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The Creepy Guy & my Girlfriend!

My Girlfriend Naked as she likes Flirting at Work

By: Anti Hero


I'm a 27 year old guy in an eight year relationship with my girlfriend. We are each others only sexual partners and neither of us have been with anyone else despite us both having a pretty fruity and open sex life. I'd label myself confident, dominant, and I am not usually into cucking or cheating. BUT, I can't shake something off recently, so I thought I would write about it and send it off to the blog and see what happens.

I have been involved at my line of work for 4 years now. I won't go into it much for safety reasons. But it is the type of job you wouldn't usually associate having a creepy work colleague to write about. Could be why the idea intrigues me so damn much.

The guy - His name is David. Pretty common name so I don't feel guilty sharing it. He is in his late thirties. Around 5'9''. Receding hairline. Bit of a belly on him. But weirdly has pretty strong legs. What stands out to me about David, is how forward and creepy he is with women.

Which I think he is fully aware of as well. He is pretty open to me, and other guys who we work with about female co-workers he would, "fuck senseless". He is crazy about the one in particular, and has told me he has masturbated over her numerous times.

My girlfriend Heather is a complete knockout (I'm a lucky guy). I have always been aware of other guys taking an interest in her. But none have even stood out to me before David. Let's just say I am very, very aware of how badly David wants to fuck her.

He is friends with my girlfriend on social media despite barely ever posting himself. He likes all her posts, all her pictures, and is constantly in her messages. My girlfriend has showed me, and thinks he is a creep and doesn't reply to them. She asked me if she should just block him, I told her no because I don't want it being awkward at work. That's when it first hit me. I want David to actually succeed and fuck her brains out.

David constantly brings Heather up to me at work. Whether its casual chats about her, or comments about the size of her tits. I know he wants her like crazy. Which I kind of love now.

Now, the thing is, how realistic is anything going to happen between David and Heather here? I'd give it about a 2% chance. She has never cheated before, and the odds she would cheat on me with a guy like David its next to impossible, but it isn't impossible, is it?

Here comes the most important detail. Saturday night was our annual work party. It was the first time Heather and David have met in person. Both of my assumptions turned out to be true. David wants to fuck Heather.

I want him to fuck Heather. I can't believe it. He was oogling her the whole damn night it was surreal. At times he wasn't even trying to hide it as well.

There was a moment at the party, which I can't stop thinking about. Me and my girlfriend were at the bar, and it was pretty crowded. My girlfriend was wearing this pretty tight dress which made her ass look like an absolute peach.

I noticed David standing behind us and he couldn't keep his eyes off it. A spot next to my girlfriend opened up at the bar, David squeezed between my girlfriend and someone else to the point or brushed his crotch pressed right against Heather's ass. She noticed it, looked in his direction, but didn't say anything to him.

Then a few minutes later, she was talking with a male coworker and David joined in, staring the whole time at her cleavage while everyone talked. She didn't adjust anything, and even sat down which would give anyone a much better look. I wasn't sure how to read it but my dick got hard then. So my gut knew.

Then finally, David cornered her and was talking alone with her and she didn't try to "get away" or end the conversation. She stood there stoicly but right in his gaze.

In my opinion, small details like this matter. the 2% chance went up to at least 7% now, and it's why I want to start writing about it all. It excites the fuck out of me and this situation has so much damn potential.

We fucked at home as we usually do after parties and she was extra wet. I couldn't be sure it was for him but I think so.

That is everything so far in a nut shell! I hope this interests all the readers as much as it interests me.

Thanks so much for reading. If anything happens I'll write a part 2.

Anti Hero

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