show off her ass. We're celebrating her birthday with some friends and she asks to play beer pong. I expect her to partner with me but this is when the fun begins. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, October 06, 2019

    We are on a High and Cumming A lot


    I am writing out this post from my phone today so please bare with me. There may be some typos as I will probably fat finger some keys. So if you really don't know what that word means look around that word and try to play detective haha. Anyways let's get into it! Our sex these past couple of days have been... AMAZING. The loads the I blow are a lot more in volume and Ava tells me that I taste better too! Now I don't know if it is the daily vitamins that I am taking or the fact that we started this whole cuckold thing which brings up the male sperm competition aspect. Either way it is awesome to see me fill my slut with that much cum. I'd have to say of the 10+ times we fucked my load has been about the same amount.

    I honestly love her. She has been amazing and we got kinker in bed. I edged her to the point where she was willing to have any dick in her pussy. She hopped on my dick with so much desperation and aggression all I could think about was another man in my place at that moment. She looks so fucking sexy riding my dick. The way she had her hand on my chest or her hands behind her resting on my inner thighs. The way she tilts her head back and her moans start to get louder and louder with every thrust. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, October 02, 2019

    So Turned on and so much Shame Too


    So I'm 32 (Jimmy), partner is 29 (Sam). We've been dating for 4 years. I'm from the city and she's from a small rural town that I hadn't even heard of until I met her.

    She's always been pretty vanilla but recently got her telling me stories about her with other guys. Turns out she has slept with quite a few men (lots of one night stands) but not many real exciting times. Just drunk one night stands mainly.

    Through more probing though, she opened up about this one guy (Mike) who she used to fuck on a regular basis. Mike is 11 years older than Sam. He was a guy from the same town who moved to the city but anytime he was home and she was single, they would hook up.

    Sam goes on to tell me that Mike was the best she had ever had (she says before me but could be just protecting my feelings lol), he was the first to make her cum during sex and the fact that he was older was a big thrill. She says it's been a few years since they saw each other but she does creep his Facebook every so often. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, September 29, 2019

    From Bull to Wife Watcher


    Though I enjoy sharing my wife with other men, I'm not sure that I qualify as a cuck because I'm not into the humiliation part of the fantasy.

    For several years, I was a bull for another couple. We got together most Friday nights. They had a large sumptuous home. I would get there around 7:30pm. He would have chilled a glass for me and without my asking serve me a premium beer. He and I would either watch sports or listen to music while she put their daughter to bed.

    After a while, brushing by while doing something she would seductively touch my hand or cheek as she passed. Nothing much but it would stoke the fire.

    Eventually she would sit close to me and lean in talking in a low voice as if her husband was not in the room. She would tell me that she missed me and that she had been thinking about me all week. She would touch me but still nothing directly sexual. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, September 25, 2019

    My Boyfriend doesn't Know ... Until Now!


    I am a Mistress. Call me Kay. I cuck my sweet boyfriend MrCuck when he's away. I also cuck him when he's here but that's a different story. Then I write about it (today it's on this blog) and he gets to learn all the juicy details of how I literally screwed him over at the same time as all you other man strokers. This blog is his fav so I know he'll see this soon.

    I woke up this morning with swaths of dried cum coating my body. Abs, ass, tits, he hit every mark. I didn't know so much cum could come from one stud, but he told me he'd been saving it up for 3 weeks especially for me. He knows me so well.

    Good god, his cock is so delicious. I swear I gobbled it up for hours last night. Swirling my tongue around the tip, tempting and teasing. Pursing my lips so he has to buck his hips to force them open until his head reaches the back of my throat. He loves hearing the glogs emanating from my mouth as he fucks them out of me. He's got such a gorgeous, tasty member. It's so fucking big that I forget each time I see it if it's going to fit. (Whoops, MrCuck, you didn't know that I've seen this bull a few times in your absence... I haven't told you about those other times that he fucked me.) ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, September 22, 2019

    Writing Down my Sex with another Man


    My husband likes it when I write him a story about what happened before I actually tell him all about an encounter I had. We haven't had very many, maybe 3 at most but all of them are written down and it's fun to look back on them and get horny all over again with each other. This is our most recent one that happened last week. My husband requested it be posted here as the first place he'll read it and says it's "hot." The anticipation is driving him nuts and I can't wait for him to see it:

    He started pushing me to the bed as we were kissing and slowly laid me down. He crawled on top of me and I felt his hard dick pressing into my leg. It was the hottest thing I have ever felt. The insides of my dripping wet pussy started to throb. My cervix was begging to be fucked and pounded hard. I was panting and breathing so heavy. All I wanted to blurt out so loud is fuck me now Derek. Take my pants off and fuck me please. But I knew I could not. It was not me to talk like that. But I fucking wanted to.

    We stopped kissing and we made eye contact. He had the sexiest look I have ever seen on his face. He started to undo the button on my jeans. Then the zipper slowly came down. I could barely breathe. As we still gazed into each other's eyes he slowly started to pull my pants off. He told me how beautiful I was. I actually got choked up because I had not been naked in front of another man in awhile. After he removed my jeans he got up and took his own pants off. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, September 18, 2019

    I was Caged by my Wife and Bull


    Well, I'll start this blog post off by saying that for the past 10 days I have been in chastity, enforced by my fiancee and her bull, and that Saturday was scheduled to be the night of my release, culminating in a big surprise. I had been teased, taunted, and everything in between, leading up to Saturday, but not one hint from either of them was given to me. It had me nervous, and excited all at the same time.

    Saturday comes around, and I get a text around noon, that states, I need to be showered, naked, and cuffed to the chair in the bedroom, with it pushed into the corner facing the bed at 7pm sharp. I also get a screenshot of a text he sent her that states, that she shower, shave, and give herself an enema, and that she be waiting in her red set of lingerie, by the door, on her knees at the same time. She comes into the living room with a bounce in her step, clearly excited for tonight, and jumps right into my lap, kissing me passionately, pushing her tongue into my mouth, and grinding her hips against my cage.

    We make out for at least 10 minutes like this before she tells me to go down on her, but to not let her cum. She stands up and peels off her pants and thong ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, September 15, 2019

    Emily - Cuckold from Day One - Part 5


    When we arrived at the nightclub, it was already quite crowded, and the dance floor was full of bouncing and gyrating bodies. Even with the wide variety of sexy outfits, halter tops, tube tops, mini-skirts, short-shorts, etc., people noticed when Emily arrived in her skimpy, white dress. Her tits swayed and bounced provocatively even when just walking. I couldn't wait to see her when she danced. I saw several people turn and look at us as we walked in. We found a table and ordered drinks. Emily was scanning the crowd and when she found the young college boys, they were looking at her too. I saw Emily take a deep breath to steel her nerves, then get up and walk over to the boys to introduce herself. She didn't need to worry, in just a few minutes her and the boys were joking and laughing like old friends.

    Finally, one of the boys took her hand and pulled her to the dance floor. It was a fast dance and her tits were practically bouncing right out of the strips of material covering them. She had to continually adjust the fabric to keep them partially covered. The next dance was slow, and the boy pulled her close to him, pressing her tits into his chest while one hand roamed over her naked back and the other hand slid underneath the material and fondled her ass. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, September 11, 2019

    Shower for Three


    It happens once every now and then but today, we’re getting in the shower together. Having a shower is always better with a second person to wash, and with someone who will wash you back. We chitter and chatter as we both step into the shower and close the glass sliding door behind us. The hot water is splashing over both of us, down our bodies and I watch as the water runs down my wife's body. We start to get used to the warm water, she reaches for the shampoo and starts to wash her hair as I do the same. Once our hair is cleaned, I reach for her body wash and squirt some of it into my hand. I start to put the lotion on her shoulders, down her arms, over to her belly and then up to her breasts. Her skin looks sleek and sexy, almost silky with a lovely shine. Her curves look amazing as I spend extra time lathering her breasts. At this point, she has already used some of my soap on me and is now massaging my rock-hard cock – the warm water splashing off our bodies and a hot soapy hand on my cock feels great.

    We kiss as I give her clit a rub and she tells me to turn around so my back is facing her and the entrance to the shower. She hugs me from behind, grabs my hard cock and whispers in my ear “Don’t turn around or you’ll have to get out”. I then hear the bathroom door open followed by the shower door. My wife turns around so her back is now to mine and our buttcheeks are touching. I hear the footsteps of another person enter the shower followed by an unknown voice - “Hello sweetie” – and the unmistakable sounds of two lips kissing. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, September 08, 2019

    I had to Inspect her Pussy


    A little back story. I met this girl almost a year ago and we really clicked and started dating. For the first few months she was still seeing another guy. I knew about him the whole time but he did not know about me for a good two months. During those few months she was seeing both of us regularly and sometimes even the same day. There was definitely a few nights where she spent the evening with him and getting fucked by his big cock then would spend the next day with me. I always wanted to get her naked as soon as I saw her so I could "inspect" her pussy for signs of sex. It always made me so fucking horny knowing she had spent the night with another guy.

    At this point I hadn't admitted to her that I love it when she fucks other guys.

    A few months roll by and their relationship ended and she was only seeing me. A few more months passed which brings us to just a few weeks ago.

    My girl approached me and told me she would like to start seeing other people. I of course was ecstatic because it had been several months since she had fucked another guy. I took this opportunity to tell her that I love it when she fucks other guys and that I would love to open our relationship up. Later that evening we were laying in bed and we started talking about the first few months of our relationship and how much I loved knowing she was fucking another guy and she told me a few stories of days when she fucked us both while we fucked. It was incredibly ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, September 04, 2019

    She brought home a Navy Seal!


    One of my favorite things happened this past weekend... Our daughter was out of town for a school trip and we would have the house to ourselves and the availability to sleep in late. While we hadn't specifically discussed finding a playmate for her, I was hoping it would happen! On Friday night, we just hung around, had a nice dinner and some wine, but decided to get to bed at a decent hour as we both had a lot going on early the next morning.

    On Saturday, as I was returning home from golf, I talked to the wife on the phone and asked what time she'd be ready to leave for a birthday party we'd been invited to. She said she needed to shower and get cleaned up and we could be out the door by 7. The party was fun, but by 11, I was ready to get out of there. As we were driving back towards our neighborhood, I proposed we stop for a drink at a bar by the house. We parked, walked in and enjoyed a live band for about an hour. She'd had a couple more drinks and was looking as though she were ready for some more fun. We decided to leave and went across the street to another bar that caters to a little bit younger crowd with dance music, etc... we walked in and ordered some drinks.

    She began to dance a little bit and had a couple of guys approach her. She was enjoying it and I left for the bathroom. When I came back out she was in a conversation with two very good looking young guys. I hung back by some tables so I could enjoy the show. She was in her flirty mode, laughing, and touching one guys arm as they were talking. She'd lean in ver ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, September 01, 2019

    How I Started Sharing my Girlfriend


    I've followed this blog for years and have always enjoyed all the amazing stories that everyone has posted. In return, I want to give a little back and share my own humble story of sharing my girlfriend over the past few years.

    We realized fairly early on in our relationship that we shared the fantasy of sharing her with another man, ideally in a MFM threesome. We would spend hours on the phone/via text/in bed working ourselves up and having amazing sex for hours thinking about it. She's gorgeous and gets a ton of male attention wherever we go, which we both love(d).

    Implementing the fantasy in reality, however, turned out to be a little more difficult than we thought. We had some creepy/flaky encounters that really turned her off and we put it on the back burner for a while.

    All that changed one day... ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, August 28, 2019

    Wife's Sexy Email to Boyfriend


    This is an email I wrote up of an encounter I had with Matthew, one of my many studs, who is very Catholic and therefore not allowed to penetrate me - that was supposed to be sent to my BF but he misbehaved and I never ended up sending it. My boyfriend gets to read about it here on the blog as he has been good. He will realize that this was an adventure not meant for him and his tiny cock. I need so much more to feel satisfied.


    So there I was in my short shorts and v-neck that casually showed off my tits when Matthew arrived home. I have to stand on my tippy toes to hug him. He smiled when he saw me and I saw a flash of what he hoped would happen later that night flash across his eyes. I think he worked hard to control that part of him and we headed out to the pool only to find it closed. So we went to another apartment complex's pool with a mutual friend from high school. The three of us talked and played around in the water, but because the other dude was there Matthew didn't make any moves. Until ...

    When we got back from swimming, the friend was going to meet us at Matthew's apartment once he changed so we knew we only had a brief amount of time. There's only one chair in his room, so I always flop on top of his spacious bed (he's like 6ft, so he needs the ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, August 25, 2019

    Wife Enjoys Male "Enhancers" in our Bedroom


    I'm not sure if this is what you want to hear on this blog but here goes and we'll see.

    I have time and want to speak proudly of my sexual proclivities and maybe arouse some strangers / convert some swingers along the way. So here's some humble bragging kinda, an overview of my probably atypical sex life.

    I've always had an mfm fetish, I'm straight but unabashed when it comes to that lovely sexual energy, feeling, touching, and unique experience. Some good porn for this exists though too many having a 4th party. I'd much rather see something similar to my experience, middle aged woman and only active participants present ha. I should mention I avoid watching porn actively w spouse, not sure there's any good reason, it just doesn't arouse me.

    Bringing your lady on board for mfm could be easy if you're having regular sex and a sense of kink. Helps to ask during foreplay, crack a joke and gauge reaction if you're unsure. I'd recommend being fairly sober so you know it's genuine interest. But I've heard most women feel about it how men dream about fmf. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, August 21, 2019

    Cuckold from Day One - Part 4


    A couple of months into Jerry's six months of chastity punishment, we left on a three-week cruise around Europe that we had planned long before. This would be my first trip out of the country and was an opportunity for me to show off a little. It seemed like I had been strapping my boobs down my whole life to try and minimize and hide them to keep people from getting a peek at them or my cleavage. I decided that I was going to let my hair down while in Europe and dress much more revealingly than I ever had at home. I had also set a goal to get laid a few times on the cruise.

    Jerry was in charge of packing for both of us. I would tell him what I wanted, and he would find it and pack for me. I had Jerry go to Costco to get some condoms and he came back with a Trojan Pleasure Pack with 40 condoms, which he packed in his case. I took him shopping with me to pick out a few revealing bikinis. We also bought several scandalous evening dresses and other outfits that showed off my boobs and body more than covered them up. I had never worn anything like these before. While I did have him pack a couple of bras for the trip, mostly for during travel, I didn't include any other underwear. When Jerry specifically asked if he should put some panties in the luggage, I told him that I didn't plan on wearing any panties during our trip. I also told him not to pack any underwear, as I didn't want him wearing any if I wasn't. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, August 18, 2019

    I was Cucked after we broke Up


    Not long after highschool, and the break up with my long term highschool girlfriend I met a girl in community college.

    She was gorgeous and we hit things off great. We moved very fast, and she was staying at my place most of the time within 2 months.

    At first the sex was awesome, she gave the best blowjobs I've ever had to this day and wanted to fuck every day. Though she rarely ever came from sex, just oral. After the new relationship energy started to wear off the sex died out pretty fast, always wound up with me trying to instigate and her holding back.

    Things outside of sex were great, we had a good relationship, went to the same classes, went on trips during breaks, and had started planning for the long term as much as 19 and 20 year olds do.

    Though the lack of sex started to kill the relationship about a year in. One thing to point out here, at the same time the sex started dropping off, I found out more and more about her past. She had a name tattood on her ass that got me started on the path. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, August 14, 2019

    Sex was not the same after Him


    So this is the true story of how I experienced cuckolding and still love the idea of it today.

    When I was still back in college I had a good friend, Cain, from the football team. Back then my playing stats were 6'3" 205 at weigh in and he was a little smaller at about 6'1" 190. We became friends quickly. We had the same sense of humor and were always very relaxed and open around each other.

    One night we were at my place chatting with girls online. We were both flirting trying to get a couple girls to come over my place. One girl from our school was interested in coming over to smoke and hang out. We told her to bring a friend and she said she would ask a few other girls if they were interested. A while later she showed up alone.

    Everleigh was adorable. And beautiful. She was a bit of a stoner and was ready to smoke and have a beer with us.

    We lit a bowl and shared a few drinks. We were joking and laughing and flirting. Normally in this situation we followed standard guy code: if she seemed more interested in one of us, the other would make an excuse to give some privacy. But this girl we both knew from English class and she seemed flirtatious and cool with both of us. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, August 11, 2019

    I am Clearly a Good Cuck


    So my wife pretty much got seduced haha and that is the most outrageously fucking hot feeling I have had in this whole cuck ride. It was by a guy who was perfectly clear she was engaged and didn't know I was a cuckold. A built guy too. I was definitely cued in every step of the way and was with her beforehand and then in communication still but holy shit do I feel more cucked than ever.

    Just to fill the readers in, it's been about the same story for the last two weeks. Lots of edging, her being completely in control of it and me admitting I love it again. And admitting that she is in control. I had gotten to cum twice by handjobs only and have been in her pussy three times (twice lovingly, once with a whole bunch of talking down to me, all without cumming).

    Last night we went to an event about two hours from home with every intention of me bringing her home myself. It was in an indoor dance-club like setting in a city that's bigger than ours (we are in the metro area as well but right on the edge of it). It was something she really wanted to go to and I agreed in spite of not feeling too into that scene... She isn't either really but said she had always wanted to go. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, August 07, 2019

    Becoming A Cuckold - The Start Of Our Journey Part 3


    This episode involves us and another couple. We hope it still qualifies for the blog.

    In time, Brian remarried and moved away, and we didn't play with another couple or guy for the well over a year. It wasn't a conscious decision, but rather just a case of life getting in the way. We still had our online account – a lifetime membership – and every so often we would check it for emails or to see if there might be some one new that we were interested in. Then, one night when Cathy was at a business dinner, I decided to check out the site. When I pulled up our account there was the little bird with the "New Mail" flag. I had always found that little icon a source of excitement and anticipation, and this was no different. I clicked on it and the email was actually over a month old. I still read with anticipation.

    It was from Sara and Jay, a married couple in their late fifties that lived very close by. Sara was Asian and really petite – just 5', tiny and small breasted, while Jay was Caucasian, 5' 10'' with an average build. Our profile was a very detailed one, and we had laid out our experience, what we liked and disliked, and what we were looking for. In turn, we had asked that anyone responding be equally direct and forth coming. To my surprise and delight, Sara and Jay were very direct and didn't pull any punches. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, August 04, 2019

    Summertime Cuckolding with a Younger Guy


    This story was from two summers ago, but still one of my favorites. The wife and I took a weekend trip to Nashville. We were both very horny and had discussed the possibility of her fucking somebody else if there was a good opportunity.

    She wore an extremely short black dress and a pair of very sexy pink panties. When she sat down you could easily see her underwear with the contrast in color- even when she was doing her best to cross her legs and be somewhat modest- given the revealing outfit.

    We started out by meeting a friend of mine from college for dinner at a really nice rooftop restaurant. My wife looked super hot with her big tits and fine ass. He sat across from me and my wife was to his side. Without even having to try, he easily caught several glimpses of her panties and I was having fun watching him catch glances whenever he could. After dinner and a couple cocktails, we left him to head out to some bars in the area.

    The wife struck up several conversations, but we didn't really find anyone we were interested in taking home. We decided to end up a a bar next door to where I used to live that catered to a younger crowd. The wife said she'd go in by herself and for me to come in a few mins later and not to approach her. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, July 31, 2019

    He Pinched my Girlfriend's Nipples


    My girlfriend and I met at age 18 and dated until we both were 25. I had been with a few partners while she had only been with me.

    Around when we were 23 I remember the fantasy of her being with another guy kind of sprang up in our relationship, I honestly couldn't tell you where it came from but it became very intense. She was the most beautiful girl I have been with thus far and we had a very loving and trusting relationship. At first it started with me browsing online and watching hotwife material, and eventually it worked it's way into the bedroom.

    We were having sex one day and I asked her if she ever thinks about sleeping with anybody else. She kind of hesitated but I told her I wouldn't get mad at her for answering truthfully and she said yes she does sometimes. We were still having sex and I could tell the idea had sparked some interest with her so I told her to close her eyes and imagine having sex with a guy she finds attractive. Her pussy got so wet after I was whispering in her ear asking if she enjoys riding some other guy's dick and she answers back, "Yes baby". ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, July 28, 2019

    The Man I accepted to Pleasure my Wife


    The first experience is one filled with anxiety and excitement, one that flows through the mind over and over long after it has happened and for me, it was well worth it.

    My wife and I have a tossed with the idea of her and another man over and over, yet acting upon it was always problematic, more so on my part as I was always the hesitant one, the person who's nervousness kept pushing back that which I was unsure of having in my life.

    All that changed on September 1st last year when the day before while at work, my wife was checking her new online dating ad, and was bombarded with messages upon messages, all of which needed to be sifted out that Friday evening into Saturday morning, finally leading to a selection we were both comfortable with, a handsome gentleman who she was attracted for and one whom I felt comfortable with.

    The seconds, minutes and few hours leading to a 3:00pm meeting at the local park was mind wrenching, the feeling of excitement and her preparing herself for meeting with him alongside myself. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, July 24, 2019

    Cuckold from Day One - Part 3


    Not long after Emily accepted me as her cuckold, I moved in with her permanently. She had a large house a little out of town, on a hill, with several acres around her to give her privacy. The house had a large beautiful pool and a great view. Emily occasionally hosted a swinger party at her house with several couples spending the weekend naked and enjoying good food, good drink and lots of kinky uninhibited sex. But that is a story for another time.

    Before meeting Emily, I had retired early with plenty of money of my own. With Emily working and me having plenty of time on my hands, I took over the responsibility for cleaning and maintaining the house, as well as doing all the cooking. I spent all my time at her house naked. Emily had gone through my clothes and thrown out all but a few outfits that I used when we went out or when I did the shopping.

    The problem with my being naked all the time was that I had a somewhat hairy body and Emily did not like that. While I was shaving her about every other day to keep her smooth all over, she was not about to shave me. She finally decided that we would both have laser hair removal treatments to permanently get rid of all our hair. It took many treatments over several months, but soon our bodies were both completely hairless and smooth all over.. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, July 21, 2019

    Excruciating Tease as Husband is Tied Up


    Last night started out like every other weeknight, I come home, to see them sitting on the couch watching T.V. and I start making dinner. We chat, and my girl is being extra flirty with me, hugging me, kissing me, slapping my ass, while I make us dinner. We sit down to eat, and she keeps rubbing my crotch, squeezing my cage, but acting completely innocent about it all. Once dinner was over, and we all cleaned up, she jumps on me and kisses me hard. She says she's really excited and she wants me to follow her to the bedroom.

    She grabs me by the hand, and pulls me down the hall, and as we get into our room she's all over me. Making out, hands running all over, pulling at my clothes. She pushes me onto the chair we have there, for when I'm watching, and starts to give me this sexy, slow lap dance. Grinding into my lap, flashing me her ass and tits, but never taking any clothing off. After a little bit of this, she says that we are going to have a little fun tonight, but that she wants me to behave, and tells me that I need to be tied up. I'm loving the attention, so of course I agree, and she quickly grabs the rope out of the closet, and ties my arms and legs to the chair. This is the first time I notice, that he didn't follow us into the room, and that always worries me. Last time that happened, I ended up with a cock in my ass... ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, July 17, 2019

    He Pulled out his Magnum Condom


    10 years ago my wife and I went to Las Vegas during Super Bowl weekend for our first cuckold adventure. She had been online with a few Bull candidates and had narrowed it down to Luke who she shared pics with me. He was nicely built, six pack, strong arms and chest with sort blonde hair. He told her about his 9 inch thick cock but only sent teasers no actual photos.

    We arrived in Vegas and went straight to the hotel. My wife's only sexual experience up to this point is with my 5.5" cock and she wanted to try more. He arrived just as she was done getting ready and I still recall his big hand shaking mine and nearly putting me on my knees.

    He was winding down his mma fighting but had a good career going as a cut man. He showed me some moves and let my wife watch as he easily submitted me and made me kiss body parts my wife selected. She selected his bicep, his 6 pack, balls and cock, but the balls and cock were still covered by underwear. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, July 14, 2019

    She Meets with my Friend Weekly


    This past Friday, the wife texted me at work and asked if I'd be ok with her meeting up with my friend around 6pm and then meet me for dinner around 8. She's been fucking my friend of 15 years pretty regularly for the past 7 months, so it's become fairly normal for her to meet him once or twice a week.

    You can see from the pics attached that he has a very nice cock - she especially loves the width and how hard he pounds her. He makes her cum at least once (usually multiple times) when they fuck and I rarely am able to get her off.

    I told her that I'd be excited to meet up with her - knowing that she's being satisfied by him and knowing that she'd bring me a tight and wet pussy full of his cum.

    I got to the restaurant around 7:45 to get a table and settled in to wait with a glass of wine. She texted me a little after 8 and said he wanted to fuck her one more time and if that was ok? I told her as long as she was being fucked properly she could take her time lol. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, July 10, 2019

    Canadian Wife is Shy but Found Cheating


    First time posting here. This is kinda a long story as everything happened over a month's time.

    My wife and I are both 26. Both born and raised in Canada and we live in Toronto. Both of us are kind of open minded. We've been married for about a year now. She's very shy, pretty open again but not sure how to get herself to actually play but with baby steps we have been talking and getting nervous and talking and feeling good.

    My wife works at a big law office. Someone I know recently got a job at the same office but she doesn't know that I know him. I kind of jokingly asked him to keep tabs on her and for a while, according to him at least, it was a pretty normal work environment (normal ppl interactions etc). Then he noticed my wife and this new guy would always seem to hang out together (like have lunch, talk a lot etc) nothing out of the ordinary. Still I was curious so I got my friend to chat him up and the the New Dude revealed that he was working her and trying to get something going with her despite knowing she was married. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, July 07, 2019

    Girlfriend's First Really Big Cock Experience


    Hey there. I'm new to this blog, so I apologize if I'm doing this wrong or in the wrong way but I hope you can relate to what I'm about to write out. So my girlfriend (not my wife, hope thats ok here) and I have been together for over 3 years. We love each other and she is definitely the one. I have no doubt we are going to get married one day. Something happened and is happening though with another guy (with my permission), so I was hoping I could write it here and see if I'm being crazy or if it's OK.

    So we have a male friend, and my GF and I discovered that he is massively hung. We all went swimming a while back and he swam in his tidy whities and his bulge was insane. Dude has a horse cock. I caught my girl staring at it a few times, but I actually wasn't jealous, was more so turned on which surprised me. In the following days she made some side comments about his dick to me, like joking stuff but I can tell she was still thinking about it.

    I asked her if she's ever been with a hung dude (I'm average-ish) and she said no so I asked if she regrets not ever having been with one and she said no and kept saying nice things about me, but I could tell she was hiding something, so eventually she says it used to be a "bucket list" thing. I told her that's fine and told her I noticed her looking at our friend when we went swimming and she blushed, but I blurted out that it's fine and it actually turned me on. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, July 03, 2019

    How I went from Dom to a Cuckold Suddenly


    I've got a hotwife who's a total minx. Look at her pictures. She's a sexy blonde with beautiful cocksucking lips, a round ass, gorgeous big tits with hard nipples and a hot pussy. Absolute bombshell. I've fucked her with a few of my mates over the years and with a stud that we found online with a nine inch fat cock. She loves DP and it makes her cum like a train.

    Anyway, this story is a little different.

    We were over at a friend's house with a couple of guys and one of their wives, we were drinking really hard and my Mrs got a bit blind. We all ended up sitting on the couch watching TV. She was sitting between me and Bill who's a big guy, 6,4" and a bit overweight. My other mate Steve's wife had gone to bed.

    I don't really like Bill that much, he's a bit of a Dickhead, but I am really good friends with the other bloke.

    Anyway my good mate falls asleep on the couch and my Mrs tells me loudly, "I'm going to fuck Bill now." He's looking a bit confused and I'm like, "No you're not." but she just turns away from me and starts kissing him. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, June 30, 2019

    I Cleaned her up when she got Home


    My wife had a guy we had a 3way with over one night while I was working. They had fucked for hours. She and I had agreed to take the next day off together. When I got home I let her sleep in and I got our kid ready for school. She had said she would come to drop her off with me the previous night. I went in to our room to wake her.

    I could smell their sex as soon as I opened the door. He had left after having his way with her that night. I woke her and told her how good it smelled in there. She agreed. We all got in the car and drove to the school. We talked about my night at work and other menial things on the way. I brought our kid into the school while she waited in the car, as she hadn't showered yet. When I got back in the car she told me she hadn't showered because she wanted me to taste her and the other man.

    As we drove back she told me how great it was to have his cock all to herself. I told her how hard I was at work thinking about her getting fucked.

    We got home and went straight to our bedroom. She stripped down and laid on her back with her legs spread. I undressed as well. "Come over here and taste him." She told me. I put my face between her legs. I started fulfilling my duty and slowly tongued her pussy. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, June 26, 2019

    Cuckold from Day One - Part 2


    Over the course of the next week I watched Emily have sex with each of her current 7 lovers. They were all young athletes at the local university, in various sports. The one thing they all had in common was their cock size. They were all very well endowed. The smallest was Steve, about my length, 8 inches, but was very thick, like a coke can. The largest was Devin, that I met the first day I was cuckolded. His cock was over 10 inches and thick, but not quite as thick as Steve's. The rest fell in the middle, from 8 to 10 inches and various degrees of thickness. They were all healthy, strong, virile young men, that got hard, stayed hard, had incredible sexual stamina and large loads of cum, which I licked up and swallowed after each new orgasm.

    One Saturday, Emily scheduled all 7 of her boyfriends to come over and fuck her. Each had 2 hours to fuck her as many times as he could before the next boy was scheduled. She started at 10:00 am and finished at midnight. They all knew each other, and some would come a few minutes early to watch the previous boy finish before his time started. She was fucked almost continuously for 14 hours, with short breaks to go to the bathroom, clean up a little and eat a little. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, June 23, 2019

    She Met a Bull at a Festival


    This happened just recently... We were at a local festival and we only planned on being there for a couple of hours as I needed to get back to work to close up the office for the day and I was going to drop her off on my way back downtown. As luck would have it, when I returned from getting us some drinks, my wife was talking to a very well built and good looking guy. It was a rather dressy affair, so she was wearing a super sexy black dress and looked very hot. She has a great body- big boobs, slender waist, amazing ass and thin but defined legs. And this outfit showed all of those very well.

    As I walked up to them, I admired all of the above and noticed her new friend was also interested in how hot she was. She introduced me by my pseudo name that we use when we play around, so I knew immediately that she may want to fuck this guy. And I couldn’t blame her at all. He was average height, but very muscular, good looking and well spoken. As we talked about the event my wife casually mentioned in front of him that she had told him that she was open to dating other men discreetly outside of our marriage.

    I knew he was studying my expression to see how this would play out. I looked at him and smiled and acknowledged that this was in fact true that while my wife was free to play, ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, June 19, 2019

    My Wife Took on Her Dominant Role Seriously


    I'll try not to give the whole play by play because our adventure has sprawled over the last 8 months or so.

    My wife has had wild promiscuous periods in her life but all in all, pretty vanilla. Nothing too extreme other than the odd ex-boyfriend begging her to try a little of this or that.

    I've had a hotwife/cuck fantasy for as long as I can remember. And since being with her it's been 100 fold (there's .. reasons for this both sappy, complicated and kinky that I'll move on from).

    I've taken years to admit this to her. All of our dating relationship and the first couple of years of marriage. But I finally, after a bottle of wine (each) at a nice restaurant in a secluded corner, bashfully opened up to her about this.

    Now granted - I've watched all the cuckold porn, the caption pics, the stories and what not - but given how vanilla my wife is - the sharing part alone I thought was a big enough deal to offend, frighten, or risk our relationship on. I wasn't about to get into anything else. I've had years to think about this and allow the fantasy to wander every which direction and wasn't about to drop it all on her at once. Hell - I figured, best scenario is that she thinks this is a great idea and we find the odd guy or two here and there through life and that it'd get no more extreme. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, June 16, 2019

    I Learned to Like Eating Cum


    So. We went out for a meal, the three of us, to a top restaurant and it was very nice. My wife's boyfriend then insisted on paying, which made me feel bad because I'd said she couldn't sleep over at his place if he was still refusing to allow pics and videos which he is hesitant to do - it was part of our initial cuckold talk rules and so we are sticking tightly to our agreement.

    In actual fact, I was bluffing.

    I thought I'd see if they capitulated at some point. The only pictures I ever received are ones you can see here, and that's after many many sessions of them being together, so not much for me to wank to. After the meal, I drove us all round to his house. He asked if we wanted to come in for a drink. At this point I realised that my bluff had been called as, if we'd said no, we'd have dropped him off and come home. I would have an unhappy, unfucked wife, and no pics or texts, and almost certainly no fuck for me. We went in, and while he made coffee in the kitchen I said she could stay over if she wanted and I wouldn't insist on photos. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, June 12, 2019

    Cuckold from Day One


    Part 1 - The Beginning

    My story is a little different from most I have read on here. In my mid 50's I found myself newly single due to my wife's protracted fight with cancer. The sex life with my late wife of over 30 years had been satisfying, but very vanilla, and non-existent for the last year of her life. I had been reading, and masturbating, to cuckold stories, pictures and videos for many years, but never brought up my fantasy with my wife.

    With her gone, I joined AFF. In my profile, I explained that I was looking for a travel buddy, with benefits, as I wanted to start exploring the world again, but didn't want to go alone, and that I would cover all travel expenses. I went into some detail about my sexual experience and fantasies and included some pictures of myself, including of my cock, which is a thick 8 inches. At the end of the profile, I mentioned, kind of an aside, that I did not require exclusivity because I also had some cuckold fantasies.respective jobs that we needed to work on. We would start working, but always ended up talking ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, June 09, 2019

    How I got into Cuckolding


    I've only been reading this blog for a little while, but based on some of the posts here I think some people may be interested in the story of how I got into cuckolding. I'm also posting this to maybe help myself understand why I like this fetish so much. It's kind of a long story but I'll try to keep it short.

    A couple years ago I was in college and started dating this girl. She was cute, but was reserved in her personality. We'll call her Sally. The relationship was rough for a few unrelated reasons, but after we graduated we ended up moving in together in another city. When Sally and I moved in together, we also joined one of my good female friends in an apartment, and one other random person.

    A little about my good friend/new roommate: She's tall, Chinese, and works out a lot. She has a gorgeous figure/eyes and is really outgoing and friendly. We'll call her Christine. She's also a little bit of a slut - she's been with a bunch of guys. I know this because when my girlfriend would go to bed, me and Christine would stay up at our kitchen table talking, since we both had extra work from our respective jobs that we needed to work on. We would start working, but always ended up talking ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, June 05, 2019

    She wants to Lock me up for 9 Months!


    Hi there! My gf said it's time to start putting our stories out there, since we've been having so much fun seeing what's going on here. We are a poly couple, together for three years and playing with cuckolding for about 2.5 and fantasizing since day one. We'll both be posting this together. I am C (30 M) and she is the beautiful queen B (30 F). She has another bf P (27 M) who has been with her for four years, was our first bull and is a best friend and best meta one could ask for.

    There's a lot of amazing stories which we will cover if people are interested in this, but right now I'm flipping out so excited about what happened last night and I want to tell y'all!

    I went to my parents home on the 23rd for a visit, but because of her work schedule, B stayed in the city. Before I left, we had been talking more and more about how we wanted to start digging back into our cucking and chastity activities. About two nights before I left she was jacking me off telling me how hot it would be if/when she eventually gets pregnant, she would lock me up for the whole pregnancy, and only let other men fuck her. She's really going in telling me about how powerful she would feel, walking all over our relationship, letting other men cum inside her, while I'm desperate and unable to fuck her or anyone else for the nine months she's carrying our child. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, June 02, 2019

    Sperm Competition Syndrome


    Like most husbands, I love my wife. I don’t know why she loves me but the “not knowing” part makes me love her more. I don’t like the term cuckold or cuckolding but as a husband in this type of relationship, do I get a choice? I suspect that my lack of exposure to the lifestyle makes me feel uneasy about the term. There are areas of the cuckold lifestyle that my wife enjoys, like playing with other guys and seeing how turned on I get when I see her. There are some areas which she isn’t so keen on which is understandable, the full cuckolding lifestyle isn’t for everyone (myself included) but we’ve been in the MMF swinging scene for about 10 years now and very happily married with a family.

    I have no shame in admitting that I will have a wank (not keen on that word either but it can be sexy when I hear it from my wife) whilst watching a cuckold video or reading cuckold stories but none of them will turn me on as much as the thought of seeing her with another man. Often, when I’m watching these videos online, I’ll be imagining my wife as the woman in the video having fun with the other guy and if that doesn’t tip me over the edge, then I will turn to our private collection, watch some of the footage that we have collected over the years and that never fails to make me cum in less than five minutes. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, May 29, 2019

    This is my Fantasy for my Husband


    My husband doesn't know that I know about his cuckold fetish. I recently found out when he left his laptop open and I saw sex pictures and decided to look a little more. There were many sites open, all about cuckolding and I must have spent a good hour looking through it. I knew he liked to show me off but I didn't know he wanted me to do anything with anyone else.

    So, I am going to give him a big surprise. I am writing up this fantasy that I had and knowing this is one of the site's he looks at, know he will see my pictures, recognize me and read about my fantasy.

    So here goes (for you Tom):

    My husband Tom and I are looking forward to having a long awaited date night after he got home from work. We decide to have a romantic dinner at home followed by drinks and dessert at our favorite bar. I decide to surprise him and dress sexy for the night. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, May 26, 2019

    I Felt so Defeated and got Hard


    So my wife went out last night and I guess some guy got her number when she was drunk. I was on my way home from up north when she called me. She started telling me how he has texted her and they where chatting. She proceeds to tell me that he had sent her some photos. He was huge had one of the biggest dicks I've ever seen. It was only 6.5 inches but thick like a red bull can. I'm pretty small like 6 inches and thin.

    My gf has always had this big dildo that she makes me fuck her with so she can cum. She has cucked me once before this but he was just average sized. She tells me how bad she wants to try it, that she wants him to come over. I'm very conflicted I'm still an hour away and nervous so I tell her to just wait. So I'm pulling into my driveway and there is a car in my spot. I walk up to the door it's unlocked I step inside the door and there she is on the couch naked.

    She just kinda looks at me. I didn't notice him standing in my kitchen also naked. The first thing I notice is his cock it's so big and he isn't even hard yet. I'm pissed at this point, and I'm about to kick him and her out when he just kinda walks up to me, tells me to ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, May 22, 2019

    The Evolution of our Cuckolding


    My wife and I have been together for almost 10 years (not all married). During that time, we've always been into swinging, exploring fetishes, etc. I began to see cuckolding videos now and then and found them intriguing. I've always enjoyed seeing her with other men, but generally it was during a threesome. Over the years there were a few instances where she had played alone - but they were few and far between. My wife and I are very close and connected. In my opinion our marriage is rock solid. We've had our share of ups and downs, but things that break other couples apart, have just never been an issue for us.


    My wife and I had watched several cuckold videos and did some reading on the topic. We learned the roles of each person, the variations of cuckolding, etc. We experimented with chastity - which we quickly found out - turned me into a sex crazed maniac and I couldn't get enough sex. Sometimes I couldn't handle the intensity of being locked up. We had many conversations where I encouraged her to ask me for what she wanted whenever she wanted - such as oral pleasure, etc. I tend to be half submissive and half dominant. This role play allowed me to explore my submissive side. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, May 19, 2019

    I Still see his Cock Inside Her


    This happened many years ago when I was still together with my ex. I was 21 and she was 5 years older than me so she was 26 at the time. She had all the guys looking at her wherever she went. Sometimes she was the most cutest and nicest lady you could find and sometimes she was the devil. She was a very narcisstic person but ofc I didn't notice it back then because I loved her. This happened when we were having rough times at our relationship and had arguments about almost everything.

    One day I was sitting on our couch watching tv when she called and told me she was coming home with a friend of hers. It didn't really bother me because her friends were nice to me and I got along with them well. I opened a door for them and I saw that her friend was a male I had never seen before. He was smaller that me but was pretty muscular. We introduced ourselves and he told me he lived in a town 500km from us. I thought he was just some distant friend of hers and didn't bother asking how did they get to know each other. We got along well and were small talking for hours.

    Then he went to his car to get a bong and some weed so we could take a few hits. We went to our backyard and smoked a few bowls. I managed to move myself back to the couch before it really hit me. That weed must have been the strongest I have ever smoked. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, May 15, 2019

    Reading an Old Dairy


    Mine is kind of a weird story. About 4 years ago I got married to my sweetheart. We love each other very much and life is wonderful. He has finished college and is working a great job that allows me to stay home. We were both raised in a very conservative church where things of sex were only spoken in hush tones so learning about it has been interesting to say the least.

    Well, everything was amazing, and really still is, but about a year or so ago I got bored being home all day. When I told my mom, she suggested a hobby. So I came over and got some of my old boxes and some of her stuff she hadn't touched in years. A few weeks later I started going through them and found a diary. Figuring it was from when my mom was a little girl I thought it would be fun to read.

    Boy was I wrong. At first I was in shock from what I read. Stories of my mothers sexual experiences. My strait laced, never talk about it mother. However, after a while I realized I couldn't put it down. I wanted to read more and more. There were words and ideas and acts that I had never heard of. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, May 12, 2019

    Fantasizing about her Ex's


    I've been in a relationship with my wonderful girlfriend for a little more than 2 years. I'm 34 and she's 29. I had only a couple of relationships before her and I have to admit that I did feel a bit insecure when we started dating because of her strong and outgoing personality.

    She was also much more sexually experienced than I am. It was obvious from the first time we slept together that she knows her ways and can take control in bed. I kinda felt insecure and jealous a bit in the beginning but she's also wonderful, romantic, and very loving. She's been with the wrong crowed before but now she's matured and wants a more stable life, at least according to her words.

    Apparently she's carried a baggage of kinks and high sexual appetite from her hot past with her ex's. This kinda made me jealous and insecure around her at first but as time passed I just couldn't resist her wonderful character and learned to accept that there's nothing I can do about it and that past is past. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, May 08, 2019

    Wife Overcomes her Trust Issues with Cuckolding


    Hey everyone. So I guess the wife and I both got into cuckoloding, we both like it and I guess it is what it is. Hope has been going to therapy and has had two therapy sessions and likes going. She needs to get over trust issues and I can tell her trust issues etc are going to get better, and that was a big reason behind her not wanting to cuckold me when I first brought it up.

    She played pretty kinky with me a couple times, but honestly I think it was going on vacation that opened her up to it, and just having fun and being free and knowing I'm not going anywhere. To my surprise, she actually had a little fun with a guy when we were in San Diego. I'm going to just make come comments on that now:

    I am going to make this pretty quick. We got to San Diego early yesterday and had a pretty romantic time. Today we were out and about and Hope was feeling festive. She started drinking at about 1. While she isn't hammered haha she was having fun. She teased me a couple times today. We were supposed to get dinner at 7:30 and she decided she wanted a drunk nap. We came back to the hotel for a bit and she decided she wanted to swim ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, May 05, 2019

    She was Turned on by an Older Bull


    My wife Stacy and I had never discussed cuckolding in our marriage and had a pretty regular, fun sex life. I realized that I would get turned on at nightclubs with Stacy when I would catch other men looking at her, trying to hit/dance on her. Stacy is a shy wife who doesn't give out any hints that she is flirty or has interest in other people, but she always gets stares wherever we are. When I drunkenly told her one night how hard it made me to see other guys watching her she was surprised but not turned off - and asked if I would like to see her dance/grind with other guys.

    I told her yes and for the next month or so I would sit at the bar and watch her do just that, some guys would get very handsy with her but things never progressed too far. Our sex following these nights was incredible as she was always turned on by her interludes with other men.

    One night our conversations turned to watching her fuck someone else. She was not receptive to just meeting a guy in a club as she didn't think she could go through it ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, May 01, 2019

    I was Cucked Early on and was just Dumped


    I feel like to me being a cuckold is all about my submissive nature. Surprisingly enough I have a decent sized dick, its about 7 and 7 and a half when super hard. But honestly I have been emasculated in my life so many times that I guess it was natural for me to be cucked.

    The earliest time I can remember was being in middle school. I was pretty much an average kid, had many friends but there was this one black kid named Andre Armstrong who played basketball, I actually heard he's playing in a Europe league now but either way. This kid was definitely more alpha than me and would always make it a point to make fun of me.

    At the time there was this really hot latina chick who was into me. Her name was Yazmin and I was actually going to go out with her but that never happened. Reason why is because this dude would always pop up whenever we were around and call me names. It got to the point that Yazmin started laughing and calling me the names too. Eventually he ended up fucking her and everyone knew about it and whenever he was around to bully me, she would pretty much add to it and make it worse saying stuff like, "I bet you he has a small dick," or "He's such a bitch, I almost went out with that loser." ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, April 28, 2019

    My Wife Forced me to Suck our Bull's Cock


    We had been playing with the same friend since my first night as an official cuckold. He really embraced the roll as our Bull. He fucked her like she needed it, and teased me, within reason, when he knew it would get us off. I'm not bisexual, as I don't think I could ever have a romantic relationship with a guy, but I've always been curious about pleasuring one. My fiancee and I had spoken about this, and she was on board with my desires to try it out.

    So here it is, Friday night, we are at our place this time. We've played a few times since, and have been enjoying ourselves a lot. We are sitting on the couch, talking, goofing around, drinking, and just having a good time. When the mood changes, and we start talking about sex. He's telling us about some of the things he's tried, and I can tell it's exciting her.

    He must have sensed it too, because he told her to stand up, and strip for us. She did without hesitation, and made it kind of quick for it to be a good show. He then told her to get on her knees in front of him, and take his cock out. She quickly dropped down and pulled his pants ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, April 24, 2019

    Wife is on a Business Trip with her Boss


    My wife is in the middle of a 9 day trip with her boss. He's the owner of a pretty big firm in my country, and she's his secretary. She has been working for him for 13 years now, but this is the first time she's going on a trip with him (mostly because he doesn't travel much anyway... and when he does he mostly just shakes hands, smiles in photos and gives short speeches... he doesn't really need my wife to be physically there).

    A business owner going on a business trip with his secretary is pretty standard normally, but this is different for several reasons. Reasons which probably make the situation relevant to this submission.

    First of all, my wife's boss has always been trying to seduce my wife. He has been flirting with her ever since he hired her, both when they're alone in the office and when I've seen them in public. He has even been very open to me about how much he likes her, often bringing up the subject when we've talked (at dinners, parties, events, etc.... I'm not involved with his work ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, April 21, 2019

    She had Anal while we were on a Break


    My GF and I have been together for over 3 years. A few months back we had bad arguments a few times that unfortunately ended up with us breaking up. We stayed away for about 3 months and rarely communicated. I have to admit I was depressed and missed her like hell and the breakup only showed me how much I really loved her.

    Anyhow, I tried few times asking her to meet and talk about what happened, she refused at the beginning but eventually agreed and I did my best to make our new, "first date" special. We sat down discussed what happened, what lead to this, I told her how much I love her and miss her. She said it was hard on her too and that she still had feelings for me but wasn't sure about getting back together and that because of the bad breakup, she's been seeing other people just to get over me but couldn't and it's been bothering her very much but she still thinks it's a bad idea to get back together. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, April 17, 2019

    A Cuckold Birthday Gift


    We have been somewhat open for a long long time. What started for both of us as whenever, wherever with whoever, changed to an obsession of seeing her with others whether I was there or not. I completely lost interest in other women and had full focus on my wife. That's not to say I didn't find women attractive, just rather see her with another man.

    We have had "FWB's" on and off. Amazingly enough, no one night stands, but rather friends that dropped in from time to time for a good fuck. Worked out great.

    Over time, people moved, things changed a bit and before we knew it, we had nobody to play with.

    One FWB was still local, but work was eating all his time and what little time he had, he spent it with his wife. He made it clear he loved her, but it was a very conditional relationship. She was cute, he had the hots for her hence why they were together but there seemed to be a whole lot of conditions attached to the relationship. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, April 07, 2019

    I am a Sissy Cuck and my Wife Pegs Me


    I've been reading this blog for years but never posted anything until the last couple of days when I decided to write this up. I don't know what made me do it but I think I want people to know that I'm a sissy cuck.

    So I thought I would tell my story in case people were interested. I am married to the love of my life. She is everything to me and I want her to be satisfied.

    We met in high school and she had a boyfriend, I had a girl friend but we were hot for each other. I ended up getting dumped by my gf for another guy and I was very emotional and went to see my now wife. We kissed, we made out and then she mounted me. My wife having had a long term boyfriend and multiple partners before was way more experienced then me and she didn't know I was still a virgin. I probably didn't last 2 minutes before I blew my load in her. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, April 03, 2019

    How did we get Here?


    To provide a little background, my GF and I decided to try a threesome a while back. I wanted to add another girl, she wanted to add another guy. Ultimately we decided if she got her threesome I would get mine after.

    During the process of picking a guy she suggested that she hooked up with the guy alone first and work up to the idea of bringing up the whole threesome thing, and she asked my permission. It was at this moment when I realized how hot that would be and instantly said yes.

    After picking out a guy, they went out drinking and spent the night together. However, the next morning she felt gross and told me she didn't want to pursue a threesome anymore. A few months later though, she met a new guy at work and wanted to try again. This time she absolutely loved the experience, and started to hook up with him a couple nights a week. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, March 31, 2019

    I Publicly Cuckolded my Boyfriend


    My boyfriend has given me a lot of freedom and finally told me that I could have a stranger's cock in me. So, you will NEVER believe what took place on Friday night!!!! I was incredibly turned on and horny ALL DAY after our discussion. I couldn't restrain myself. It was an insatiable desire to have a cock deep inside me!! After I took a shower, I left and headed to a few places here in North Austin. I ended up at Spinner's. I decided to order a drink at the bar. I was standing there and was quite conspicuously trying to flirt with the bartender. He must have had a wife or a girlfriend, or maybe just being on the job, because he denied almost all of my not-so-subtle advances/remarks.

    It was more of a challenge than I wanted that night. When I asked to close out my tab, the receipt read "Bartender D." I said, "Is that your name? Bartender D?" He laughed. I said, "You know what that means, Bartender D" He replied, "Not always." I said, "I'm sure it does in your case. How late do you work?" He said 4 am.

    To which I replied, "It's been a rough night. My boyfriend and I got into a bit of a fight. I'm dying to fuck someone." He flipped the receipt over, at that moment ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, March 27, 2019

    GF Dances with others and Teases


    When I started to date my wife I was very jealous that she was open to hugs, kisses and shows of affection with her friends. I always had a fetish with shoes on the female feet, so I always like (light) femdom. I understood that she was not going to change in her way of relating to her friends so I started to take it as a way of surrendering to their desires and feed my submissive side.

    Things started to get better when we went to an electronic party together (she was already going to that type of party, everybody takes XTC or something else). We had many romantic moments at the party, but I also had to endure seeing her dance with others, and although it was just dancing, I went nuts having to see her having fun with others and not with me.

    In the following parties, things were heating up: she rubbed her butt almost all night against me leaving me always on the edge but not letting me cum, while also dancing with others in a more suggestive manner. Over time she began to shave my pubes and take me to the parties without underwear. It always happened that after the first hours of dancing the show of lights and music made everyone around us forget about us, and the games between us and the others began. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, March 24, 2019

    First ever DP with my Fiancee


    This is maybe a month into our exploration into "cuckolding", and it was a weekend like it usually is, and he was over for a good time. "He" is someone we found online and had seen a few times with success. So anyway, we were all having fun, enjoying some drinks and music and chat when she said she wanted to play. At first I thought she wanted him alone, but she grabbed my hand, and brought me to the spare bedroom, and told me to strip and lay on my back on the bed.

    Following this, she left the room, and went to see him. It was maybe 10 minutes, when she comes through the door, butt naked, pulling him by his noticeably shiny hardon. She then told me she wanted to get him ready for what happens next. I can't think, she's naked, he's naked, I am naked, and I was just along for the ride now.

    She climbed on the bed, and started to suck me, while she told me to suck him, and to make it extra sloppy. He crawled up beside me, and I leaned over ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, March 20, 2019

    Girlfriend is still Wet for her Ex


    I asked my girlfriend to tell me about the first time she hooked up with her ex with the, "amazing dick" and she definitely came through with the hot talk. Just knowing she was falling for me but could still barely pull herself off his dick until the last minute drives me nuts. I went ahead and tried to put it in story form for you guys here at the blog:

    Steph worked with Jason at the same restaurant she'd been at since graduating HS and starting classes at University in the city. She had broken up with her HS boyfriend (to whom she lost her virginity) about a year and a half before, had a few FWB in that time, mostly "gym rat frat guy fuckboy" types as she called them. At 20, Steph always had guys begging for it. She was a very sexual girl, but in spite of having great bods, the three hot muscular fuckboys she'd been with in her wild singlehood never really satisfied her.

    She was at a work party one night, talking to a bunch of girls when Jason, one of the residents of the house and relatively new to work at the time, walked by causing a bunch of them to giggle. She asked what the big deal was, as he was definitely boyishly cute but only about 5'6" and really skinny, in addition to being kind of obnoxious and arrogant. He'd always ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, March 17, 2019

    Sexual Tension at Work with Her Boss


    My wife works as a secretary for a credit union and has a boss that would make inappropriate comments to her and apparently other women in the office as well. She told me he would do this, I was uncomfortable about it but I let it go since he never really did anything else.

    Some time ago, her boss kept her after work to talk about a client but they just drank wine together and got drunk and talked about their lives. He admitted he was having marriage issues and was attracted to her but said it wasn't professional and was inappropriate (he knew she was married to me) and nothing happened that night. When she got home, I asked her why she got out of work late. She told me what happened and I was upset he did this since I thought it was extremely inappropriate for a boss to do, especially since he knew me and knew she was married. Note that this was years before I thought about cuckolding or built up the courage to tell my wife about it.

    She said he wasn't attracted to him because of his age and his weight (he's in his early 60s or so and has a bit of a belly, so she reassured me not to worry ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, March 13, 2019

    My Wife Shares her Body to Please us Both


    All about my wife This writing is an attempt to explain my feelings of sharing my wife with other men.

    There really is no other feeling that matches what it's like to see your wife on her back, her arms flung over her head, spreading her thighs as another man moves into position to fuck her, his body taking the place of yours. I can't help revisiting the intense feelings that these moments generate – seeing his hard throbbing cock next to my wife's pussy as she pulls her knees back to open herself to him. Watching as he settles his weight down onto her, seeing her hands embracing him.

    Then seeing him push forward, the tip of his cock finding my wife's pussy lips, both of their bodies now lined up to join. Watching as their hips shift slightly, his pushing down as her legs rise into the air. Then I hear my wife make a little cry and moan and even though part of my mind rebels at the thought, I know that the sounds she's making means that the head of his ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, March 10, 2019

    My Wife called an Old Fuck Buddy


    Hello all! We are in our mid 30s, together for 3 years. Our journey started back in the summer when I went away on a vacation for three weeks while she had to stay home and work on a huge project. Before leaving, one aspect of our relationship we agreed needed working on was communication. I've had this cuckold fantasy for quite a long time but, as most do, kept it to myself. I was determined to tell her and let it all out.

    In the midst of my vacation, I drafted quite a long email and laid everything out as best I could. To make a long story short, I explained the cuckold lifestyle and what I was looking for. Not at all into the humiliation aspect of it, but just her going out and doing as she pleases, whenever she pleases, without needing any approval from me. Most important to me is her telling me she's doing it and not asking me if she can do it.

    I honestly had no idea how she would respond so my heart was racing as I sent it. As you can see by my writing in to the blog, she had an overwhelmingly positive reaction! We originally decided to take it slow, wait until I got back home, work on us ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, March 06, 2019

    Caged by a Coworker


    Maybe it's not strictly cuckolding, as we are not in a relationship together, but there are aspects of both cuckoldry and chastity to what I've been having going on. I have a coworker (she is 31, I am 28) who has always described herself as a sex-positive feminist. Surprisingly, she never really seemed to come with the whole SJW package and seems conservative in other aspects. But with regards to sex, she has always been blatent that she believes women should be able to sleep with who they want, when they want and is always posting about women's rights. She is pretty dann attractive in a traditional way (no tattoos, died hair, only ear piercings), and I'm pretty sure the only thing that's kept her single is her outspoken feminism (not saying no one would date her, I don't know how interested she is in LTRs. We can call her Helen.)

    Helen and I were always on good terms, and about 6 months ago she left the job that I met her at. We haven't really spoken much, and I was in a relationship with a little chastity play until about last October.

    About a month ago, Helen made a Facebook post about cock cages. It was clearly a joke (kind of a #sorrynotsorry thing) and basically said this is the only way to stop husbands from ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, March 03, 2019

    My Fiancee Stripped for My Friend


    We had been playing with the same friend since my first night as an official cuckold. He really embraced the roll as our Bull. He fucked my fiancee like she needed it, and teased me, within reason, when he knew it would get us off. I'm not bisexual, as I don't think I could ever have a romantic relationship with a guy, but I've always been curious about pleasuring one. My fiancee and I had spoken about this, and she was on board with my desires to try it out.

    So here it is, Friday night, we are at our place this time. We've played a few times since, and have been enjoying ourselves a lot. We are sitting on the couch, talking, goofing around, drinking, and just having a good time. When the mood changes, and we start talking about sex. He's telling us about some of the things he's tried, and I can tell it's exciting her. He must have sensed it too, because he told her to stand up, and strip for us.

    She did without hesitation, and made it kind of quick for it to be a good show. He then told her to get on her knees in front of him, and take his cock out. She quickly dropped down and pulled his pants and boxers down, exposing his semi hardon. Without using her hands ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, February 27, 2019

    He made my GF cum through Penetration


    Well, I guess I'll start this off by saying that my girlfriend in high school and I had a cuckold relationship when we were both 18. Me and her (Evey) both (her moreso) became attracted to a new guy called John. We were mutual friends and hung out in the same group of around 20 people.

    John was a tall (about 6 or 7 inches taller than us), slim and toned (think a swimmer's physique) dude with black/dark brown hair who was often the life of the party. He was smart and social despite being the new kid and he fit right in to our social circle, as well as into Eve....

    Me and Evey were both booksmart and introverted. We needed to recharge after social gatherings but luckily we did not tire each other out socially, so we hung out a lot. She was beautiful as you can see by her body, and had adorable hazel eyes and soft lips, and she blushed very easily. She was highly academic too. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, February 24, 2019

    My Wife had something to tell Me


    It turns out my wife, Rina, is bit of a freak.

    Last holiday period, we attended an office Christmas party. Rina is a light drinker so it doesn't take much for her to get drunk. A few toasts to Santa and she was buzzed already. From there it just went downhill. She had her head on my shoulder when an intern half her age asked her for a dance. She obliged. The lights had dimmed by then and there were too many people on the dance floor so I couldn't make out where Rina was. Though the thought of her being a naughty hotwife sure got my juices flowing. On our way home, I placed her hand on my cock. She opened her eyes to smile at me. Then she slowly started to stroke my cock. I knew then I would be getting lucky that night.

    Rina enjoys talking about her exhibitionist fantasies during sex. I often ask her what she would do if the men wanted more. Keyword: Men, not man. She gets incredibly turned on whenever I mention threesomes. It is a fantasy that we have never acted upon. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, February 20, 2019

    From a Naive Virgin to a Hot Wife


    My name is Erin and my husband is Bill. He found this site months ago and we love reading this blog together. Since most of these stories are written by men, I thought it would be great for your readers to hear about our story from a woman.

    Here's some background. I grew up in a very strict household that included twelve years of Catholic school. Both Bill and I were virgins when we married at 20, and I knew very little about sex. We did some heavy petting petty, but I was adamant about saving myself for marriage. Bill is a shy, kind and gentle man that's never been very assertive.

    Our sex life for years was always the same. We would start to kiss a little and then Bill would suck each one of my nipples while putting a finger or two in my pussy. After a few minutes of this, he would fuck me until he came. He usually lasted only a minute or two. After he came, he would finger my pussy and clit until I came and that was it. This was pretty much our sex life for the first 10 years of our marriage and I thought that was how it was supposed to be. We usually had sex several times a month. I didn't know it until much later that Bill's small cock ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, February 17, 2019

    A Strong Relationship Allows me to be a Freak


    I've been playing around with the idea of posting this for a couple days, and since it's afternoon and I'm still in bed I figured now is probably a good time -- rough night, lmao. ????

    I cuckolded my boyfriend on Saturday. I can't say I didn't have second thoughts afterwards -- I thought I fucked up, and that he was mad and jealous and was going to dump me, and I was heartbroken. He didn't do anything to make me think this, but it was just a very heavy experience. My emotions were haywire with guilt and regret, and but also happiness from knowing that I gave him his fantasy. All in all every thing is okay though. The fear was short-lived and he has been great letting me know everything is okay for him.

    It was our first time, so I am by no means an expert. We have been playing with caging and domination for a few months, but it was my first time cuckolding, and his first time, but I for sure feel even closer now knowing we made it through it alright! Before we did it, I did quite a bit of research. I have been dominating him and stuff for months, but I had a lot of fear about actually going through with it, because plain and simple I love him and I don't want to hurt him. I know he likes it, but I worried he didn't even know what he was getting into. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, February 13, 2019

    My Husband is a Good Puppy


    I haven't posted to this blog before, but my cuckold husband thinks that this group may enjoy my adventures, too. A bit of background on me... my husband is a cuckold and I control his sexuality in a very strong way. He is my good puppy and obeys me well.

    I am also submissive and serve a Master. My Master loves to whore me out to many men and women. I love being a slut and I embrace my sexuality.

    I had taken a hiatus from journalling my "dates". Not because I had nothing to write, but because my Master has kept me extremely busy. I have fucked so many men and women in the past six weeks that I cannot give a number. If I exclude the gangbang in January, I think I still average around 3 people per week.

    I have become insatiable... obsessed... reborn. These past few weeks have been phenomenal and I don't say that lightly. I connect with my Master like no other man. Ever. I feel stronger, powerful and more confident in myself and my sexuality. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, February 10, 2019

    Last Valentine's Day my Wife went on a Date


    Since Valentine's Day is coming up, I thought I would tell our story, from last year. My Valentine's day - a special day for us - that year started on the 13th. My fiance and I went out for dinner, and had a romantic evening to ourselves. We ended the night with me going down on her, and bringing her to a couple orgasms. I woke up early on the 14th, and made her breakfast, and saw her off to work. This is where the tone of the day changes, and it becomes anything but a normal day.

    I get home, and my fiance is in a good mood, saying how excited she is for tonight, and that I need to help her get ready. We go into the shower, and I help her wash, and then I shave her pussy smooth and bare, taking my time to make sure it is perfect. Once we are done in there, I wait patiently for her to apply her makeup and do her hair, and then I help her get dressed, taking my time to admire her beautiful body. At 7pm on the dot, the door opens and he walks in, ready to take her out. She kisses me good bye, and he tells me to be ready when they text me they are on the way home. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, February 06, 2019

    Finally A Cuckold – It Was Worth The Wait


    I’ve read this blog for some time now and I finally have my own experience to share. First a little background about us. We’re couple in our forties and have been married for nearly 25 years. We have always enjoyed a great sex. Sara is 5’4” and around 135 lbs. with full breasts. She’s incredibly sexual. very oral and can come over and over when really excited. She's always preferred gentle, slow fucking to being pounded hard and fast. We did some swapping with friends right after we were married. They lived in the apartment next to ours and one night after a few drinks, one thing led to another and before we knew it, we had swapped partners. We both loved it, and got together regularly until they moved across the country. While it was good, they always insisted on separate rooms. Sara and I would tell each other everything later, which lead to really hot sex. I found myself really wanting to be in the same room and watch Sara getting fucked.

    After our friends moved, we never did it again. Life got busy, we had kids and it just kind of fell off the radar. I never forgot about my desire to see Sara fucked by another guy. I thought about it all the time. From time to time during our love making, I would ask her if she would fuck a well hung guy while I watched. She would always say no, although I noticed that she’d get really wet when we talked about it. I began to obsess about watching her being fucked by someone else, but I never thought it would happen. Then, about a year ago, we both felt ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, February 03, 2019

    My Girlfriend is Hesitant but had a Foursome


    So, I've found the idea of my girlfriend fucking other people enormously exciting for some time now. Moreover, my girlfriend actually has already fucked other people because, with my permission, she had a foursome last year with two other girls and a guy (I wasn't there. I should also add that I was a little bit jealous when she had the foursome, but mostly I was just really turned on, and when she got back the next morning we had obscenely good sex).

    Alright, well, we were drunk last night at my friend's house, and we were talking about bisexuality. Now, at one point, our friend went to the bathroom, leaving me and my girlfriend alone. As we were sitting there, my girlfriend quickly told me that she thinks she's bisexual. Moreover, she told me that there's a girl at her university who she's attracted to, and that she wants to talk to this girl. We had to terminate the discussion there, for the time being, because our friend came back.

    Later on, as we were walking home, drunk, we started talking about the topic again. My girlfriend told me that she felt guilty, firstly for having told me her thoughts, and secondly for having such thoughts. I was drunk, I wanted to assure her that she had no reason to feel guilty, ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, January 30, 2019

    Model Wife Gone Bad


    My beautiful wife Jo and I have been married for around nine years, but over the last couple, things in my wife's words, got boring. She is far more sexual than I am and it seems that as the years go by, her libido increases and mine does not and it even got to the point that she was talking about getting a lover on the side whether I agreed or not. In the end and to keep my wife happy, we moved to Florida, something Jo had been asking for, for quite awhile. I wasn't totally against the move but if it made Jo happy then I was happy to go along with it.

    Soon after we arrived, Jo met a couple called Monica and Burt while out shopping. She had been sitting having coffee at a Mall when Monica came over and introduced herself and asked her to come over and meet her husband. She said that Burt was a photographer and used to photograph for illustrations in erotic stories for a German company. She said that Jo was very photogenic and she could make money modelling for them and it would be fun. Monica also said that they lived in a condo at a clothing optional resort and that Jo should come over and try the lifestyle. When Jo got home, she was very honest about all that had happened that morning and was excited about it, but I was not and tried talking her out of it but I knew I was wasting my time.

    The following weekend, we left to meet the couple at their condo around 11am and I was anxious about the whole situation and being naked with a bunch of other people was not appealing to me at all, but Jo said clothing was optional and I could wear shorts. When I met Burt and Monica, they seemed genuine people and Monica had a beautiful body, and for our meeting ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, January 27, 2019

    Set My Wife up on our Trip to Vegas


    My wife and I had a great time on our last trip and we'd like to tell you about it. A few weeks before our arrival in Vegas, I put out an ad online to see what kind of responses we would get. I had told my wife I wanted her to play but I'd put no pressure on her to. I do like to get some guys lined up just in case she tells me she's ready to have some fun.

    I went through all the ads and weeded out the guys I knew she wouldn't want. The guys I thought might have a chance I gave them my email and we chatted over the next few weeks. I'd chosen a few to keep in contact with but one was standing out over the others and he's the one I wanted her to meet if she decided she wanted to do anything.

    Once we got to Vegas, I told her that I had someone lined up and was talking to someone special. I told her we could just meet for a drink the next day and have no pressure. She was NOT interested at all that night or the next day. However, she was letting me take sexy pics of her and send them to him. So the next day we went out and got our frozen drinks and walked around. We wound up at Victoria's Secret where she bought some new bras and panties. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, January 23, 2019

    My Girlfriend can't help but Cheat


    Hi Everyone, I've been lurking around here for a while and finally got the courage to post to the blog about my problem and hoping to get some kid of self-insight into what I'm going through just by writing this out.

    I met my girlfriend a little over 8 months ago and we've been together since then. She's amazing, loving, funny, sexy, simple awesome and wholesome. I've never expected I'd meet someone that can make me happy as much as she does. She's also beautiful as you can tell by these photos.

    With that said, I have to say that before her I've been only with two other girls. So I'm not exactly the ladies man or anything. I just consider myself your average nice guy that mostly has fallen into the friend zone for few times except those two past relationships and then came my wonderful gf! I'm 31 and my current gf is 27 by the way...

    At the beginning of our relationship we were not committed, and by that I mean mostly she was not. I was pretty much hooked since our first date! She told me that she had a very bad breakup with her ex and that she wants to take things slow as her heart wasn't totally over it yet. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, January 20, 2019

    Wife Hid 2 Sugar Daddies from Me


    Hi there. I'm a 50 year old male with a young hot fiancee. I am really interested in becoming a cuckold. I fantasize about it all the time. She has been quite skeptical but she's warming up to the idea now. There's some really important background which is that early in our relationship she actually had two Sugar Daddies. She didn't tell me about it at the time but I found her website subscription and then she admitted to it so she basically did cuckold me already with sugar daddies.

    After that she told me she had given up that lifestyle because she's seriously in love with me and whenever I brought up any kind of interest in sharing her she told me she wants to focus on strengthening and deepening our relationship. She did say she wasn't ruling it out for the future but not for the time being. Recently she admitted to me that she was watching porn where I was making out with another guy. She said she wasn't particularly into the idea of being fucked by another guy herself but that she gets turned on by thinking about me sucking another guy or the guy fucking me.

    I have never been with another guy but I'm open-minded especially since it turns her on. Anyway we recently went on holiday and we went to a seedy bar with strippers ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, January 16, 2019

    My Friend Finds out and Takes My Wife


    The wife and I have had some fun over the years with mostly guys we’ve met online or in a bar. I’ve often hinted to her that I’d love to have her take one of my friends as that would be more humiliating (but so sexy and hot). The situation presented itself in kind of a weird way... my wife and I met up with a guy she had already been with multiple times. He’s a good guy and very well hung. No strings attached and it’s simple and fun.

    After a couple of drinks, I left them alone and after I was gone, one of my friends saw them together and confronted her. She explained the situation and it obviously was a little weird after that because I knew that he knew. When we would all go out together, given his knowledge of what my wife and I sometimes did for fun was a big turn on. I knew he wanted to fuck my wife, but nothing came of it. Then this week, we were all out at a bar and sitting at a big table of friends. My wife came later and I made sure to save an open seat for her next to him.

    When she got there, she sat down and they were chatting and laughing. (My wife is def a flirt). As everyone was leaving we three stayed and got seats at the bar. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, January 13, 2019

    Guy Experiences Lead me to Cuckolding


    So first off I am a cuckold husband of an extremely sexy woman. Attached is a recent pic I took of her on our kitchen counter after she picked up our first black playmate. I was outside on the deck and took this pic of him removing her panties before he slid his monster cock inside of her while I gratefully watched with my own hard cock in hand... but before this I wondered how I became a cuckold who loves to watch his wife take on another man?

    The summer after my first year of college (I was 18 at the time) I took on a job a couple nights a week working for a guy who owned a head shop which sold adult videos/magazines as well as paraphernalia for other fun stuff. As you can imagine, much of the clientele was gay and over the first couple weeks I got to know a lot of the regulars. Late one night the owner stopped in before closing and asked if I’d ever be open to modeling some of the clothing they carried and maybe agree to a few pics he could share with the regulars. I was pretty taken aback by this, but like most kids, a couple hundred bucks was always useful so I agreed. We set up a time later that week for me to come to one of his apartments he kept downtown and he gave me a full glass of whiskey to drink beforehand to calm the nerves. After some small talk, we went to the bedroom and he gave me what amounted to a man thong and I changed into it in front of him. Although I was nervous, ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, January 09, 2019

    Becoming A Cuckold - The Start Of Our Journey Part 2


    After that first night with the group, life just seemed to gel at every level for us. Both of us seemed happier and lighter, and our sex life, while always pretty good, became supercharged – both with others and just alone. Cathy, while always able to have multiple orgasms, just went to another level. Her orgasms became stronger, deeper and at times, just continuous. She also, in my view, became much more self-confident and sure of herself. For the first time, she found it easy to just let go and both give and receive pleasure at a level I had never seen before.

    We continued to play with the group for almost a year. While nothing could match that first night, we did have some special times – like when Frank & Jan left because of a business transfer and we invited a new couple to join us. It was a replay of our first time and what a thrill to be on the other side giving a new couple the thrill of a lifetime. It’s always more intense when you’re with a new partner for the first time, but to be one of three men giving a woman her first sharing/swinging experience is just incredible. Cathy said she pretty much felt the same when it came time to give her husband the same treatment. But that’s another story.

    After Frank and Jan left and we had added a new couple, the excitement seemed to wane and it felt like something was missing. One night after making love, Cathy and I began talking about it. It seems we both wanted a more intimate experience. As we began talking about what that might look like, Cathy, gently came out with the fact that since Frank had left, she really, really missed having a big cock. To my surprise, I was instantly hard again with the thought of that. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Sunday, January 06, 2019

    My Wife Mothered him to Orgasm after his Pounding


    I've been in about, oh, I'd say 10 MFMs with my wife. I've been off to the side watching her with others maybe another 8-10 times. She's only been with 9 guys in 4 years but of those guys, 7 have been repeat visits with 3 of them having been repeat visits MANY times. So all in all, 90% of the time I'm not there. But this time I was.

    There was one time where her and a boyfriend of hers - they had an on-going thing for a few months, he was much younger than her. I was there kissing her at first, massaging her breasts, but this was one of the few times she let me watch so when they ramped it up, I moved over to the side and nervously sipped my drink and watched.

    They were having sex in the missionary position and she had already cum several times. He had really given it to her the whole time. They had flipped around doggy-style and I watched her face contort while she was facing me, she got on top and bounced on him for a while, (she's got nipples that are very sensitive and so when he sucked on them she went nuts). They were panting and sweaty. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, January 02, 2019

    My Horny Wife's Change


    We've been married for three years, she's in her late twenties, beautiful charming and sexy. she's got shining eyes, red hot lips, big soft boobs and bouncing hips. We love each other so much.

    Before we got married, we stay apart in two different cities, so we have little time together, every time we were close to spending some time with ech other, it seemed that we just stayed in bed, you know, fucking. We only had a break for some food. She was always longing for endless orgasms, time after time, but I didn't have much sexual experience before her, most of the time, I came too soon, and it's hard to say my cock is only about 4 inches. It was frustrating hearing her say, "Hang on honey, I'm coming, one more minute, go faster... oh, no, damn..." Yes, I failed to bring her to the top. She had to use toys or fingers to finish. But after a while, she was so kind to say, "that's ok, honey, you did much better, next time will be great."

    Fortunately, she was wearing her ring and became my wife, I love her, cherish her, and want her to be happy. But it seemed that I still couldn't satisfy her in bed. ... READ THE REST HERE


    Wednesday, December 26, 2018

    He Felt up her Inner Thighs


    I'm more into the 'Hotwifing' aspect, than cuckolding - I want her to FULLY enjoy her sexuality, and have told her she has my permission to cheat, if she ever needs or wants to do so. Think the happenings in her past have moved me towards the hotwife thing. And getting older!! When we first married I would have been jealous as hell if another guy made a pass at her, where as now I openly encourage her to dress a certain way (braless, quite often!), and have bought her a couple of anklets (she wears one occasionally, without being FULLY aware of the possible 'message'.)

    The closest we've come to another guy having a go at her, was a couple of years ago in Marrakech. We were walking in the myriad of alleyways near the large market, when she complained of her ankle hurting. Almost immediately, this old Arab was alongside us, explaining in decent English, that he could offer a massage to ease the discomfort in her leg. He pointed to the doorway in front of us, and rather warily (esp on my part!) we were ushered in. ... READ THE REST HERE


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