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    She Cuckolds Me
    She Cuckolds Me
    I am forced by my love to find men online to please her. - Wimp Hubby

    Monday, November 20, 2006


    Email Us ! - Send Us Your Wife Pics

    Steps to Submit your Wife Pics

    We accept all types of Cuckold Pics. If you just had your first cuckold encounter and want to post your sexy pics...great! If you have a story about your wife with another man, men, buddy, friend, co-worker, boss, stranger or foe then send it in. Many people would LOVE to see it. Obviously the BEST pics are where you are actually in the middle of "cuckolding" but if it's not possible then a sexy photo of you or your wife along with your long detailed cuckold story will do just fine. Blurring faces out from photos is ok if absolutely necessary but not preferable.

    **Please be sure that all pics submitted are of persons of at least 18 years of age, otherwise it will not be posted. Also, please be sure that if the pic is not of you that you have permission from the person first.

    ***Please be aware that by submitting your pictures THEY BECOME THE PROPERTY OF CUCKOLDVIDEOCLIPS.COM and that many people will see them, enjoy them download them, and perhaps post them elsewhere. Because of this, once a picture is posted, it will NOT be taken down so please be sure about sending them before actually doing so. By submitting your pictures you agree to these terms above.

    2.) Send us an EMAIL to with;

    - The attached cuckold pic or pics. WIVES must be prominent in pics.

    - A GOOD SIZED story or explanation of what is going on in the pic. Obviously, the more details, the better! See how big each story on the blog is and try to make it at least that size.

    If you are ok with it, use your first name in the story and a throw away email address so that readers can contact you and ask you about the cuckolding experience or fantsy. Many people who write thier stories in LOVE getting feedback! Also, please keep the word "CUCKOLD" in the title of the email so that it bypasses our SPAM filters. Otherwise we won't get it.

    6.) We will let you know by email as soon as your pic is up. Thanks for submitting :)

    **The stories can be read at the
    Cuckold Blog Home Page

    Hotwife janice HotWife Janice
    I spend alot of time online chatting with and then meeting other men

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