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These are pictures of my wife fucking a man she met online. We joined a web site, adult friend finder, to hook up with guys to fuck her while I stood by.

It took time but we got a chance to meet men who were willing to co operate - willingly. Quite a few chickened out. This guy didn't.

I wrote to him and asked him if he wanted NSA sex with Shari. After he saw her pictures, he fixated on the idea. We were in Hollywood at the time (a couple of months ago). He came to the apartment complex and we met him at the gate. He sat in his car while we discussed him fucking Shari.

We could see from his picture that his cock wasn't massive, but it was big. The middle was fat. The head of his cock was big, but the middle of it was really fat, then it tapered a little near his balls. He did have a couple of tennis balls under that fat cock. So, we met him in person.

I explained I get off sharing her with men. He understood and knew how to behave knowing it. He turned his attention to Shari and they had a light weight talk. I was specific. I said, "This is for straight forward fucking, right?"

He said it was. She asked about the girth of his cock and he promised to be gentle. She told him that wasn't exactly what she wanted. I left them alone to work out the details. They decided to get together the next night. He came over when he said he would.

He sat next to Shari on the couch. We talked a while about mundane things and he casually slipped his hand up Shari's leg and felt her cunt without interrupting the conversation. He was in no hurry. He had my wife's pussy in his hand, feeling her in front of me. We acted as if nothing was out of the ordinary. He slid his hand into her slacks and felt her up while we hung out. He was obviously going to fuck my wife and she was not opposed to the notion. He played with her cunt for longer than I expected he would. I believe he kept talking so he could sit across from me with his hand in my wife's cunt.

She was hardly aware of much other than what was happening sexually. She knew the man's cock was wide enough to cause her concern, he was there to fuck her with it and he had a hand full of her cunt. I can only imagine what she was thinking and I spent a lot of time imagining it.

He didn't interrupt the small talk - whatever the fuck it was about - when he kissed her. She didn't act as if it was a felony, so he really kissed her. The small talk stopped. The sex was distracting all of us.

They made out and he felt her up under her blouse (She does, in fact have perfect tits, as you can see).

They were not going to stop for anything. She slid her hand from his crotch to where the bulge from his cock stopped and held it there. They stood up and went into the bedroom. My wife asked me where I was going and I told her to go ahead wthout me. She said, "Uh uh. You are coming with us and you are going to take pictures of us fucking".

OK. Fair enough. At least she thought about me. I took a lot of pictures and shot some video clips and I would love to pass them around. Just let me know if you like them. In the bedroom they each got undressed and stood together making out and feeling each other up. He pushed her backwards onto the bed. When she landed she had her legs spread very wide, like, "Come and get me."

I sat in a chair being cuckolded and enjoying every bit of it. My wife greased his cock and her pussy. They spent a while lying next to each other. She was sliding her hand up and down his cock and he was playing with her cunt. I watched from the foot of the bed. I could see him stretch my wife out and rub her clit.

She put his dick in her mouth and, I can't say she sucked it but she did hold a lot of it in her mouth. His cock was (is) big enough so she had her mouth full and could still rub his cock. He let her blow him in front of me like he was just fucking his girlfriend and I wasn't there.

I was and I do have pictures and videos of EVERYTHING I am writing. I said I will share them. I am a fucking cuckold for God's sake. She spread her legs and he got between them. I told them I want a picture of his cock half inside her. They posed like I requested.

He had the head of her cock in up to the fat part. She shrieked when he intruded into her but they held still. His cock was jerking. It looked rock hard and wet on the end. She lay with her back arched soaking the poor man's cock and everything else while I took pictures of his shaved cock half way into my wife's shaved count. Then he sunk the rest of his cock into her. Her legs were apart and, of course, he was between them. She was staring into his eyes.

I held one of her feet wide so she could open her cunt more. He fucked her hard like I wasn't there holding her open for him. She stopped him and asked him to fuck her from behind. They disengaged and she flipped over with her magnificent tits hanging down and her obviously fucked cunt held up for him. I have pictures of that, too. Yeah, Yeah. In and out. In and out. She loves to rub her clit in that position. She did for a while, but stopped and stayed on all fours while he fucked her and she fucked him. I felt her tits rocking back and forth. Nobody paid attention to me. In a few seconds I found out why she stopped playing with her clit. She moaned a long time and fell forward. She passed out!

I mean, she was unresponsive for a few seconds then said a whole bunch of words that didn't make sense. She shook it off after a little while and asked what happened. The guy and I laughed. We saw her pass out on his cock. As a reminder, he fucked her some more. They rolled over so they were face to face again. She stared into his eyes and he emptied himself into her. He was on top of her a while before he rolled off and get dressed. He didn't want to take a shower. She would have washed his back and blown him again.

He took off. Four of my fingers fit comfortably in her. She was quiet. She was a mess. There was goo all over her crotch. She caught that one in and all over her pussy.

Since then she talked about him a lot. She would masturbate thinking about him often and she wasn't shy about telling me - which is a huge turn on for both of us.

Sooooo ...

I told her to call him again.

There is something about having my wife want to fuck a guy more than once. It confirms a lot of things and erases doubt. She wasn't faking when she fainted. She wanted to do it again. She wanted another man's fat cock pumping his load into her. She wanted a man she fucked and knew to fit his cock back into her and pump her full AGAIN.

So ... she called him and told him she would love it if he could spare the time to ram his big one way up into her guts. He said he was about to call her and ask her the same thing. She spent a lot of time getting ready to fuck him. Everything had to be perfect for him. She made sure the camera was working. This time she wrapped herself around him at the door. They stripped right there and had their hands all over each other before the door closed all the way. Oh, yes. The certainly did fuck. She held my hand for a while at the same time her tits were rocking from his cock bottoming out in her. She asked him to fuck her from behind again.

She rolled over and adjusted herself to give me an unobstructed view from around the bed. She was open already. Outside and inside. Wide open from a fat cock stretching her long and wide. She was open swollen in the entire area of her crotch. She got a real good fucking and wasn't finished yet. I saw him slide his cock into her close up again. No resistance. Smooth. He sunk right into her.

She bumped him back when he pounded her. She was looking directly at me when she closed her eyes and made that sound again. This time HE FAINTED!!!!

She came and the guy slumped over to one side and hung there like he was sleeping. He really seemed confused when he "came to". That was a scene that is hard to forget. Thank you, camera. I love those pictures.

After the man left, she looked like she had been gang banged. "You really love that guy's cock, don't you?", I asked as if I had to.

She whispered,"Yessss".

We haven't seen him since the second time they had sex. I thought it would be really sexy if she got obsessed with this guy's fat johnson but we moved back to the east coast before she got a chance to get goo - ed up again by him. We are looking for another gentleman to take his place.

A fuck. No trips, strings or money. A young stud. In shape. The bigger his cock and balls are the better pictures and the better cock for Shari. There must be some handsome boy lugging a trouser leg full of mischief and a couple of tennis ball testicles full of you know what. Maybe even somebody who might want me to "help ut" a little.

I don't know how to get messages here, so thanks for reading this anyway. I like to brag about sharing my wife whenever I can. (I give guys pictures of her showing it and doing it.)

P.S. I am trying to send a few more pictures of my wife fucking "Tiny Tim" - the man with the fat, long cock she met on AFF. On aff she is "Thearistocriod". There are about 80 pictures and movies of her there. If you didn't believe me then, you can see it for yourself.

I am not the best photographer in the world.. We haven't had a chance to make better ones. If anybody has an idea for pictures or if you are porno star material (Huge cock, Clean, fit, dying to fuck my wife, or if you want to take some movies of her yourself, you can find a way to let us know.


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